Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Green Smoke.

What's up!

So, today I effectively detoxed from the pizza overdose I had yesterday. I drank a crapton of water last night and had a good four hours and two venti coffees at Starbucks today. Yeah, I know coffee isn't particularly "healthy," and drinking two larges might have been overkill, but that plus water really gets things moving and helps get the water retention off of me. Also, I'm working on my post-NaNoWriMo-writing, so I'm at Starbucks a lot.

I successfully completed day 8 of the 30 Day Shred today, and admittedly went back to level 1. I am totally not ready for level 2... my arms are sisstastic. I did push myself harder on level 1, and I figure that's what I should be doing. I can do virtually the entire thing at the "hardest" modification, except I can't do normal push ups. In fact, I can't do both sets of push ups in knee-push up mode. I really am struggling with my lack of upper body strength. Any hints or clues or tips you have for increasing my push up ability would be greatly appreciated. Like, arm muscle fizzy drink. Or spreadable arm muscle cheese and sissy-no-more crackers. Or perhaps Push Up Pop Tarts. Or something.

Also, I wanted to share a little something cool with you guys, so check out my vlogadoodle below! :)



Erin said...

try doing standing pushup leaning far away from the wall so your weight is on your arms. i know it sounds retarded, but it build up the muscle. then move to doing it on the back of a chair, and so on until you are floor bound. it works...i promise.

Unknown said...

Oh so totally watching you do this menthol electronic smoke thing...as an ex smoker.

Yeah, I went menthol. Just stop. It's so bad.

Just stop. It's not pretty.

My husband has always hated girls that smoke.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Hey there,
Good for you for sticking with Shredding. Did you know there's a cereal in Canada and UK called Shreddies? (Sort of like Chex, but better.)

A couple of months ago, I could do ONE regular push-up. That's it. Modified (knees on floor) were difficult enough at first, but I'd start by doing one reg push-up, then complete the set (of 12) doing modified push-ups. Then a second set of 12 modified. Over the past couple of months, I've added in more and more reg push-ups and less modified. Now I can do 2 sets of 12 regular push-ups. You can do it too! You'll be surprised how quickly your strength increases.(Sorry so long!)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Smoking really IS sexy and cool.

I quit smoking on New Year's day 2000 (I do fall off the wagon occasionally, but can just smoke 1 here and there. Haven't bought a pack in 9 years almost) but I tell you what, jenn, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss it. Inevitably something happens and I want one. I have even said to my husband "can I just start again for 1 month?" because I know I'd drop 20 pounds.
Sick, huh?

Anyway. Love the idea of the electronic ciggie.

And I'm drinking coffee and pounding water before official weigh in, because I'm still up a pound from last week. Damn you Jillian Michaels.

carla said...

feel free to delete this after you read it :)
but definitely try the wall pushups first!
(hmm not sure its working---should be link to my short push up vid)

Tiffany said...

oh my god, please keep us posted on the electronic cigarette works out for you. PLEASE... i'm 27 with two babies (a 2 1/2 year old and an 11 month old) and i've been smoking for almost 12 years now and while i NEVER, repeat N-E-V-E-R smoke around them i don't want to smoke anymore. with my anxiety it has been pretty much impossible to quit and i would love something, ANYTHING that would help even a little.

btw, that jillian micheal's? SHE'S A WHORE. i'll stick to yoga, thank you very much. suck it, jillian, SUCK IT.

Sasha Carr, Ph.D. said...

To keep strengthening your upper body try doing "walk outs" on your hands from the point of bending over touching your toes, then "walk out" until you're in pushup position, then walk back. Also just be patient with yourself and keep doing as many knee pushups as you can--you will keep improving!

Vodka Logic said...

Can you use them to help you quit?

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

I quit 7 years ago & I too want one sometimes soooo bad!!!

Lots of luck!

crystal said...

My aunt taught me this trick because, like you, I can't do push-ups, even the "easy" ones on the Shred DVD. What you do is push-ups against a wall. Get in the same stance for push-ups but standing up and your hands on the wall and do push-ups against the wall. It's a modification of a modification and it won't produce the same results as regular push-ups, but it's a way to get the upper body a little more prepared for them.

