Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol - Top 5 Performances

The finale is coming!!!!!!!!!!!

This week is Standards from the Rat Pack era. This is one of my FAVORITE themes and they don't do it every year. So I'm really excited.

Danny, Allison, Matt, Kris and ADAM all look gorgeous tonight. I've never seen such a good looking top five.

Jamie Foxx is the coach dude this week, which is BAD ASS. He's phenomenally talented. I would be absolutely terrified to sing in front of Jamie Foxx, seriously. I would shit my pants.

Alrighty! Let's get into the performances.

Kris Allen - The Way You Look Tonight: He's looking more beautiful tonight than I ever remember. He's so cute! He did a great job with the song and I love the fact that I got to focus on his vocals instead of the guitar. It might be one of my favorite performances of his. Randy was probably right in saying it was his best performance to date.

Allison - Someone to Watch Over Me: This is one of my very favorite old time songs. The arrangement was WAY too slow for me. The song just drug on for freakin' ever. She's very talented and has a great voice, but I was so bored. And I love this song. By the end it picked up which is nice, but it was still too slow. Aside from that, she's a great singer.

Matt Giraud - My Funny Valentine: Okay, holy crap. This song could contend to be my favorite. I should interject that Jamie Foxx gives awesome advice... and he's my favorite guest so far. He had a TINY bit of pitchiness at the very beginning, but the rest of it was so good. This was THE BEST performance I've seen from him, and for me... it even beats his Hollywood week performance of Georgia on my Mind. PHENOMENAL! I got chills. I do NOT agree with the judges. I saw him tear a bit during the song, the emotional side was there, and I agree with Paula and Simon.

Danny Gokey - Come Rain or Come Shine: Great song. Gah, I LOVE this era, can you tell??? Anything Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald sang, I'm good with, y'all. Danny singing "yeah, yeah" was SO cheesy. Hokey Gokey. Hokey Gokey. After the song picked up a bit, I enjoyed him a lot more. This was probably my favorite performance of his. He put a little grit and spit onto a classic song. Not bad.

ADAM Lambert - Feeling Good: Great song. I LOVE THIS MAN, I'm seriously going to cream myself. Just hearing him puts my arms and gut numb. Even Jamie Foxx said, "I'm cryin'." It's just that good. It amazes me that he can belt the hell out of these notes, hold them, then bring them back down with so much control. It's absolutely insane. He's wicked, wicked talented. Oh, and the white suit is LOVELY and lickable. Delish. Seriously, Kara said his performances are sleazy, and that's exactly it. SO HOT.

And now I have no idea who'll be in the bottom three. Okay, I'd say it'll be Allison, Matt and Kris, though that doesn't make me happy. I'd trade out Danny for Allison and keep Allison and Adam in the top two.

We'll see how next week goes! :)


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