Monday, November 2, 2009


Hey all!

Well, I wanted to give you a quick update here before I get going on my day. I weighed in at 182.2 which is .2 lbs higher than Thursday, but still lower than before I left Milwaukee. I also started my period yesterday, so I'm blamin' it on that, and thinking I'm actually a little lighter when it's all said and done. ;)

I actually started writing last night for NaNoWriMo. I hit 1411 words, which is really making me happy right now. I just got out of the shower and I'm going to go blow dry my hair, slap some makeup on my face and cart my laptop over to Starbucks to write some more.

I actually "technically" am not doing NaNoWriMo the way it's supposed to be done. They consider a novel to be a work of fiction. I'm writing a memoir and fictionalizing it a bit. I'm what's known as a "NaNo Rebel." Yeah... I'm okay with that. And since some of you have asked, the title is (currently): The Panderings of a Compulsive Obsessive. I'll share an excerpt with you guys soon!

So for those of you doing this, what's your goal? Do you want to get published? Do you think you could get published? Or are you doing it just for the thrill of "I did it!"? Personally, I can't do anything without thinking... HUGE. As I'm writing this, I'm thinking of what questions I might be asked in a book interview. Or by a reader. At least I have a while to come up with some answers.

Anyone know a good agent? ;)

Oh. And here's a picture of me and my Mom in our matching monkey footie pajamas. :) Speaking of writers, she's the best one I know. She's already written a novel (a real one, my favorite book ever, and no it's not because she's my Mother and I'm biased, it's because the book is fucking amazing. Sorry Mom, it deserved the "fucking" before amazing, 'cause it is.) and she's working on her second now.

*Note: Thanks so much for all the interest in my Mom's book! Her first novel has not been published yet, so I can't plug it for you guys to go pick it up. But I can guarantee as soon as it does get published, I'll be sharing the crap out of it!


Melanie said...

Ooh, do share your mother's book! What's the title?

Ms Moreno said...

So plug your Mom's book ,what's the title?

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! You are my weight loss HERO! I admire you so much so I want to ask you a question. I'm financially strapped for cash for the holidays and I am thinking of not buying my jenny Craig food for Nov & Dec and trying to continue losing on my own. Then get back on the food for January. I'm not giving up weight lost just trying to budget for the holidays. It would mean a lot to me to know your opinion. Pretty Please :)
(I wrote a bit about it on my blog)

I think I can do it and I will find out on Wed. if my Jenny Craig counselor can help with this. Thanks a bunch & keep up the great work and the great inspirations to others!

NatureCat said...

Wow Jenn, your mom could be your sister! I bet you will look just as young and vibrant as she does when you are her age. Gotta love those genes, right? Are you gonna tell us the book title?

Sock Monkey rocks.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I'd like to be published. But I'm not so sure this is the one. This just might be the one BEFORE the one. You?

crystal said...

I'm trying to get published with my only finished novel so, if you hear of a good agent, send 'em my way. :) I would like to get this NaNo published as a series, but it'll need a lot of work since I wrote 3200 pages of crap yesterday.
Also, love the PJs. Sock monkeys are totally the best.
ps. This might get sent twice. If so, I'm super sorry.

Quincifer said...

Hahahahahaha I totally blame my weight on my period! Its like the main time I notice my weight so that has to be the cause right?! :P
I wish I had the skills to write properly. I used to write short stories when I was younger but I've never been a good 'long' writer. It was my downfall in every subject at school which needed an essay. I'm one hell of a reader though to make up for it!
ood luck with it, can't wait to read a bit when you get more into it :)

Losinthisdangfat said...

Holy Cow! That's your mom?! I thought she was a girl your age! I can deffinately tell that you're related now that I realize that you are mother and daughter! You're both very pretty!
I love the jammies! VERY cute and VERY funny! LOL Thanks for sharing this picture!

Drew said...

I'm not sure what my goals are right now with NaNoWriMo. I think I'm doing it because I've always wondered if I could write a novel and it's been one of those bucket list things.

Of course, I dream of being published and just happening to fall into being a writer! :-)

However, I wouldn't say that's my motivation.

Ainslee Kardisco Kroenke said...

I'm loving the sock monkey jammies! My sock monkey slippers are my fave :)

Good luck with your writing! Can't wait to read some of it!

