Tuesday, March 3, 2009

American Idol Tonight...

I need to freakin' start blogging about this. I don't know how I feel about the show this year.

Von - I think he's got a strong, good voice, and a great presence. Though I wasn't entranced by his performance tonight, I really think he'll stick around for awhile.

Alex - I love his personality but did not like the vocals.

Ju'Not - Meh. Okay voice, but not enough to keep him here.

Arianna - I think she would have done better with a different song. She just tried to do such a huge song and her voice couldn't live up to it.

Kristen - The first bar showed promise, and I thought it would be like a pro doing her own thing at her concert, but then she just kept the notes really boringly flat, and didn't follow enough of the original melody of the song. I think she's cute, but it did not work at all for me.

Nathanial - Way better than I thought he'd be. Much less flaming than I thought he'd be. Good vocals, I liked the arrangement, but the last note wasn't my favorite. And with the way he was canoodling with the judges, I think for personality at least he might make the top 12.

Felicia - Strong vocals, great look. I just don't think anyone should sing Alicia Keys songs. For some reason it just tends to make it seem worse when they do that. Though she's talented I don't think she has enough personality or enough really raw, awesome talent to make it.

Scott - The tone of his voice is very pleasant - it reminds me of Josh Grobin a little bit. You could really tell he was nervous, I could see him really shaking. But, very nice voice. And you just want to hug him. I almost started crying when he ended with that huge smile on his face! The audience loves him.

Kendall - Shocked that she sang country... (rolls eyes.) The vocals were really mediocre and there's just nothing special enough about her. I just can't stand another blonde country girl. Sorry. I did like her dress though.

Jorge - I love the song... it's one of my favorites. And I have to say hearing Clay Aiken sing it usually ruins it for any other singer because of his amazing voice. But, Jorge really, REALLY has a fantastic voice. His tone is great, and he has good pitch. Kind of weird to see him sing though, because I wouldn't hear the voice and picture his face, and I just don't expect that voice to come from him. ...Probably my favorite vocal of the night!

Lil - Quite a performer. Very soulful and she performs like a pro! She's got to have a spot in the next round. She's really, really good. My favorite girl of the night by a large, large mile.

Do I really only get to choose three people?



Lil, Scott, and Jorge Purely based on voices. I really like Nathanial and Von though... I hope they come back in the wild card.

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