Friday, April 3, 2009


Well, I have sort of been putting off any "real" update.

I am 2 lbs up after 10 days of vacation. That's not TOO bad. I did a lot of walking in San Diego, and virtually NO exercise on the cruise. I danced a lot, but truly I didn't do anything.

I also have NOT exercised since coming home. I feel totally out of it.

Dan's grandmother died while I was gone, so we're going to a funeral tomorrow - it'll be a 9 hour ordeal because it's a traditional Catholic funeral and it's 2 hours away. Then tomorrow night is his Sister's birthday celebration. I'm anticipating starting up my routine of working out on Sunday or Monday. Zumba will commence Tuesday morning, and healthy eating has started already. I pretty much have maintained a decent level of healthy eating throughout but I have not been tracking calories since the cruise started.

Man... vacation just throws everything off balance. No me gusta!

On another note, I love John Mayer. Have I mentioned that?

I mean come on. This is the epitome of perfection:

Gah. Maybe I should be calling this "Fuckable Friday."

<3 Jenn


mak'n Changes said...

Do you tweet? John mayer is one of my twitter friends. You should look him up, he's pretty intense.


Jenn said...

Yeah I do, actually - I'm rather obsessed with it and I'm all sad he's taking a 3 day hiatus from his twitter obsession. :) PS congrats on 20 lbs in 2 months! I'm really jealous of your weight loss. ;)