Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tattoo Prototype

As a starting off point.


Oh yeah, this is going on my forearm, as in this style:

In color:

Except mine will be tall boxes instead of oblong boxes.

I'm not sure if I want to do the text in the middle box - I might do it as a tattoo on its own. That's a tattoo I've wanted for about six years. It's in Irish Gaelic and it means "The Beauty and the Mess." It's a song Nickel Creek does, and the Irish Gaelic is an homage to part of my heritage.

The idea for this tattoo was to have the music that has most affected my life on my body. The music uplifts, inspires and fills me with joy, and has gotten me through many different things. The artists I want to incorporate are (in order above from left to right) John Mayer, Nickel Creek, Dave Matthews Band.

I'm struggling with the center box - I like the JM silhouette on the left in black, and I think I'd do the dancer in black... but it'd be awesome to have something in color in the middle box.

So, now that I've talked it out here, this might be where I'm at:

I'm still working it out.


1 comment:

Danielle said...

I LOVE the idea. Love the boxes. I do think that getting the writing on its own would be cool. Think upper back... I did want to recommend you consider that anything solid black like the rockstar guy runs the chance of losing shape with the slightest fade or skin change. Especially since skin texture changes as we age. I suggest thinking about getting the outline of the rockstar done-- thickish, but it will define the object and you won't end up with a blob or a morphed, unrecognizable rockstar. Just from personal experience... I have seen a few tatoos in my day.