Sunday, April 19, 2009

Posty Post

Hi guys!

I'm sorry it's taken me awhile to update since the Day of Silence.

I don't really have anything that new to report right now. I had an "off" day yesterday. I had a pancake with sliced bananas on top and honey, a scrambled egg and a bite of hashbrowns for breakfast. Then for lunch I had vegetarian pho, and then I went out with a bunch of friends. I drank four or five Coors Lights at least. Then we went to breakfast afterward and I had vegetarian eggs benedict with the sauce on the side. It was english muffin with mushrooms, tomatoes, poached egg and avocado. I also had hashbrowns with that, and some fries with tartar sauce. I hadn't had fries since December!

So... I'm totally just trying to unwind from that. I had a banana and a Dannon light and fit for breakfast. I have had 2/3 a small bag of pretzels for snack, and some sushi for lunch. I'm feeling okay.

Anyhoo! The detox went well. I ended it four hours early because I started my period and I REALLY needed some real food. My period makes my stomach upset. (I don't know if anyone else suffers from that, or if that's too much information, but whatever. It's my blog.) So, I really am upset that I ended up doing the Raw Detox during my PMS week. No wonder I didn't feel like I really lost the weight I wanted to... I was bloated and pre-period. So, I want to do it again but on the first or second week of the month instead. It also explains why I was craving bad food SO badly... I dealt not only with detoxing, but also with normal monthly hormonal cravings. :/

I also weigh in for the Lighten Up Wisconsin final weigh in next week. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to meet the 15 pound weight loss gain. Which really sucks because I thought I'd be able to. It's frustrating. I just have to remind myself it's "slow and steady" - but I can tell you that watching The Biggest Loser and seeing their HUGE losses pisses me off.

Oh! I got the tattoo. It's awesome. I'm going to post some photos soon! :)



M said...

Wow, you rock, I couldnt have made it that far with the detox, esp on my time of the month!

Unknown said...

I get sick to my stomach, too. Great job with the detox!

Carlos said...

wow awesome job on the detox. feel any different?

Hanlie said...

Don't be discouraged because you finished early... What matters is that you did it and felt the benefits. The idea is to move towards a better way of eating and babysteps are fine!

My stomach also gets upset when my period starts.