Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bye-Bye Matt.

It gets really crappy and hard toward the end of this show. Matt Giraud is SO talented. With love for you, cutie pie, I wish you all the best!

On a side note, why was Adam in the bottom two tonight? He has more iTunes downloads than any other contestant. Oh, have I mentioned I don't vote? I should probably start. This has got to shock his lazy non voters a bit... it shocked me.

Next week is Rock week. With three rockers and one versatile contestant... it's bound to be a really cool week. :)


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John's Weight Loss Blog said...

I don't think you can assume Adam got the second fewest votes. I think the bottom three are by votes but then they select which two to focus on, and I don't think it is necessarily the person with the next lowest amount of votes, although I could be wrong.