Happy Shredding!

MegFordice said...

I can't rag on you because I used to smoke too. But I hope you are able to quit one day!

Keep working on the pushups. Do some in the morning or at night, even when your not doing the DVD. Do girl push ups, or against the wall, or on a weight bench, coffee table, couch. I can't do full-on really pushups yet, but I can do a lot on my knees. Working my way up to the "boy" kind.

Veronica M. D. said...

Wow, that electronic cigarette thing is CRAZY. I had never even heard of that.

Do you think you are going to use it as a step down to quitting or is it just to replace smoking long-term?

I know you already hear how bad smoking is all the time, so I won't add to it ... but, I am thinking of you! Way to take an EXCELLENT step for yourself and the people around you!! You ROCK!!

Oh, and how does the price of those compare to regular cigarettes? I am insanely interested now! :)

nancy said...

Yahoo, Jenny, so glad they arrived. I love you and want you around FOREVER!!! I do push-ups standing about two feet away from the corner stretching junglegym at Ballys. It works my arms REALLY good because I can't do regular push-ups and even girly ones are hard on the joints in my hands and shoulders. There's more than one way to skin a cat!!!!!

I love you!!!!


ExesAndOhhs said...

how does the cigarette thingy work? how many uses to you get out of one catridge? i smoke and am desperately trying to quit and have never heard of an electronic cigarette!



Heather said...


It's a training program to get you to do 100 push ups total. They break it down week to week after you do your initial test so you can reach the goal.

Also, the suggestion of doing wall push ups is good. They aren't as difficult as normal push ups, so you'll be able to develop more upper body strength.

Cole Walter Mellon said...

Good luck kicking the ciggy habit, Jenn. Watching my aunt go thru lung cancer when I was a teenager was enough to keep me from ever picking it up.

Anonymous said...

Coming from someone that has been working out for years and still is unable to do more than 3 "real" pushups in a row...anything that will strengthen you chest, shoulders and back will help you in being able to do more pushups, and work towards "real pushups" since pushups use much more than just arms. that's why they are such a great upper body move. Also, you could try...more pushups!

Eliza Returns said...

If you would like to quit smoking I suggest Smoke Deter. My boyfriend used it and he is smoke free for 5 months now. It's a holistic quit smoking system.

MB said...

When I saw the title of this post I thought you would be talking about a different kind of "green" smoke. ;)

I hope the fake cig. helps you get off of the cancer sticks and eventually you can work your way down to just the vapors without the nicotine.

My Mother smoked over 40 years and was able to quit after taking the prescription Chantix. It might be worth looking into if you are serious about wanting to quit.

Good luck going green ;)

Shannon said...

Hey Jen! I just ordered 30 day shred from Amazon and I'm super excited to get started! Thanks to you!

NJ said...

Jenn, that's really interesting about the electronic cigarette. I have never ever heard of them before. Now you don't really say but does it help you to eventually quit or is it just an alternative. My 23 year old started smoking two years ago and has been trying to quit using the patch but not doing so well. Since both my mom and my aunt died at age 58 from lung cancer she knows how important it is for me that she is smoke free but she really didn't think she would get addicted like this when she tried it. It's such a hard thing to kick and I do have to say I've never been a smoker or ever wanted to so I truly don't understand but I have read about how it makes you feel good...which I can relate to food...it makes me feel good while I'm eating it but not so much later.

Kelly said...

I just want to weigh in on the push up discussion. I read through some of the comments and I didn't see this mentioned: focus on the negative. When you're doing the push up, lower yourself down as slowly as you possibly can, resisting the whole way (nose to the ground, abs tight, spine straight not arched), then get back up. You don't have to "push up", just wiggle or whatever, and repeat the slow descent (aka negative portion). This will build up your strength faster than wall pushups, IMO. Do as many as you can.
(I'm a Personal Trainer). Cheers.