Friday, November 13, 2009

It feels like I'm missing a piece of me...

And I am, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I FINALLY dipped down under the 180's. I weighed in at 179.2 (so yes, obviously, I've been poopin' again.)

Erm, ya. Sorry about my ridiculous toenails. That, my friends, is what a pedicure from MARCH looks like. Yeah. That's that really incredible Chinese nail polish. Just nuts awesome sticks on your toenails and wont' go anywhere stuff. I seriously need a pedicure. I'm so stinkin' lazy.

Anyway! I get to relish in these now, from the ever lovely Scale Junkie:

45 Pounds lost:
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Which also means 3.21 Stone, just for my Brit friends:
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And as of today, that means 20% of my total body weight is gone!
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Holy crap. 20%? WOW! That's just nuts.

Just had to share my happy excitement with you all.

So yeah, of course I was feelin' kind of thinner last night and started crunching some numbers as USUAL. If I ever have trouble falling asleep I just fall into weight loss fantasies and it slips me right to sleep. So I've got six weeks before I go back to Denver (remind me again why I measure my weight loss by visits home...) - and I want to lose 15 pounds by then. That's a little less than 3 pounds a week. I think I can!

Well, I need to push it into high gear, 'cause I've been losing around 1 pound a week lately and that crap just isn't going to fly. If things continue at that rate I won't reach my goal until July 30th of 2010. No thank you. (Although being thin enough to wear shorts when it's hot will be hawt) I still want to get the weight off as soon as possible.

So, I've identified my areas of weakness and here they are for you all to scrutinize:

1. TOO MANY CARBS. (I feel like we've been here before...)
2. Nibbles of treats = too many carbs anyway (aka: a bite of Dan's oatmeal cookie, etc)
3. Not enough fiber. I'll be eating more salads, thank you.

and the one I don't want to add, but I'm going to so I can be totally honest:
4. No physical activity except for sex and an occasional Zumba. And carrying groceries and crap up and down the stairs, and laundry. Which doesn't really count. I'm a lazy slothful sloth and I HATE WORKING OUT.


On another note, I tried Nutella for the first time. Oh. Sweet. Heavens. ...I should have saved myself the $3.33, 'cause it's in the cupboard calling to me right now. NO, Nutella! Die! I'm going to put you in the trash! ... Okay, I won't, but seriously. Please don't torture me. I thought peanut butter was difficult enough to deal with. Now I have daydreams of Nutella and banana crepes.

Another thing: Have you guys SEEN the "side salad" at Applebees? 'Cause it's totally huge. There is nothing "side" about this thing.

And who puts bacon on a SIDE salad anyway? Vegetarians will order a side salad and not think they need to ask, "Hey, does this come with pig flesh on it?" - I think they need to re-think their side salad antics. Until then, I'm eating at CHILI's.

And last but not least, I'm sharing with you guys the most de-freakin-licious salad I've ever made:

Grilled chicken, grilled asparagus on top of mixed greens and slices of red bell pepper tossed in a light sun dried tomato dressing! YUM!


JP said...

It's like someone just chopped 1/5th of you off!

Hope it wasn't a cute part...

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! Congrats, dear friend. And I'm totally with you on the taking a bite thing. I'm certain I ingest about a million "can I just have a bite of that" calories every week.

Losing it said...

OH my goodness that is so AWESOME!!! Congrats to you!!!!

Melanie said...

Oh congrats! That is super exciting. You should've taken that last bit of your March nail polish off and it might have shaved off the .2 from your weight ;)

kimert said...

Girl, I am totally jealous! I Have to post and run... but all I did was look at the pic and read the line that you are below 180!! SOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!

Be back later to read the rest. I think there may be something in there my fat azzz needs to read!

NatureCat said...

This is a fantastically awesome post for Friday! Dipping below 180 should justify celebratory margaritas, but you are way too disciplined!


Erin said...

dude...i still have green nail polish on my toes from early yea. totally feel ya.

major congrats on your milestone girl!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. I would love it if you posted the recipe for the salad. It looks delicious

Future Me said...

Congrats!!! Also next time you're in Denver if you want to do a blogger meet-up thingy let me know!

Quincifer said...

Congratulations on the 20%! It doesn't sound like much in lbs but when you say 20% its a helluva lot!

Nice looking salad too, i'm jealous :)

Keep it up!

Unknown said...

AWESOME frickin effort. Best way to not eat the crap is too not buy the crap in the first place. But that would kill the exercise you get from lugging groceries...

InnerMedley said...

Yay!!!! 45 lbs gone forever! I'm so happy for you! :)

Kendra said...


That salad looks soooo yummy!!

I'm really happy I'm crunching away at an Apple right now!

Paulina said...


...Oh, and send me the Nutella, don't throw it away!!!!

"I am Nora, and I am a nutellaholic"

Preggo My Eggo said...

I'd be in for a Denver blogger meet up! There are some extra funny posts about Nutella on "DietGirls" website. Like the time she ate her boyfriend's entire jar of nutella and left it in the cupboard meaning to replace it, but he found it before she could ;-) Congrats on your 20%!!

Julie, The Wife said...

