Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol - Top 10 Performances

You thought just because I'm on vacation I would miss American Idol?

No. Way.

So, tonight is the music of Motown! Woo-hoo!

Matt Giraud- Let's Get it On - This is great for his voice. I do not like this song very much past the beginning, but with him singing it... it's awesome. His choice to get out from behind the piano was a good one... it showed that he is versatile and he really reminded me of Michael Buble' tonight. HOT!

Kris Allen - How Sweet it is - I love this because I LOVE James Taylor doing this song all the time. In that note, I'm pretty sure that James Taylor starts with the chorus in concert, so that was a good move. Not my favorite performance by him so far because I liked him last week better. He's SO Mrazy. But he's still adorable and his vocals were off the chain. I do think it was hilarious Simon said that Kris needs to be more conceited. So, when they're humble artists they need to be more conceited, but when they show overwhelming confidence, they're "self indulgent"?

Note: I really am starting to freak out - this year the contestants are SO FREAKING GOOD. I think I will definitely need to see this tour.

Scott MacIntyre - You Can't Hurry Love - I do enjoy his piano. This was probably my favorite performance of his. His vocals were pretty good, I liked the runs he did. I liked the arrangement a lot. And I'm sure the backup singers were happy to get out in front!

Megan Joy - For Once in My Life - Okay, this girl has got to be the one is pushing. I really am annoyed every time she sings. This is a great song and she effing slaughtered it. I love her tattoo, her hair looked great, and she had a fun outfit. That's about all the good I can say. If you want to see how the song should be done live on this show, watch this:

Or watch this audition by Melinda DooLittle, which blows both away:

Anoop Desai - Ooh Baby Baby - This song was a good choice for his voice. It really shows off his vocal range. I wasn't stuck to the television to watch this, so I don't know. With such strong contenders like the other guys it's hard to get excited with the more mediocre performances.

Michael Sarver- Aint too Proud to Beg - I love this song. Seriously, I think it has the best intro to any song ever. I think I figured it out, what he makes me feel... he reminds me of a guy getting up to sing karaoke at his high school reunion. I don't have any preference for him as a performer whatsoever. I also think the song was too hard for him... he had too many growls and tried to do too many runs and the ending was... not good. Aside from that, I guess it would be my favorite performance of his so far, but that's just because I don't really like him much. If even Paula says it's bad... it must be bad.

Lil Rounds - Heatwave - This girl is mad crazy skilled. What a great theme week for her voice. I do wish she did more with the beginning of the song vocally but she fell into it at the end. And holy roarrrrr, her hair and outfit ROCKED. She really reminded me of Melinda DooLittle tonight not only in her performance but also in the way she interacted with the background singers. I definitely agree with Simon that if she had chosen I Heard it Through the Grapevine, that would have been amazing.

Adam Lambert - The Tracks of my Tears -
I was so freaking excited to see what he'd do this week. If there was ANY doubt about his versatility... they've been smashed. The way he ended the song with his vocals and the emotion almost made me cry, and even Smokey gave him a standing ovation with tears in his eyes. This guy can SING, and I want him to win. Here's a video of the performance, 'cause it's the best of the night:

No offense to Danny but after that, I don't even feel like there's a need to watch the rest of the show. Didn't Danny have to follow Adam last week? Poor guy.

Danny Gokey - Get Ready - Showcased his strong voice and I liked how his raspy voice played into the melody. It was a great choice for him. The dancing with the background singers was really cute. I'm looking forward to the day he does a ballad... I feel like he's done an upbeat song every week and I just want to hear him really SING the heck out of a song. :)

Allison Iraheta - Papa Was a Rolling Stone - Umm, yeah. Perfect song choice for her - I knew that before she even opened her mouth. This girl is wild and I LOVE her. She is what Amanda Overmyer should have been last season. The stylistic things she did with her vocals were absolutely and hugely impressive to me (right around 00:56 on the video.) Can I remind everyone that this girl is only 16???

I wanted to show you the video but nobody has a good quality version uploaded yet. Here's the audio... listen to it, dammit:

Also, one of Amanda's good ones:


Dan Brindley said...

Allison was my favorite... It was very hard to choose though. This was my favorite A.I. yet! Everyone crushed it - WOW. I want to watch it again but I have to go to bed :(

Crystal said...

I also love Allison. I DVRed AI so I could watch tonight.

Ashley said...

I just watch Motown week (I DVR'd it) and OMG! The contestants ARE amazing. My favorite is Allison. I didn't even like Adam, but this week, dear Lord! He was freaking amazing! I'm also lovin' Kris every week.

Megan Joy. Geez, she's super disappointing to me. I LOVED her in her audition, but ouch, she's butchering EVERYTHING now. And yep, you're right, she is the VFTW pick.

By the way, I love the fact that you live blog AI. Niiiice!