Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I bought the whole produce department.

Yeah, it was hilarious. But I'll back up.

I woke up today at 10:30am, and felt FINE. My tummy wasn't grumbling, I didn't feel weak and bleary eyed. I felt fine. So fine in fact, that I went to Zumba and worked out. It was nice.

Then, after working out, I began to feel hungry again. Every time I work out, the very first thing I do is come home and eat. So it was weird to come home, shower, and then go out and run errands.

I got over it pretty quickly, and things are fine. It's now 3:35pm and I'm counting down the next hour and a half until I can eat again! I've never wanted watermelon so much in my life. I don't feel miserable though, and I'm really quite surprised at how easy it was, all things considered.

So, I went to the grocery store and bought four types of pears, three melons, a bag of apples, a bag of oranges, and a bunch of other weird fruits, plus a ton of other fresh goodies. I'll be sharing them with you as I go along. :)

So! Only 1 hour, 20 minutes until I can shove my face into a giant watermelon. :)

I also wanted to address a few questions you guys had. I LOVE your comments by the way, so THANK you for those, and keep them coming!!! :)

I hope you are doing ok on your fast. I tend to get VERY skeptical of cleanses that start with extreme fasts like that since I think it feeds into the "quick fix" mentality that is in diets.

I just hope you are being safe. Just curious, the literature says that the fast is important because it gets you to focus on things besides food. Did you find that true or did you think about food EVEN more since you were being denied it?

Thanks for the comment, Shelley! I first want to clarify that this is NOT a diet or a quick fix thing. This is a detox. And I know you mentioned the word "detox" above there, but I also don't think a 24-hour water fast is extreme. I just read a book called "The Miracle of Fasting" recommended to me by Dan's Grandfather (who does a 24-hour fast each week) and there are people who regularly do 24 hour and 36 hour fasts, as well as several 7 to 10 day fasts per year. That made me realize my 24-hours was nothing.

Now, I have been thinking that writing about fasting and all that might feed into the eating disorder epidemic... could an Anorexic girl just say "Well, I'm fasting, so it's okay?" -- I want to be clear that I don't advocate that and I'm not encouraging NOT EATING to LOSE WEIGHT. This is a one day thing to empty my stomach and start the process of cleansing my system. Just so everyone knows. :)

I just went on a 10-day vacation and found myself going more and more toward bad eating. I came across this and really wanted to feel like I gave my body a good "cleaning out." I also am hoping it'll re-awaken some love for fresh foods, as I do get salads and fruits in, but I stick to the same old boring stuff (bananas, same salads with tomatoes, lettuce, spinach sometimes, cucumbers and some red peppers or sprouts on occasion.) I can't remember the last time I ate an orange. So. Yeah!

I did think about food even more for the first night, and then this morning I wasn't because I kept myself really busy doing stuff. I think it's amazing how much more time I had when I wasn't preparing meals. I cook a lot so it was definitely different to not have to worry about "what am I eating?" :)

Hey! I like the makeover you gave your blog! Very nice! So what are the benefits of this cleanse?

Thank you! I like the lil makeover too. :)

So, the benefits are pretty huge. Let me share a bit of that with you:
1. Increases Energy
2. Brightens up skin, eyes, complexion
3. Flushes toxins out of your body
4. Helps to overcome cravings for breads, pastas and processed foods
5. Can lower blood pressure and cholesterol
6. Drops weight
7. Clears your mind
8. Improves memory

There is a lot of information on the website, so I encourage you to check it out. Also, remember, it's totally free, so there's no obligation for anything. :)



Unknown said...

Good to hear that you are doing well!


Jennifer Newman said...

Good Luck!!

I have never done a fast or cleanse! I don't think I have that kind of willpower. I get shaky when I haven't eaten by 11am. I have heard good things about the detox but that has been on TV. So, I looking forward to hearing from a real person how it went!!

Mike Zume said...


The site does look great! Meant to say something the other day. Thanks again for the great recipes and pics.


R3 Method Show said...

I am about to check your other post to see which fast you are currently doing.If it is a raw fast, then you are in for a treat. It is the best fast on the planet for results.