Congrats!! You are rocking the weight loss and you are a NaNoWriMo writing fool!

And my God, that asparagus salad!!!

Julie - adayinthewife - and I have a fungus on the toenails from keeping last pedicure polish on too long. TMI, I know, but what are anonymous blog comments for?

Verification word: phead - is this what oral sex with a member of Phish is called?

MB said...

Congrats on getting into the 170s! You should reward yourself by getting a pedicure ;)

I've been tempted to try Nutella after reading about Dietgirl's addiction to it but figured it would only be another thing I'd crave and binge on. I think it's better I don't even try it so I don't know what I'm missing.

Have a great weekend!

Becca55 said...

You so Rock Jen! Gratz on the loss that is fantastic. That side salad is large, i always ask what comes in or on everything if and when I eat out. On the other hand the one you made looks DELISH!! Keep on rockin it Jen you are an inspiration!

Chuck said...

Jen...take the .2 off...maybe .3, for the camera you are holding while on the scales. That would get you under under 179!

Nice little piggies...did the one that went to market end up in the side salad???

Some questions will never be answered.

The tampon story was hilarious!

til tomorrow...

An Independent Voter said...

Congrats on the milestone. As far as the salad goes though, I will quote comedian Ron White..."I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to eat carrots!". You're darn tooting a salad has to have meat on it! Otherwise why bother? :D

MadScientist said...

First of all congrats on the amazing accomplishment. There's nothing more exciting then reaching goals that you've been longing to get a healthy way.

Can I just caution you. In that first three pounds a week is a lot of weight to lose, especially when you're getting thin. It's harder to lose the weight when you get closer to your goal weight. That is 10,500 calories that you have to cut out of your day each week which equates to eating over 1,250 per day less than you normally need per day to lose that much.

When I have been struggling with my weight loss it was when I would map out my master plan and say 'by this date I am going to lose this many pounds'. This never helped me. It made me intensly aware of all the things I hadn't done right and neglect all of the things which I have done well.

I am reminded by a post by Jack Sh*t in which he states that focusing only on the hours your are awake each day and making them the best you can be regardless of yesterday or tomorrow...sets you up with a string of good todays.

Keep kicking ass, but don't kill yourself trying to get to a place. Remember that you're beautiful the way you are and frankly your family loves you. Be gentle with yourself and know that you're doing amazing things. ~M

A Synchronistic Catalyst said...

Nutella and banana crepes ARE da bomb!

Ainslee Kardisco Kroenke said...

Woooot wooooooot!! Congratulations to you!! You're doing awesome! Oh, don't feel bad about the toenails. I think I may only have one more toenail with paint on it than you do :)

Unknown said...


I need to work on the same stufff!!

Nikus said...

For a fun workout try Turbo Jam. She isn't annoying, and man do you feel it! When I wasn't ready to hit the gym, I did Turbo Jam and still do with friends on my off days. Come on sister, you have given me new hope! You go girl!

GirlBoyGirl said...

Jenn!! Congratulations on getting below 180! I can't want to step on my scale and see something in the 170's. 14 more pounds to go and I'll be there too.

That salad is ridiculously huge but looks delicious!

Sasha Carr, Ph.D. said...

Congrats! Time to change that little "current weight" avatar on the left of your screen! :-)

Vodka Logic said...

Well done, I wish I had your motivation.

The asparagus looks auwesome and I too have to hide the peanut butter and nutella...

good luck

MegFordice said...

Congrats on your loss! My toes still have the remnants of the last pedicure from the summer. They look like claws.

Honestly, if you want to drop more poundage, you've got to work out more. 5 times a week, strength training and cardio, and 2 rest days a week.

Also give that Nutella away to somebody!

The Insatiable Host said...

1. I think we are both functional's acceptable and also makes us endearing, fun and super cool.
2. I do love rum n cokes at the same time as wine - I love wine a fuckload! I have also completed my level 1 somelier's a thing I live for...and breath and crave...well you get the idea!
3. I am old - thinkin we are around the same age, but promise me this...I will email you the books...(yes, i am that pathetic) but I will and you have to read them. The movies make little girls squeel; but the books are amazing -really...and then well the movies just happen. I too feel quite rediculous that I am so eager to see the movie, but again, there are rum n cokes at the theater and doesn't get much better.
4. great to hear from you! it's crazy - everyone is sooo busy right now. I hope your life is amazing - and CONfucknGrats on losing 1/5 of yourself!!! *sniffle* you make momma so proud! lol...take care and cheers to RUM!!

Single Sans Svelte said...

...I'm finding that reading your blog is like knowing someone who has the same goals, and the same issues I do! I loathe exercise and love Nutella. I tend to wreck a day's worth of great evening by sitting down at a bar. In the end, I'm making progress, but good lawd do I wish I was progressing faster!

Thanks for putting yourself on the world of the internet :)

Natalie said...

Congratulations! I agree with you on the side salad. I feel like sometimes you have to specify that you'd like a healthy salad, not one that is topped with fatty bacon to make it taste "better."

Keep doing what you're doing!

I am semi-new here. I've been following you, but I think this is my first comment!

Christy said...

Wow! Congratulations! :)