Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Burrito Bobble Heads, Baseball and Boudoir.

So, first of all I need to seriously thank ALL of you guys. Your super lovely sweet comments on my no-makeup-mugshot were absolutely amazing and you really boosted my ego about 32094039 points.

Secondly, I still am waiting on friends to send me photos from my birthday trip, so I'm gonna have to hold out on posting about the trip until I get those.

Thirdly, did you know that Chipotle is doing a video contest for a new burrito idea? My good friend Jon made this video. You should watch it and vote for them! :)~ Awesome Chipotle Awesomeness with a cool song, seriously! Watch it now. ;)

Last, check out the shoot I did today with April!

Click HERE for more photos!

Adios for now! :)

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