Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wicked Color.

Today I had a kick ass wedding in Neosho. Some of my favorite photos to date!

Click here to check it out, yo!


M said...

This is so beautiful. I cannot believe the talent running through your veins!

Andrea said...

Beautiful pictures! You're an amazing photographer!

Unknown said...

That bride looks jacked!! Lovely photos, too.

Ray Hartjen said...

Great photo, and I like the contrast. Put this one toward the front of the album, huh?

Desiree Cary said...

Dear ex hot girl,

Wow these pictures are beautiful..maybe we could exchange photos? I love photography. Write me back if you are interested.

Thank you very much,
Desiree Cary

P.S. Here are my emails if you are looking to get ahold of me.

1) (personal email)
2) (work email)