Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh yeah, baby.

Day four, suck my nuts.

I got to go hang with Esther again today (Umm, have I mentioned she's my new BFF? In fact I dig her so much that I'd unabashedly use the term BFF. I srsly LOVE this girl.) And I don't know why my giant head looks so giant-like and why it looks like I'm going to eat her face just because I'm near it.

Anyway! We did the shred and I'm feeling okay. My right quad hates my face and my arms still really hurt, but it's not so bad. I'm actually already finding that it's a little easier despite the sore factor. I can get through the cardio fairly easily and I found that Esther and I are able to carry on a conversation virtually the whole time. I suppose that means I need to get more intense when jumping the jacks. For me, the toughest part is that the jumping around makes my calves burn so much, it's not that my lungs hurt. It's my calves.

Isn't her son Jude SO CUTE? He stared at me pretty much the whole time. I was wearing a green shirt... I think he just digs green.

So I got a few questions from you guys, and I thought I'd answer 'em!

Q: Do people run or do other cardio in addition to "shredding"? Or is cardio built into it?

A: The way the shred is built, it includes all you need for the best quality work out in 20 minutes. It starts with a warm up, then does 2 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs. Then it repeats. It's really not that bad because it is broken down into 30 second increments within the 2 minutes, so for example, you do 30 seconds of jumping jacks, then 30 seconds of butt-kicks, then repeat.

Q: Are there rest days? Or do you shred continuously for 30 days?

A: This is one of my questions too. From what I understand, it's a continuous 30 day program. This is pretty contrary to what I've learned in the past because "they" say that you should rest your muscles between working them so there's a chance for them to recover. Right now it's all about working through the sore. But what comes to mind for me before I jump to say, "No, then this isn't how it's supposed to be and I should rest in between," is the military. Those men and women go through real boot camp and they don't get rest days. And they bust their asses for a hell of a lot longer than 20 minutes. I figure if they can do it and be alive, so can I. And the military folk have kick ass bods for a reason!

Q: Are you doing Level 3? That looks like level 3.

A: Nope, I'm wussy, starting out, and it's level 1.

Q: And by the way, why do you have FRIES IN YOUR FREEZER??

A: My boyfriend weighs 12 pounds and can eat whatever he wants. Unfortunately that means that my house is laden with fries, hot pockets, cookies, candy, chips and dip and whatever the hell else crap he wants to eat. :(

Q: How long is the work out video? I am not sure if I could last the whole time! Do you ever cheat?

A: It's about 20, 25 minutes. I can pretty much rock the whole time, but with my arms so sore, I can NOT do the full sets of push ups. Other than that, I do the whole thing. I tried to do it back when I was 45 pounds heavier and it was markedly harder. I'm looking forward to my endurance increasing so I can start to move up in levels. They say to do level 1 for 10 days, then level 2 for 10 days then level 3 for 10 days. :)

Lurve you guys and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with something witty and clever. If not, well, at least it'll be honest.

<3 Jenn


Erin said...

kick. ass.

my day 2 shred? spectacular fail.

i think tomorrow i'll load up on asprin BEFORE i attempt, not after.

Unknown said...

i cant wait till I stop being a wussy and buy it...sounds like something I need in my life!

Lost & Found said...

I have a love-hate relationship the thirty day shred. I hated the pain I felt for the first week or so, but now I actually love the workout.

And I give myself a day off every it's not really 30 days lol.

Have you tried any of Jillian's other dvds?

carla said...

love Esther!
love Jude!
love your blog.

and the shred? :) Im sticking with my girl Jackie Warner...for now anyway.


Anonymous said...

Aww. I made it into the Q and A. I am stopping at the sto on the way home from kid dropoff to pick it up. Day one level one today, baby.

Vodka Logic said...

Your bf weighs 12 pounds.. that is hysterical.

Little Jude is adorable.

Good luck i just wish I had your motivation.

RHK said...

i'm getting it during my lunch break. thanks for the candid remarks about the program!

Erin said...

I want to start this shred too, but I need to buy a rug or mat for my new house. All my floors are hardwood and there's no way I'm dropping to the ground for ab work or pushups on those hard-ass floors.

Veronica M. D. said...

You are definitely inspiring me to start Shredding. Maybe I will ask Santa to put it in my stocking!

Veronica M. D. said...

Oh, yeah, and two more things:

1. Thanks for tweeting me! :)
2. Umm, that picture of Jude? I almost broke my computer reaching out to nom nom nom his face. So cute.

The Insatiable Host said...

as my friend Ru Paul once said...You better work! Somehow no matter how you type a comment i'll never be as fierce as how she says it; however, while you read my comment I hope you have a montage of "you better work; work it girl; do your thing; on the run way" combined with a little Right Said Fred "Im too sexy for this song; too sexy for thing song; Im shredding in my thong" no Im not...I swear - and we know I dont own any.
Dude, keep it up!!! Day 2 for me and at work my armpits told me they are going to kill me and my ass started to freeze itself while climbing the stairs to my office...

can't wait for tomorrow - day 3 that means 3.3333 percent complete!!! Ya ya oh oh oh!

Anne said...

Great job on the shred to both you and Esther! Sounds really intense, I haven't tried it yet. My fears are a bit less now that you answered those questions though!

Unknown said...

My SHRED Dvd arrived in the mail yesterday so I chucked it in and did it. Level 1 isn't as bad as I thought, though I did girly push ups and I had a toddler winding through my legs so I couldn't do some of them all the way through.

I'm going to do 30 days continuously. It's only 20 mins a day. I waste way more time sitting on my butt on the computer.