Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh, wait... is this a weight loss blog?

Hmm. Just checking, 'cause it sure as shit doesn't seem like it.

I ate 1.5 ballpark pretzels with 1/2 thinggy of cheese today. I'm nasty. Other than that, I had a big bowl of cinnamon life with soy milk for breakfast, a few handfuls of bran oat mini pretzels for snack, and I just had an apple. That's not a whole lot of food come 9pm, but I still feel grossie. I weigh 208 right now in my underwear, but that's not my true morning weight. I haven't weighed myself in the morning for awhile. I'll probably do that on Friday.

I just signed up for Gravity classes over the next five weeks with my trainer. I'll be getting back to you after my first major ass kicking tomorrow night.


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