Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Raw Detox Update

So... I made it through 24 hours of fasting. I did Zumba this morning at 11am and it was great.

My first meal was supposed to be a "mono fruit" meal, meaning as much as I wanted of only one type of fruit. I decided on watermelon. I bought one of those 1/3 watermelons (cut, saran wrapped) at the grocery store. I ate the whole thing, minus a few chunks Dan swiped from me. I ate that at 5pm. Then I was really hungry still at 7pm and I had a few bunches of grapes. Around 11pm I had two bananas.

So, I didn't stick to "mono meal" but I made it through okay, no real "cheating" and I still feel good about it.

Tomorrow I will make a big green smoothie for breakfast. A green smoothie is a fruit smoothie with greens included (spinach, kale, celery, zucchini, whatever.) I think I'm going to do: water, blueberries, a banana, strawberries and spinach. I'll post photos and let you know how that one goes! Then fruit for lunch and then a huge salad for dinner. :)


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Unknown said...

I've been doing green smoothies and they're super yummy. The trick for me is to always include banana so it has the creamy consistency I like. The only one I haven't liked didn't have banana in it.