Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 10 and Resolutions.

Okay. Day 10: Shredded. I am officially 1/3 of the way through the 30 Day Shred! ::insert cheer track here.::

It was kind of a miracle because I seriously, seriously did not, NOT. want. to. do. it. It's about two degrees outside, everything is frozen and all I wanted to do was sink myself deep into a burrow of blankets and forget about doing anything. But, I did it. Why? 'Cause I told you people that I was doing it. And as I worked out, I thought to myself, "See Jenn? You CAN commit to do SOMETHING physical for more than a week." And I really just need to continue doing it. I think like Sue, I'm gonna bookmark Jack Sh*t's 55% blog post to keep myself motivated.

OH! The Exposed movement has seriously taken flight, and I was super excited to see this today. Pass it along. Participate. Do it, dammit. :)

Another thing I was thinking about was New Years Resolutions. Sue mentioned in her vlog today that soon the interwebs and the gyms will be hellacrowded with all those folks who wait until New Years to decide they want to get healthy and stuff. It's true. And I've never been a New Years resolution type of person. The first time I lost a bunch of weight with the Atkins diet, I decided to start in November, two weeks before Thanksgiving and plates of stuffing and bowls of mashed potatoes. I ate salad and turkey. I just figure that when you're ready to make a change, you decide THEN.

New Years isn't a magic day that makes it easier. It's a new year, yes, but you won't truly do something and be totally committed to it unless SOMETHING inside of you makes the decision, regardless of the day or the time of year or when your friend says, "let's be diet buddies!" If you make the decision because of one of those reasons, you'll end up feeling like a failure when your friend calls to see how your weight loss is going and you say you ate the entire contents of your fridge.

All I'm saying is that you don't need to wait. Take a few minutes and look inside yourself. Sit in the quiet and really think about what you want from this whole weight loss thing. What are your goals? What is it about where you are now that makes you unhappy? Dig deep and don't run away from your feelings about it. Confront them head-on and then, hold on to them. Remind yourself that you can change it, and then decide to.

A lot of you guys have asked me what my motivation is or how I've done it, etc. I totally don't have the answer to consistency. I look to other people who have achieved far better results in way less time for inspiration. All I can do is share what's worked for me. It could be different for you, and that's cool too. I just wish we could all live on the same block and run around in circles on the sidewalk together. I would totally do calisthenics with you people.

So, I'd like to share with you all my list of Non-New-Years-Resolutions.

1. Continue to shred through the 30 days.
2. After the shred, go to the damn gym for which I'm paying, and run on the damn treadmill and use the damn captains chair.
3. Work out during my near month long vacation in Denver, and NOT use it as an excuse to sit on my ass.
4. Fit into my size 8 jeans before we go to Vegas in February.

Those are my personal goals. Do you have some goals right now? I wanna see what they are. :)

And since I have no fun photos to share with you guys, and all blog entries here should really have a photo to keep it interesting, I'm sharing one of my favorite recent images, one taken by the lucky ass photographer for Details Magazine, Alexei Hay, who I am eternally jealous of, 'cause I can't figure out why the fuck I can't get John in MY studio instead of him being in Alexei's.

So I present to you, John Mayer, my eternal, never moving boy toy, makes me wanna die, partner in crime, the media whore, guitar god, YES I love the tattoos, John, the inspiration, lust and love of my life.



'Drea said...


1). Continue to be at the gym 6 out of 7 days.

2). Continue to eat reasonably well.

3). Sharpen one and two to break through stubborn weight loss plateau.

Erin said...

john mayer? delish
the full arm sleeve? not

my resolutions are to just keep kicking ass. and to forgive myself when i stumble.

The Expatresse said...

Oh, thank you. I adore John Mayer.

Carolina said...

love your blog. i secretly stalk.

i can't express how much I love what you wrote about John Mayer.

I have a deep love affair with this man...but your!! Love it!!

And that pic is yummmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am on the JM bandwagon.

I, too, love this post and have been kind of anti NY Resolutions for the same reason you stated. And thanks for the shout outs, btw. I love that you are in that EXPOSED article. (my bootie is coming up in January)

And finally, I've been meaning to give you this link for a while. Another favorite photographer of mine. He's from my hometown and we grew up together, and in high school while teepeeing my house he dropped his wallet, which my parents hung on to until he and his buds came over and cleaned up all the toilet paper. I was mortified. Now he shoots celebs. Maybe you'll like it:

carla said...

oh so many thoughts.

first the 'real': for me it was only when I sat with the quiet (and it was quite uncomfortable the fist 100 times) that I learned who I was, what I needed and how to begin to get myself there.

the fluff? Im alone here probably. Dont love the Mayer :) DO love the sleeve...


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Ah, John Mayer. Do you follow him on Twitter? "Bigger Than My Body" may be old (well, sort of), but I love to work out to it. I remember seeing him on the Today show performing live outdoors when he was beginning to get really popular. Seeing that did it for me!

-to get to and stay within 5 pounds of my goal weight for 2010
-run a half marathon in 2010
-do the 30 Day Shred by March

That's plenty!

rachaelgking said...

Seriously. I would rub him on my belly if I could.

Christy said...

good for you on the exercise!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a bit of a conundrum--I wanted to host a biggest loser type challenge, but was kind of waffling about starting it now or maybe waiting until the new year started.

I realized pretty quickly how ridiculous I was being: "Hmm...well why don't I put of starting work on my goals for two weeks to line up with some arbitrary 'start date'" So I went ahead and just jumped in. And I feel way better for it. :D

My goal is to beat everyone else joining my challenge. >:B

Carly said...

I fell off the wagon last month, but reading this post just lit a fire under my butt. If you can do the shred, I can do the shred. If you can make goals and stick to them, I can make goals and stick to them. If you can post hot pics of John Mayer, I can enjoy them and think that you are the awesomest.

RedPen said...

My non-new year resolutions are:

* break the 90kg barrier (currently at 90.7)
* keep up the breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-dinner routine through the silly season
* do my 4km run-thing in <30 mins.

PS - Love your blog - you're doing a great job in keeping me motivated!

Unknown said...

Hey ExHotGirl: You crack me up! I am glad you were excited to see the Exposed Hall of Fame in the spotlight -- you all deserve it (I haven't even done it yet!)

Anyway, love your blog and great to meet you!
aka mamaV from WeAreTheRealDeal

Lost & Found said...

I love this post. No day like today to start making better choices. Why wait for NYD?

Some of my short term goals:
1. Finish 30 Day Shred and start Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD.
2. Ditch soda and red meat for thirty days.
3. Begin running (cycling everyday is getting kind of old...)

Loser Girl Jess said...

Resolutions are on the mind! I wrote a post yesterday morning about resomlutions as well, and how the New Year hype is over-rated. Good goals and incentives yyou've got there, I am still working on mine, but you will know them soon.

And congrats an doing the shred!