Unknown said...

I lovvveee sock monkeys too! I have the slippers from Target, but not the jammies. Yet. I make them as baby gifts, and just as gifts in general for kids of all ages --- sock animals. Love them.

Julie, The Wife said...

A) Mom/Daughter in Sock Monkey pjs are as cute as puppies and babies.

B) Totally doing NaNoWriMo with ultimate goal of getting published. Because otherwise I would spend my time reading and drinking wine.

C) Find authors who write in your genre, see who their agents are. Google "humor memoir literary agents". Subscribe to Also, has a great real-life pub experience on the Twilight main page, and gives other sites to look up.

D) I too am a Nano Rebel! I'm doing a slightly fictionalized parenting memoir (oh, so original!)

Good luck NaNos! I only got to 896 words, so your total rocks!

Trooper Thorn said...

Remember: A writer writes. It doesn't say if a writer writes well, she just writes.

Anonymous said...

OK where did you get those PJ's cus I sooo need a pair right now!!!

Kristen said...

I added you as a nanowrimo buddy and you are doing great! I'm doing it because I like the idea of it: you just write and write without worrying about editing. You only need to think of the next thing. I'm also doing it because I've had this idea for over a year and I really just want to see it materialize and just not be something that runs through my mind all the time.

Carrie said...

Man, I hope I look as good as your mom when I get older! Cute the jammies! I used to tear the feet off of those kind of PJ's when I was little. That and tights, coudln't handle the tights and the way they gapped in the crotch, drove me nuts.

Michelle said...

I just signed up for NaNoWriMo like 20 minutes ago!

ahh I'm so behind! But it is thrilling!

Good luck to you!

Jo and the Novelist said...

Hi Jen,

Looking forward to reading your novel excerpt.

I nearly signed up for NaNoWriMo but didn't seeing as I've already spent a year trying to write a novel and didn't want it to feel abandoned... Hmm..

Anyway, hope you're enjoying the novel experience so far!

*Love* the jammies.

Anonymous said...

No wonder you're beautiful; your mom is, too!!

I'm the kind of person who also imagines interviews and readers' questions ;)

I think I told you before but Nano is about writing, they don't care if you write non-fiction.

My nano is now at 15500 words. I know I'll be busy this month with other stuff so I need to write as many word I can whenever I can.

Erin said...

Love the monkey jammies!!

Anonymous said...

i didn't use NaNoWriMo but I have completed a novel and do the very same thing--thinking of questions to interviews and such. I'm usually being questioned by Oprah! :)

just found your follower!

Kaitlin said...

Where did you get your footie pajamas? I've been looking everywhere and have been very tempted to just buy the biggest size in the little kids section.

Monkey Mamma said...

Oh this is so great. Another blog to follow since I’m thinking I suffer from over 50 onset of total A.D.D. NOT KIDDING!!! But, I loved running into your blog from another one I was following. Meanwhile, several things clicked…your photography is awesome! Your weight loss journey is inspiring! I make sock monkeys (and tried starting a blog but didn’t get very far, YET!! Gotta find a way to FOCUS!! ) so, naturally I think your mom/daughter jammies are scrumsuous!!(why can’t I spell check that?) I have always wanted to write a book. I have started 3 of them. One is titled “Love Me, Hate You ~ Step-Motherhood Blows.” One is titled “I dated a Marathon Runner Once.” You can imagine how that one flows – eeeeeeeeeck! And finally “The Story of All of Us*” *an account of my ex-husband’s battle with cancer, and how it changed our lives (2001). Still clicking…..Oh, yes! Two years ago I was “Raggedy Freakin’ Ann” for Halloween. The Same Exact Costume you’re wearing, but, the wig you have is so much cuter than the one I ended up with. I did long pigtails with purple yarn for bows. I also had Raggedy Andy hanging from a rope that I slung over my shoulder for effect. So,you see, I just had to comment on your blog….sorry for taking up so much room. You have actually inspired me to get off my arse and get blogging, or SOMETHING!! Thanks and best to you!! I will look updates with great anticipation!

carla said...

just checking in and using your NaNoWriMo to kick of my morning writing motivation.
I love and....struggle with the 'WriMo :)

mainly love...