Monday, July 20, 2009

Calorie Cycling?

I'm curious to know if anyone has tried calorie cycling before. The idea is that your cycle the amount of calories you eat (or the percentage of reduction/overage) to keep your body constantly working and guessing.

Anyhoo~! A little update. I thought I'd share some photos of me doin' my photography thang.

June 28th.....................................................July 18th

And for fun, here's the photo I was taking on the right:

Not too bad. I finally fit back into my size 14 pants on the 18th!

So, here are the numbers for my weight loss:

09-Jul-2009 214
10-Jul-2009 211.4
11-Jul-2009 210.4
12-Jul-2009 209
13-Jul-2009 208.4
14-Jul-2009 208
15-Jul-2009 209.4
16-Jul-2009 208.8
17-Jul-2009 208
18-Jul-2009 207.8
19-Jul-2009 207.2
20-Jul-2009 207.2

Almost 7 pounds in 11 days isn't too shabby. But, a lot of it was also likely water weight. BUT, it still looks AWESOME. HEH! :)



Cole Walter Mellon said...

Instead of "calorie cycling" I just do plain old cycling. I've found that the body can (and will) adjust to less calories, but it has no defense against more exercise.

Doug said...

I usually end up calorie cycling just by the nature of my life. I haven't intentionally planned it, but I generally eat a lot less during the week than I do on weekends, and a lot more healthy during the week than weekends.

I think it works for me, I don't know if it really helps or hurts compared to being really strict 24/7, but it allows me to be flexible and eat perhaps less than I should during the week when I'm busy and eat at home, and eat right around maintenance on the weekends when I am going out to dinner and bars etc.

Eh, try it out, worst that can happen is you gain 15 pounds :)

Carlos said...

dude! such a big difference... you must be floored...

Michele said...

Congrats on the weight loss, that is fabulous!!

nancy said...

Gosh, look at all that stuff you have to carry!!!! That is a work-out in itself!!

I love you!!!!!


Losing it said...

That is fantastic, how did you do it? I am starting at about the same place you are and well, need the help!!

Ashley said...

Hell yeah! Awesome progress, and amazing photo!

Miz said...

I have in a way.
I find that I naturally tend to eat WAAAAY more some days and then balance out and eat less without planning to on others.


just saw doug said about the same thing.

what doug said :)

and YES.

I think it's a great idea when the foods are all pretty "clean"


Anonymous said...

I have heard of that. Sometimes they call "re-feeding". You read about it alot on body building type websites. Have you ever heard of Leah Peele's FatLoss TroubleShoot? Check it out...may be helpful.

You look so legit taking those pictures - almost like a grownup. You are a rockstar. :o)

Anonymous said...

What Doug and Miz said. I'm not a counter, but I eat somewhat haphazardly, and some days I don't get to it as much. It's mostly clean, so it likely balances out, I have no idea if there's really a benefit, but it doesn't seem outlandish. I'd say I probably vary from 1500 on light eating days to 2500ish on heavy days.