Monday, March 30, 2009

A Quick Update...

Since Wes has his blog reading panties in a twist.

I must love you all 'cause internet costs me $.75 a minute.

A few quick photos... MANY more to come. This has been an amazing trip. My favorite moment so far was having margaritas with the incomparable Ryan Shaw and his guitarist Johnny Ash in Cabo, Mexico. AWESOME MUCH??!?!?!

Ryan Shaw's kick ass show last night:

We also have watched the AMAZING Martin Sexton:

As well as the deck show with John Mayer himself:

We have the big show tonight.

I haven't met John, he's not running around the ship and fraternizing (I don't know where Wes got that picture of him in a sailor suit but I sure didn't see it.) He walked in front of my Dad and I, ducking into a side room off limits to guests and before I could muster up enough breath or brain power to say, "John!" ...he was gone.

I was star struck by the back of his head. I love this man.


More to come tomorrow night!



M said...

Oh thank goodness! I have missed your blogs :)

So awesome that youre having fun :)

Lucrecia said...

FUN! One of my very best friends is on that cruise too. SO jealous. I hope you are having even more fun than it looks in the pictures

Anonymous said...

VERY cool :) Thank you for sharing the photos!

Anonymous said...
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