Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Curvy girls are sexy too.

As demonstrated by the Lovely Laura. :)

Click HERE for the photos from our Boudoir shoot today!


EbonyRenee said...

She has a very different beauty that I can't put my hands on if I like or not. She's not 'Lane Bryant' just a bigger version of a skinny chick, she has a very rough sexiness about her.

Your photos are great!

Project Hot Mommy

Roxanne said...

I'm just going to be real by saying that I don't think she looks sexy at all. This has less to do with her body shape and more to do with the fact that she looks unhappy.

I think we should all get real. The extra flab, whether its hanging off our arms, stomach or thighs - or whether its 50 pounds or 10 pounds - is excess baggage weighing down our spirit.

Laura is a hot chick, underneath that baggage. As a personal trainer who's shed 60 pounds myself, maybe I can help.

Jenn said...

Roxanne -

I've shot plenty of "flab free, skinny" girls who don't look happy in their photos too. Some people just feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. Some people just suck at making a "sexy" face and it comes across looking pissed off.

And thanks for the offer, but as a photographer, the last thing I'm going to do is offer a client the email address of a personal trainer.


Roxanne said...

Now I feel bad for my comments! But honestly if I can't be honest here where am I going to be honest? In the comments section of the actual photography blog? Better here....

F*ck, this fatness problem. Girls, I've been battling this for 20 years and I got 10 pounds to go. I'm *this* close to figuring out the solution.

I think its easier to lose weight if we regulate our hormones and eat food appropriate to our digestive system, activity schedule and climate.

I'm 100% convinced that your latest binge on oreos dipped in butter cream icing is not because you're a fat out of control monster, but due to a fluctuation in blood sugar and a lack of protein. Yes, you can be suffering from malnutrition while carrying extra fat. In fact, I think the obese are the most malnourished of all.

I'm working on it. I'm determined to figure it out.

Roxanne said...

sure feel free to delete my email address. Anyhow, I'm anonymous here, and am willing to give advice for free. no one has to tell me their real name, and no one will ever find out my real name.

check out my blog. you'll see why I want this to all remain private.

Jenn said...

I don't respond that way to make you feel bad about your comments. I'd much rather have this conversation here than there, so thank you! :)

I just don't think the negative things you're seeing are automatically a result of being fat. She emailed me to do a boudoir shoot. What non-confident big girl would do that in the first place?

And I'm sorry, but not all fat girls eat butter cream stuffed fried oreos hand over fist. There are some hefty honeys who actually eat healthy, normal food and exercise moderately and are still fat.


Jenn said...

I'm not going to delete your e-mail address here, no worries. She likely won't see this blog unless she does some digging in which case, she can decide if she wants to email you or not. I was just saying I sure won't be the one to give it to her. :)

Anonymous said...

Roxanne - I really don't understand your way of thinking. It's a pretty safe assumption to make to say that people who are carrying extra weight generally aren't thrilled about it. But it's a very narrow minded viewpoint to assume that everyone who has any extra lbs has this enormous weight on their spirit.

I'm sure you had good intentions in offering your help, but I think you need to choose your words a bit more carefully. Besides the health concerns that come with being overweight (and a lot of people who are overweight have absolutely no health problems), there is nothing fundamentally wrong with something because they aren't the skinny, ideal body size. And saying that she can be sexy only once she loses her "baggage" is insulting and entirely unhelpful.