Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bling to tha mother effin BLING!

New bling today. Guys, I almost poo'd my pants when I saw.... 204.6 on the scale today.

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that means, I get this little beauty:

hyc buttons weight loss Pictures, Images and Photos

My starting stats were here in this blog entry. Yeah, how sad is it that it's taken me over 7 months to lose 20 pounds? The clear indicator that I've just been screwing around until July is the fact that 10 of those pounds I've lost since I got home from vacation.

Now, honestly, I was down to like, 203 or something when I did the Raw Detox. But then I went back to Denver and ate Cherry Chip Cake or some other crap and drank 89 gallons of beer.

So, like I have been saying. I'm serious about this now. NOTHING tastes as good as it feels to see that number on the scale go down, down down.

Although, now that I think about the fact that it's Thursday today, I realize that I forgot to go to Zumba last night. That's okay. I'll go tonight. :)



Cole Walter Mellon said...

89 gallons of beer? I've had that kind of weekend before. ;)

Congrats on the loss (and the bling). You're on your way!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Congrats on the loss!

Unknown said...

Great job on hittin 20 lbs GONE! :)

nancy said...

WOW, what an accomplishment, Jenny. Put that sticker on your mirror and feel good about what you have worked for.



Losing it said...

that is fantastic! Great job

South Beach Steve said...

Woot! Congratulations!

Valerie Roberson said...

Awesome job!!!!!! Congrats on the bling :D

Ehren said...

"NOTHING tastes as good as it feels to see that number on the scale go down, down down". I love that line. Congratulations on your loss!

Ella Enchanted said...

great job girl! Keep up the good work :) have a great weekend.

Abrunz said...

bitchin. keep it up!

"4 oz" said...



It is a great feeling, isn't it? Come on...imagine how good you will feel when the scale says 199? =)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!! Keep it up!!