Sunday, March 22, 2009

San Diego - Day One

I have arrived in San Diego... after a two hour delay, I got in at 10:30 or so. The flight was overbooked, then the plane was "broken" (their words) - they moved us to a different gate and then we waited and waited. Finally after that, and a 4.5 hour flight later, I'm here!

I have a room on the 14th floor... I have a bay view and a city view! It's gorgeous.

I'll keep you all posted on my trip as it progresses. I won't have internet access for the cruise portion, but I'll definitely post a bunch when I get home after that! :)~



Danielle said...

Ahh... my place of birth and where I spent no less than 15 years of my life... would be lucky to be able to live there again... LUCKY!

Carlos said...

awesome. I spent a great year in la jolla... enjoy your cruise!

Katie said...

Oh man, I totally miss San Diego. I so want to move back to California!

I hope you enjoy your vacation. :)

Lee said...

Terrific photos, Jennifer. We were just talking about whether we want to go for a weekend trip to Portland or San Diego.

Ashley said...

SD is 8 hours from where I live, and boy oh boy, I wish I was there EVERY DAY! Spend some time in La Jolla, it's breathtaking!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Beautiful photos!!!