Monday, December 14, 2009

Skinny Water.

Yep. A vlog about my encounter with Skinny Water as well as a quick update on the Electronic Cigs. :)

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The Insatiable Host said...


skinny water; skinny world??? what is this world coming to??? skinny jeans I can live with; skinny cow cheese, I can't live without; skinny milk - (what my kids call skim milk) I enjoy..but a water that is skinny? My wallet is likely to be skinnier if I purchase said water...perhaps this is their marketing pro ??? I say ney to the skinny water...sorry, haven't tried it, but don't think I will...

You look fab by the way...not to toot your horn; but really, you do. Keep it up!!

Julia said...

Ha! Thanks for the plug to my blog, boo!

So. . . Skinny Water? Sounds like a crock to me. No calories, no sugar, no nothing? I read that it is made with Splenda (or something close to it.) How about just some regular water for FREE? Or, how about some green tea which has some health benefit to it?

I hope you didn't find Skinny Water next to Sippin' Syrup ( at the gas station. I'm pretty embarrassed of products like these that people buy religiously because they buy into fads or marketing and think that these products will change their lives.

I'm not young or trendy so for now I'll stick with my "old school" water!



Claire Dawn said...

A lot of the time when we solve one problem, we create another. I'm kinda expecting you'll hear in a year, it makes you skinny, but you might just get cancer!

Anonymous said...

Shenanigans, indeed. I mean, isn't the ONLY real skinny water, ummmm, water? Like, from the tap? FOR PETE'S SAKE.

RedPen said...

Skinny 'Water'... Vitamin 'Water' ... Smart 'Water'. If you're consuming a liquid that is anything other than 100% colourless, odourless, flavourless liquid, it's not water. These are RTD cordials!

Sure, they may not be carbonated like soft drinks, but they're still not as good for you as drinking good old-fashioned H2O.

Will let you know when skinny water hits the stands here in Aus. xx

Sarah said...

Skinny water?? I am not sure I would even want to be seen buying that. I can just imagine what some of the cashiers think when they scan the bottle.. I'll pass. I doubt I could find it in Germany anyway!

Amanda said...

your hoodie = awesomeness!!

Lisa Ursu said...

Skinny water, my ass!
I second your silly vote.
Oh, and I just saw your dreamboat on Ellen in a Christmas sweater.

Bubbie said...

You are already FABULOUS!!!! And looking flab-you-less!!!

Christy said...

As to skinny water ... ugh! Yes, the marketing is pretty horrible.

Here's the thing, though -- if you tend to retain water as I do, adding electrolytes to your water can help flush your system. My blood pressure pill contains a potassium-leeching diuretic, so it's important for me to replace those salts and minerals, especially since I'm now drinking over 3 liters of water a day.

Fortunately, someone made a tablet that I can add to my water bottle to accomplish the same thing, with FAR less wasted packaging. Yay for Nuun tablets. After my sodium-bomb ranch dressing fiasco, I didn't start losing the water weight until I remembered Nuun.

Most people don't NEED this, though. Still, the Nuun flavors are light, not a lot of dyes, no sugar (just a little Xylitol), and it helps add interest to one liter of water a day ... and the tabs make a satisfying fizzy sound when I drop them in. For someone who is trying to avoid diet sodas, that's a win.

Adriana said...

hey jen, (or anyone else who can help me out!)

this is slightly random, but i was curious for your advice. my sister has been complaining about gaining a decent amount of weight in the last year and wants to lose weight. I was thinking of helping her out by getting her a workout dvd, but am at a loss of which one to get her. I randomly found the kim kardashian dvd workout dvds on amazon and those reviews are great, but im sort of skeptical. Then i looked at the 30 day shred dvd and it seems to be really well reviewed and i know you are doing it right now - would you recommend it to someone who hasnt worked out in a loooong time?

if anyone has any input, id love to hear from you guys, thanks!!


Kim said... throwing less away and actually recyling it you are making the planet skinnier too :)

Anonymous said...

Skinny water tastes crappy... I've tried it! I just stick with regular water. When I do indulge (hey every girl needs a good cocktail now and then) I go for what I like to call "skinny" vodka. Check out some great recipes here for low calorie martinis: they taste amazing and have around 40% less calories than usual! Enjoy ladies!