Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunsets and stuff.

Hey all.

Sorry I've been crap for crap with updating my blog recently. I've been wrapped up in NaNoWriMo, on vacation with my family and came home to jump feet first into a wedding.

Weight updates: I weighed in yesterday at 180.6. I'm .6 pounds away from reaching that 45 pound weight loss button!

I have been getting the weight loss compliments, and that always makes me feel good. And I finally am starting to see the body changes for myself. I'm also getting hit on more, which makes me believe I'm looking better. I'm pretty much in 12's now.

Today Dan and I enjoyed the first Saturday off I've had in quite some time, and it was awesome. Went out with some friends after the wedding yesterday... overall it's been really nice. I feel strange now that I basically have four months off. I do have some finishing of wedding work to do (editing photos, designing albums, etc) and some consultations for 2010 and 2011 weddings. But other than that it's a lot of free time. November will be lots of writing. After that, I want to start shooting live music.

Gah, this is totally a "nothing" post. I suck.

I'll post something cool soon. In the mean time, click HERE for photos from the wedding!



Monkey Mamma said...

Beautifully done (while not sucking!). Sincerely; Monkey Mamma

Anonymous said...

Lovely couple
Beautiful sunset
Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

I love your photos! Always amazing. If you ever drift into Florida, let me know, so I can hire you! Enjoy your down time, keep writing and you rock with the weight loss! :)

'Drea said...

That sunset picture is awesome and the bride's bouquet provides a nice contrast too.

Tonja +Jere + Kids said...

saw the photos on facebook...awesome job, beautiful couple! hope you find things to do in your free time.

Christy said...

Wow! Almost to 45 lbs. Good for you, J!

MadScientist said...

Congrats Jen. Keep rockin' the weight loss.

Quincifer said...

Congrats on the almost 45lbs! I'm sure all you'd need to do to get there is nip to the loo......hehehe

You're so lucky to get so much time off! The joys of working for yourself.

Anonymous said...

45 pounds, that's awesome. Good job! :)

Ashley S said...

Wow, that pic is stunning! The sunset... beautiful!