Friday, July 10, 2009

Dontcha, baby? Dontcha?

Dontcha just love it when you've been eating badly, then turn it around, and watch the water weight fall off?

214 to 211.4 this morning. I love that. I freaking love it. LOVE it. Now, of course I realize if I saw that every morning, it would roughly equate to my losing 90 pounds by this time next month, and that would just be assuming I live through that kind of abrupt and insane weight loss. It's not even possible. (...Is it? I don't think so. Unless you chop off body parts.)

But, there's some kind of sick satisfaction I get from seeing numbers on the scale plummet.

Oooh, plums.

So, I should probably share my eating plan with you guys. Should I? Yeah.

Breakfast: Coffee, yogurt, granola bar
Lunch: Big salad, tuna with fat free cottage cheese instead of mayo
Dinner: Huge salad (if no tuna at lunch, add grilled chicken here)
Snack 1: Baby carrots with or without ranch
Snack 2: (if hungry) 1 banana

Now, the protein will vary- whether I decide to have tuna at lunch time or chicken on my salad at dinner. Other variables will be what exactly I put on my salads, ie: olives, artichoke hearts, peppers, peas, sliced almonds, Romano cheese, etc. The goodies I put on the salads will boost my "good fats" for the day.

Have I mentioned I begrudgingly am eating turkey and chicken again? Still can't do red meat and I can't do pork for some reason, but chicken and turkey are back on the menu. Dammit!

Oh, here's a great tip. If you're gonna use cheese in something, use a strong one. My favorites are: Parmesan, Romano, Swiss, Gorgonzola. That way you can really taste the cheese and you can use less. Also those really strong cheeses are pretty low in calories. 2 tbsp of the shredded Romano I use is only like, 15 calories. Parmesan is the same way.

So, this way I'm shoving tons of veggies into my face. I literally have it PLANNED to just do the salads. I have five bags of lettuce in my fridge.

Plus unlimited Diet Coke, Water and Coffee. I have a 1 liter bottle I fill up twice a day with water, so I am making sure to get my hydration in. I have multi-vitamins I've yet to really start taking - I hate them. Also, of course crystal light and diet green tea is unlimited. Plus green tea boosts your metabolism, so they say!

I can't wait to fit into a size 8 again.

:) <3



Mrs. Bradley said...

Sounds like a good plan. Congrats on the water weight loss. I take a loss wherever and whenever i can.

Unknown said...

Thats a pretty strict plan you got there! So Im assuming your doing a very low carb thing - only see a granola bar no other healthy grains.

Hey have you ever heard of or read about Tosca Renos Eat Clean diet? I love her books- great recipes too!

Hey thx for the compliment- Im SO not the kinda gal that likes to have her picture taken and coming from you- that was a nice compliment! Me and my makeup free face thank you lol :)

M said...

You should come and make me a salad. No seriously, I suck at it. I have to eat salads at restaurants because Im so bad at making my own.

Congrats on your loss :)~

South Beach Steve said...

Like you, I love the water loss. It sure feels good. Congrats on a good day!