Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Eating like a bird.

Yeah, right.

I eat like a freakin' piggie.

I just came back from my 2nd vacation in 5 weeks, and I feel HUGE. I've gained 6 lbs over the last five weeks or so. Well, I weighed myself mid day and so it might not be quite that much, but to say the least, I feel like shit.

I watched Dan's two cousins (they're 8 and 11, so they're more like nephews) eating, and their parents have to beg them to finish their plates. These two boys are really picky eaters and just aren't interested in food. I'm staring at them while they eat like, "what the hell?" -- I wish I could have that much disinterest in food. Seriously. I wish someone would be like, "Jenn, you should eat some dinner or something," and I would say, "Oh yeah, well... I guess a little something, I'm not really hungry." Or I could say, "I don't like cheese." Or, "Nah, not really feeling the stuffing today."

Seriously, I hate it and I'm PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW.

I am getting right back on the fucking horse tomorrow, 'cause I just can't do this anymore. My pants hurt, my arms are big and I spent seven days staring at Dan's sister Christina who is 30, has a daughter and looks AMAZING. I'm younger, I've never had a kid and I've never looked as good as she does. It's ridiculous.

She's on the left here:

Oh and did I mention Terry, who is on the right in that photo? She's got 2 kids, and she's in her 40's. I wanna stab myself in the face.

I will be keeping you posted, but y'all... I'm totally renewed in my quest. You should be seeing some kick ass weight loss numbers in the up and coming weeks.



Jen said...

Whoo hoo!! Yay for being back on the horse!!

Sometimes all it takes is a good kick in the pants to get you going again...and just think, you've lost weight, and if you stop trying now, eventually that weight will creep back on and you'll be back where you just keep going!! Good luck!

Unknown said...

I like that you said that your pants I can relate- I actually once said that my face hurt- it was so puffy and big the skin actually hurt. lol

Welcome back to the weight loss journey! :)

M said...

I have missed you! I welcome you back with big, fat, loving arms!

Hanlie said...

Good to have you back!

Stop hating yourself and get on with it!

InWeighOverMyHead said...

I gained 10 lbs on my ONE WEEK vacation so I think 6 lbs is great over that long! I know what yu mean about those types of people. I seem to be surrounded by them! :)

- Lisa

MizFit said...

and the post? I CLEARLY recall when lifeguard one summer and was less than "thin" looking at the moms at the babypool and thinking FRICK. I HAVENT HAD A KID AND THEY LOOK WAAAY BETTER (they did. look better I mean. trust me :))
I used that as motivation to get much as it initially stung.

EbonyRenee said...

I missed reading your blog!

Good luck with staying on track!

South Beach Steve said...

I have a two sons and a brother-in-law who do not eat unless they are hungry. I have never understood that. Me? I eat at the drop of a hat!

Don't let your frustrations get to you. Put your eyes on the goal and start moving toward it. Any time you feel week, go back and read this post.

Make it a great day!

Carlos said...

welcome back. buckle up re-entry can be bumpy... oh and please no face stabbing. might scratch your hot ass glasses...

Katie said...

Welcome back!