Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol: Top 7 Performances... Again

I'm sorry for my calloused neglect in recapping. I'm in Denver, so I actually didn't get to do my usual watch/blog thing.

Disco Week:

Lil Rounds - I'm Every Woman: This was her kiss of death. NEVER do a Whitney song on American Idol. Just don't. They nailed it on the head when they said "You've been every other woman on that stage but yourself." It's her time to go home.

Kris Allen - She Works Hard For the Money: Fantastic. Very Mrazy. He's a cutie.

Allison Iraheta - Hot Stuff: She's wildly talented, particularly for her age. I hate her outfit this week. She's gotten so cocky... but I still think she's awesome. I don't have much of a comment on the song because I just don't like it very much.

Danny Gokey - September: I'm really tempted to adopt the nickname "Hokey Gokey" from Allie over at Allie is Wired. I know he's a good singer, and I know he's from Milwaukee so I should automatically be all for him. But he truly is hokey. I just don't get into it, and I don't get excited to watch him. Meh.

Adam Lambert - If I Can't Have You: He's my wet dream lover right now, and I FUCKING adore him. Anyway. I loved this choice of song. It is so perfect with the LGBT fight for equality right now... it was moving and fabulous. Oh, and he's a great singer. Oh, and he's gorgeous.

Matt Giraud - Staying Alive: I still really enjoy watching him. I think he's got some really great vocal talent. I think he tried to push his vocal runs a bit too much toward the end of the song and it seemed a little panicky. But, I LOVED when the background singers came out from behind the mic stands and the four of them were standing together, groovin and dancing. It was fun. :)

Anoop Desai - Dim All The Lights: He's got such a beautiful voice. Unfortunately he seemed a tad shakey on this song. I did love his outfit. I don't think the song choice was a good one. And I really don't think he'll stay another week. :(


We'll see how the results go tonight. I hope it's Lil and Anoop. I'd like to see Matt for another week.



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