Thursday, September 17, 2009

Biggest Loser

Allllllrighty then! I watched the season premier of The Biggest Loser, Season 8 and I'm here to share my impressions/feelings/thoughts/whatevers with you guys.

If any of you guys were crying a lot during the show, you're not alone. The story Abby shared I have heard something like four times since the teasers for the season began, and every time I hear it I break down crying. What she went through is one of my biggest fears in life, and it just kills me. I DO think that it'll give her a very strong advantage when it comes to the voting off process.

Tracey seems like a bitch from what they showed of her at the beginning of the show. I feel kind of bad saying that now that she has been in the hospital, but that was the impression I got from her initially.

I'm really happy to see Daniel back... he's accomplished so much and I think he's going to be a huge inspiration and motivator to the rest of the contestants.

About twelve minutes in to the show, I realized that I have a huge crush on Sean. He has a nice personality and all, [though he's a youth pastor (holy roller as Carlos put it) and I couldn't actually be into someone who worked in the church...] I'll have you know my thing for him is totally shallow. It's purely based on his eyes, hair, mouth. LOVE his hair. Love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it (not in this picture below so much, but far more when it falls over his forehead.) And it's weird for me, I've never been attracted to bigger guys. My boyfriend weighs all of 150 pounds. But Sean? He's adorable. :)

Now about the weigh-ins. I know The Biggest Loser has always had huge weight loss numbers each week, but I've don't remember drops like this... 18, 22, 28 pounds in a week? These weight loss numbers are INSANE!!! Is there even any way that's possible? Even WATER weight? Seriously, that's just mind boggling to me.

I'm curious though... what do you guys think abut the fact that the Black team was the team to be chosen/picked last (not counting the ones in the hospital) and that they fell below the yellow line? When she was voted off, Alexandra was gracious, which was nice. I think she was pissed as all hell. Have I mentioned she's gorgeous? And holy crap, has lost 60 pounds on her own. That's wonderful! And it really shows that the group made the right decision... she's done a good job.

I'm really looking forward to this season, you guys. I'm gonna love it.

Any other thoughts you all have?



Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised black team fell below the yellow line. I think the contestants size each other up pretty well in the beginning of the show. I do think Alexandra is going to kick arse at home and show them all. She's got spirit.

Anonymous said...

The tragic story is a tear jerker for sure. Sean makes me laugh. At the end when he said something about "is it humanly possible to lose 22 lbs in one week? well i must be because i did it" he looked like a gitddy little kid. I look forward to watching more. the show actually motivated me in my last two workouts.

Hotch Potchery said...

I am new here...but just wanted to say that I didn't like it when the girl on the black team made a comment that her partner should have done better than THIRTEEN pounds in a week...I won't miss her.

Mrs Swan said...

Ok so I can't quite share your love of him. LOL But I am so excited to see this season from the start instead of like 5 in last year.

~Kristen~ said...

I just finally got caught up on Biggest Loser ... it competed with the finale of big brother so I taped it and got time to watch last night. I think that it was a strategic move to get rid of Alexandra cause I think she could have ended up kicking butt in the show. And it might have sounded bad but I know what she was saying about her partner not doing better ... especially after they had shown him falling and stopping all the time with Jill. We don't know what the whole week was like but if he kept doing that then maybe he needed her to say it, just like he said he needed Jillian to say what she did about seeing a dead father.

Tracy didn't impress me either but can't really say too much until I see her again. They haven't said what happened exactly but seeing that she was gone for an entire week is not good and I have to wonder if they'll let her return. On the flip side ... Mo lost as much as he did in basically one day of working out which was amazing and I think he better watch out cause it could get him a target on that pretty purple shirt!

Can't wait to see what's coming next week :-)

100in12 said...

okay I didn't watch the first episode until tonight (right before the second!) and I totally agree with you!! sean is adorable, and the first thing i thought was "he is going to be a hottie mchottstuff when he loses weight"