Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol - Top 13 Performances

This week definitely tickled my pickled heart, because it was Michael Jackson week!

I'm jealous about the "Glam Squad" - they get taken out shopping with a stylist and get all beautified up and get to keep their clothes too! Jeez! :)

Also, I don't know what's going on with Paula - she sounds like she's going to break down crying at any minute.

So, here is my take on the singers this week:

1. Lil Rounds - The way You Make Me Feel: A woman should not sing this song. I HATE when singers cover songs from the opposite sex and change the words... example: "girl" to "boy." Absolutely drives me f-cking crazy. Aside from that, I didn't like this song for her - she's got such an awesome voice, but it seemed like she was just a step behind and under the song. And then she ends on this operatic note for "The way you make me feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel"? -- not cool. I don't understand why the judges liked it so much - at least Simon has sense and says that it was a lazy song choice and he hates her outfit.

2. Scott MacIntyre - Keep The Faith: He needs to be playing the piano every freaking week. And I dug the jacket with the popped collar! Also a very smart choice for a blind man singing on American Idol... it embodies his whole thing - ya know, overcoming odds and all. Falsetto note kicked ass, and he reminded me of Billy Joel.

3. Danny Gokey - PYT (Pretty Young Thing): He really could win. Oh, and I'm so happy he's from Milwaukee!

4. Michael Sarver - You Are Not Alone: He has a pleasant enough voice, but he just doesn't have the star quality needed to win this kind of competition.

5. Jasmine Murray - I'll Be There: This is a great song. It's a little risky because Mariah Carey kicked this song's ass back in the nineties. Jasmine is really cute and seems very sweet. She has a strong voice and I think has struggled the last two weeks in finding the right song. She did a really good job tonight - and I dug the way she ended the song.

6. Kris Allen - Remember The Time: He's totally hot. Okay. Love the guitar, love the arrangement, and he really really reminds me of Jason Mraz. Very enthusiastic and charismatic. The only thing I could say is that he should tone down his "b's" a bit - he's puffing into the mic. Over all... he could be a contender for the finals if he keeps this up.

7. Allison Iraheta - Give In To Me: She's awesome - if any girls get into the finals, it should be her. She reminds me of Pink, and she's fantastic. And only 16! Holy canoli!

8. Anoop Desai - Beat It: Hmm... I didn't like that he did the little Michael Jackson breathing thing. It makes it sound like an imitation instead of a unique rendition. This song just doesn't show off his voice.

9. Jorge Nunez - Never Can Say Goodbye: I LOVE this song. Seriously. And I think Jorge is a dark horse - he's got a really, really great voice. The song wasn't the best choice for his voice - it was quite old fashioned sounding with the arrangement the way it was. (Of course Simon says it after I type it.) But I like him and I hope he comes back.

10. Megan Joy - Rockin' Robin: Really cheesy, dude, seriously, she drives me nuts. No me gusta.

11. Adam Lambert - Black and White: I was wondering who'd do this song. It's a great song. PERFECT song for him! He's such star quality - it's weird, I feel like he's above this show, and I LOVE this show. This make me feel like it could be a three-guy finals again this year. The bridge melted my FACE off.

12. Matt Giraud - Human Nature: First of all, what a sweet family! Now to the song. I love his piano playing. (We've got a huge pool of talent this year.) This song was a cool choice for him and I think it showed off his vocal range. The falsetto parts were a little out of control just a bit, but overall, the song ended too quickly for me, and that's a good sign. They mentioned a similarity to Justin Timberlake and I can't believe I didn't catch that.

13. Alexis Grace - Dirty Diana: Great song choice for her - she's a little badass. I'd never heard this song before and ... it's awesome. I don't know how I'll pick favorites this season - the rocker chicks are so awesome. What a tough thing to have to end the show. And she's got a phenomenal body, just to mention that. I wish I had those legs! :(

I'm white just like her... see? I should totally make this my (unrealistic) goal:

And regarding the big surprise for the show tomorrow... I think the judges are going to have veto power to override America's vote.


Ashley said...

Ohh! I can't wait to see the episode. I love MJ, and Dirty Diana has always been my favorite song by him, thanks to my momma. I'm so happy someone did that song.

Anonymous said...

This is the first season I've really gotten into American Idol. They have an incredible pool of talent this time around; so much to enjoy!

Here are my unsolicited thoughts.

I was really skeptical as to how well a group of contestants would be able to cover songs by MJ. I love his music, but every karaoke attempt I've ever heard was tragic. I had low, low expectations. I was blown away.

1. Lil - I have to disagree with you; I liked it and thought it was a strong start to the show.

2. Scott - I like his story and his piano playing. He's not that great of a vocalist. I find myself trying to convince myself that he's better than he is.

3. Danny - Love him. Great voice. Excited to see him develop as the season continues.

4. Michael - You said it best.

5. Jasmine - I like her and like her voice, but I don't really get that "it" factor from her.

6. Kris - The guitar for this song was brilliant. He reminds me of the lead singer for Mute Math, a band I dig lately. Great voice, great personality.

7. Allison - Pink was the exact same comparison I made to Liesl. I love her to pieces. "Give In To Me" is maybe one of my least favorite Michael Jackson songs, and somehow she made it very palatable.

8. Anoop - I'd be okay if he doesn't continue to the next round. I don't dislike him, but i don't think he's anything to write home about.

9. Jorge - I can't make up my mind about him.

10. Megan - Agreed. Cast her in the next High School Musical and be done with it.

11. Adam - Holy crap. My first thought when I heard what song he was doing was, "This is going to be an epic disaster." And then it became my favorite performance of the night. It will be hard for anything to top this for me the rest of the season. It was so good.

12. Matt - I like him. Obviously I'm going to be partial to someone who sings well and plays the piano. I don't think he's quite good enough to win, though.

13. Alexis - I would never have guessed that a white girl could so successfully channel Mary J. Blige. I think Simon's assessment that she oversang it was correct, but I think she's got a huge career ahead of her.

I find myself not caring so much who wins as I just hope that a lot of them end up getting signed to major labels so I can buy their albums. Quality people this year. This would be a concert tour I would go see.

I actually thought of you a couple of times during the episode. Maybe because I saw you on the local equivalent of AI, I find myself thinking, "Jenn could have pulled that song off."

Tricia said...

I'm really loving this season. I'm new to your blog, but I hope you do these reviews after every episiode because I LOVE stuff like this.

I want Anoop to be better than he is, I think. He's so corny, but then again, that's what I love about him. Methinks tonight will be his last night though. (sadface)

Dan Brindley said...

Dude, get out of my head... seriously. I want to add stuff but you've covered it all. ok, wait - I have to say that Megan making through over Lil is RA-DIC-U-LIS!!!