Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey you, Obese chick!

Get outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I hit 190.4 which is a milestone in one and almost two ways. The big celebration today, for my 5'7" frame, I'm no longer obese. I'm now, simply, "overweight." (((cheers)))!

* Underweight = <18.5
* Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
* Overweight = 25-29.9
* Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

To calculate your BMI, go here. Or, I think there might even be a calculator on the right side column of my blog.

SO, my next BMI goal will clearly be 24.9 so I can become "normal." That means I need to get down to 159 pounds. From 190.4 to 159 is a loss of another 31.4 pounds (wow!) ... Yep, I've still got a lot of work to do.

But, nonetheless, I get one of these bad boys from Scale Junkie (Have I told you how I love you so, Scale Junkie??!!)

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And, though I still see those pesky .4 pounds... I'm gonna jump the gun and say I get this one too for going from 225 down to 190:

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...Also, have I mentioned that I love you guys? You're the best, seriously. You keep me accountable, motivated and feeling like I'm not alone on this weight loss journey thing.




M said...

Well you just KNOW we love ya right back!

Congrats on being overweight.(Well theres a sentence I never thought Id say)

Danielle said...

THAT IS BIG NEWS!! You may be able to go to doctor's offices now without getting the "weight" talk, or consideration, etc.

You have been chipping away at this in such a consistant way, I hope you are PROUD!!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the HUGE milestone! :) Keep up the great work!

Becca55 said...

woohoo, way to go this is good news. You are lucky you are on the taller side Im so short that the only way to be overweight is to weigh 160 pounds lol. Its so hard when you are short, tho I believe when you are obese that loosing even a small amount of weight is good for you!

Cole Walter Mellon said...

Happy there's one less person residing in Obese City these days.


Future Me said...

Congrats! That is awesomes!!!

South Beach Steve said...

Great job!

The Fat Girl said...

Wahoo! Yay! Bells! Whistles! That is absolutely awesome. Congratulations!!

WriterMarie said...

Way to go! I'm working my way to the no longer obese category. I'm so happy for you!!! :o)

MB said...

Whoodiefreakinhooo!!!!! is right. Congrats on just being overweight. You'll be "normal" before you know it. Keep up the good work. You rock!

Anonymous said...

Oh hooray for you! I think I'm still in the "morbidly obese" category. You look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Definitely a milestone, worth being proud of.

Unknown said...

I reached the same milestone on the same day! I'm 29.9 on the BMI chart now.

Lindsay said...

You're amazing!! Congrats!! :)

nancy said...

The more I see you the less I see you!!!

Great job!!!!


Coffeehime said...

Keep in high spirits to land in normal zone! I know you absolutely will and can do it!

Anonymous said...

WELL DONE LADY :) You're doing SO good, that is a huge milestone!
We're all so proud of you, bet you feel amazing :D xx

Anonymous said...

Awesome progress!! You must feel great! Isn't it true that nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels!!

"4 oz" said...

OMG! Jen!!!!! 190!!!!! Wow! I'm so happy for you!!!!!! Congrats!!!!