Friday, March 13, 2009

Mayer Monday.

Yeah, I'm very aware that it's Friday. Here's the deal... I've been trying to come up with something clever like "Topless Tuesday" or "Wookie Wednesday" but couldn't figure it out.

Then I was jamming out to some John Mayer videos and wanted to share one with you guys. And then I found another one of my favorites. And then I realized I have to do Mayer Monday every week to share videos with you.

Since I missed Mayer Monday this week, I'm starting it now. When you hear the song, you'll understand why.

Also, I'm leaving on Saturday the 21st to go to California - that's where I'm going to chill in San Diego for a few days and then I leave to go on the Mayercraft Carrier. It's a John Mayer cruise with a big show and lots of other musicians and such. I can't wait. :) So I wanted to start Mayer Monday early in honor of my upcoming time with the Man himself. ;)

By the way, he's single again, so that has raised my chances by about .00004 percent. I'm stoked.

And for any of you who aren't familiar with John Mayer's music, his style varies from acoustic singer/song writer to bluesy jammin' guitar guy. My Mom says he reminds her of a young, modern Neil Diamond. I freakin' love Neil Diamond, so it makes sense to me.

If you've ever loved a man you were in a relationship with but he wouldn't commit to you and it ended... this song will probably make you cry. It's awesome. The first time I heard it, it was 2am or something a few years ago and I saw this special on PBS. I was on my knees in the living room watching it and I just bawled and bawled.

My favorite line:
"Just because I said I didn't want her,
doesn't mean I want her to go.
In fact I quite depended on her but
That I didn't want her to know"

Hummingbird by John Mayer


John McIntire said...

"Wookie Wednesday" would have been much better! ;)

M said...

Im so jealous you get to go to San Diego! You really are going to have a lot of fun!

My favorite Mayer song is "Say" I have no idea why but its soooo beautiful.

Ashley said...

I never much liked John Mayer til recently. He's hilarious and has an amazing voice and I love men that can play guitars!