Thursday, April 30, 2009

A torture machine.

But it was a good one. Anybody done "Gravity" Classes yet?

They really are great. 45 minutes to work every major muscle group, and it's NOT boring like lifting weights. It uses all of your own body resistance and... gravity... to work you out. I was on level 2 and 3 for most of my upper body stuff, and then for squats I was on level 6. It's tough, fun, and my arms are still shakey. I'm gonna be SORE tomorrow!!! If your gym has it, I would definitely recommend going to a class or a dozen. I really liked it!

I don't know how many calories I burned... I was all sweaty like a Josie Grossie, but I plan on getting a heart monitor watch thing so I know how I'm doing from now on. I would like the Bugg, but I'm WAY too cheap. ;)


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dude! looks like a modern day torture rack thingie