Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh, Crap. In my DREAMS!

So, I just checked out my horoscope for today (actually, for tomorrow, August 3rd, but it's 1:03 AM, so technically it's today, okay?) and this is what it said:

You are incredibly enthusiastic about something new in your life -- maybe a new love, maybe a new fitness regimen. Whatever it is, try to keep your conversations balanced so you don't bore your friends!

So... apparently I need to tone things down a bit. I'm sorry if I've been talking too much about any particular subject. I think every time I talk to my friends we discuss my weight loss, and I am realizing now that it must be incredibly annoying for them. Come on, Jenn... they know your weight loss schniblets are on your blog, so just let them read the blog if they're dying to know your exact weight or caloric intake. Or at least wait until they ask, "So, how's the fat doing?"

I apologize.

So, I'll just shut it from now on and talk about bugs instead. Or bowling, that's a good one. Or maybe we can go back to talking about John Mayer. I always like talking about him. Except for the fact that recently I've been having dreams about him. And it's not like the good old days where I'd have sexy dreams about him and wake up feeling all happy and guilty at the same time. Lately it's been like this:

Scene: Me somewhere. John Mayer is there. John Mayer is making fun of me behind my back. I don't know precisely what he says, but the way I feel makes me think it's something along the lines of, "Yeah. I mean, does she actually think we WANT her here? She should just go home. She bugs my ass, and I hate her face," or something. And then he laughs. He either doesn't realize I can hear him or knows I can hear him but doesn't give a crap. I then feel like total crap.

So, it's not like he's saying to his (faceless, non identifiable) friend, "See, when she's near me, my soul takes flight, and I feel SO in love that my heart gets this big!"

He's saying the aforementioned craptastic things about me, and this look is on his face:

That's a pretty ucky dream to have. Especially for me. It kind of makes me want to squirt out a little tear of pathetic celebrity loving sadness. And it's sort of psychotic, but (please tell me if you do this too) I wake up from these dreams actually feeling kind of pissed off at him.

As in, I think to myself, "Yeah, that John Mayer IS kind of an asshole."

You know, I used to keep a dream journal. I would wake up in the morning, reach over and grab my dream journal and a pen, and record my dreams in as much detail as I could. Now when I read those dreams, I REMEMBER them like they are MEMORIES. That kind of freaks me out.

Maybe I should share some of them with you guys sometime. You can help me decode them. I've really wanted to start writing down my dreams again. I can't think of any reason why I shouldn't start. Do any of you write your dreams down? I think there are a lot of subconscious things that are revealed in our dreams. Sometimes it might just be how weird and strange we all are... but sometimes it might actually help us figure out a thing or two about ourselves.



M said...

My dreams are CRAZY! And the weird thing is that they are always in first and third person. Oh and that when Im scared, I lose my sight. And if someone is about to hurt me, I lose my ability to scream. Ive alwaysss wanted to know what this stuff means.

Do you have a dream journal? Get one, and write them down for a week or just tell us. I love stuff like that.

And John Mayer is so sexy. But you knew that already.

M said...

Also--when will you be changing the name of your blog to "Current Hot Girl"?

Anonymous said...

Yes actually...lately I keep having horrible dreams that my lovely, forgiving boyfriend who spoils me rotten and treats me like a princes is a) cheating on me; b) is being an asshole to me; c) doesn't actually love me...etc etc. And I do kinda wake up pissed at him! Dunno what that's about.

Carlos said...

please go back to talking about wl... or anything except johnnie...killing. me! oh and i totally hate him for dream snarking you