Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shove a baguette in my pants.

A lot of people have asked about my weight loss... what I'm doing, eating, etc. I'll straight up tell you guys that I hate working out. I have a gym membership and I love Zumba, and I used to go twice a week. I will be full on honest and admit I haven't been to the gym in over six weeks. Part of that was because of a chest cold, and part of that was because I was traveling. But still, I haven't gone, and my $80/month membership is just laughing in my face because of it.

I tried the healthy balanced diet plus working out thing. I was losing around 1 pound a week or so. My diet was excellent, no more than 1600 calories a day, and I was working out for around an hour four times a week with aerobic exercise and weight training (I had a personal trainer.) I got sick and tired of putting in so much work and not seeing results.

See? This is me pretending to be all riled up about working out, but really my face just looks all pissed off:

I've tried lots of diets:
Cabbage soup (several times)
6 Week Body Makeover (really worked for my parents)
Calorie restriction
Pineapple Diet (I have no idea, just heard pineapple burned calories and so I ate a ton of it.)
Raw Diet
Weight Watchers

I've always been too cheap to shell out cash for anything like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig or Slimfast. I'm glad though... I probably wouldn't have had success with those either. I also haven't tried Kimkins or the Master Cleanse.

Sidenote: I've heard of some really crazy ones, and a reader once told me about the "Diet Coke and crackers" diet. I might be interested in that, 'cause I love both of those things. If you know what it is, I might be crazy enough to try it. Then I'll tell you guys how it goes. Seriously.

My recent weight loss (214-192 in 40 days) was pretty much strictly because of my eating plan. I did Zumba for the beginning of that timeframe, once or twice a week, but that was about it. My body reacts very specifically to what I eat. I lost 50 pounds the first go-round with Atkins. I didn't work out a single day at ALL, and I lost a load of weight:

My body hates carbs. I'll clarify by saying I LOVE carbs... as Sean said tonight on The Biggest Loser, I want to take a cupcake and rub it all over my body. Not so much cupcakes, actually, but I'd take a bath in pasta, pour fries on my head and shove a baguette in my pants. I love bread, potatoes and pasta so much that I didn't even notice I was ballooning up to 225 pounds because I was too busy making moon eyes at the bread sticks at Olive Garden. That's part of why I was so successful with the Atkins diet.

What I do now includes only eating bread related carbs in the morning. I do NOT eat potatoes, bread or pasta anymore during the day or evening. That means I eat:

Breakfast: Either a Nature's Valley granola bar, or a packet of oatmeal. With that I have a Dannon Light and Fit (or cheapo equivalent, as long as it's 80 calories) and coffee or Diet Coke.
I do some kind of protein (usually a can of water packed tuna) with lots of veggies mixed in. Through the day I drink water, coffee, Diet Coke depending on the day. (Always around 50 oz water in the evenings faithfully.)
Dinner: Meat and veggies (ie: grilled kabobs with veggies and meat or spaghetti squash with canned tomatoes and a Parmesan cheese) or I'll just do a huge salad. And salad means leafy greens (not iceberg) with veggies and sometimes chicken with a light vinaigrette dressing. It does NOT mean croutons, ranch and a crapton of cheese.

There ya have it... that's my spiffyriffic weight loss plan, and it steadily drops 2-3 pounds a week for me. I've been slacking the last 30 days or so but I'm back on with a dirty vengeance and already can feel a huge difference!

So! Don't forget to tell me what the Diet Coke and Crackers diet is. I love all things cracker. Please, share the info.

Also if you have a favorite diet, or you've tried a crazy one, I wanna hear about that too.



M said...

Hahaha, Im LAUGHING SO HARD @ bathing in pasta! That is both vile and intriguing at the same time! And I hate pasta!

That carb in the morning idea is pretty sweet, I may start adhering to that and then I too can join you in onederland.

Ok send me your address to I got the disposable! But not the crazy socks...yet!

Carrie said...

Hi There! I really enjoyed your post and am taking to heart the offer to throw something out there.

I have lost 33lbs. so far since April and I've been logging all of my food on a great (FREE) site: It is a diet-free zone. It has changed my life. The focus is balance and nutrition and is ridiculously easy to use. Oh and the database is huge. I've logged my food on WW, Spark and Calorie-count, but this is the first site I've had real success with. I no longer attach alot of negative emotions to food. If you want, check it out. I journal on there, I'm carrieredhead. I hope you do check it out! If you do log on and want to look me or any of the users up you can just type in and the profile will come up. You can look through my logs to see what a typical day is like. Oh and the motto is "Go Gree" My goal is to get all my nutritional values green. If they are red then I need to adjust something in my day.

Runnergirl said...

I am sooo with you on this.. but I'm very impressed at your dedication to cutting carbs so much - I don't think I could keep up a diet like that for longer than a couple of days.

I have porridge (without sugar) for breakfast (a big bowl, 55g of oats and 1/2pt skimmed milk). For lunch I usually have left over veggies from dinner the night before, a tortilla wrap spread with low fat cheese triangles. I have a can of Diet Coke mid-afternoon to satisfy my sweet tooth and keep the tummy rumblings at bay. I drink about 2 litres of water during the day. For dinner I have something like griddled chicken with garlic salt, vegetables and couscous, or a big quorn stir fry with egg noodles and lots of veggies.

I have to admit someone suggested the Fat Smash diet to me once, which is a bit like Atkins combined with just being really low cal. I did it for the first 2 weeks, doing all the exercise they recommended and sticking to the plan - I lost 2lb in two weeks, which I could have done in one week with WW!

I like WW because it combines the healthy eating with recommending exercise and addressing the issues that make you eat (although I don't think they've found a solution for sheer greed yet!).

Anyway - and sorry for hijacking - my point is that if that's what works for you, and clearly it does, stick with it - and WELL DONE. You are doing fabulously, and really inspiring me to stick with it.

Quincifer said...

I've worked out that I don't need to diet...I just need to work out how I can hate the things I like!
I totally love salad and could happily eat it every day, but I also love ice cream and haribo so it kinda cancels out the goodness.
It's good you've found something you can follow easily/easier...carbs in the morning is an interesting idea!

Erin said...

the thought of bathing in pasta brings to mind that scene from patch adams where the old lady gets in a swimming pool full of noodles.

Anonymous said...

I tried the blood type diet last year and lost about 7kilos. You can check it out at

I've stopped being strict because my husband moved in and he's not a big fan...

NJ said...

About ten years ago I was really successful by doing the High Protein diet for a few months then switching to Body for Life. I really need some exercise plan for me to be successful. Currently I'm pretty much just trying to not over eat and I'm doing yoga and pilates a few times a week and some cardio via my exercise bike. On Tuesday a fellow from work attended our yoga class which is really quite challenging. Believe it or not of all the classes I've taken this is the hardest thing. He came to my desk this morning and told me how amazed he was with how well I did. He is fit he says but he said I was struggling but you were rock salid. It's a slow path to getting back into the shape I want. I feel better already and that's all that really matters. Also once I hit 20 lbs my 23 year old daughter has promised to quite smoking. Something she revealed to me this august. Since my mother died of cancer when she was 58 I really didn't want either of my children smoking. Sorry for the long post

Michele said...

I am struggling with my gym membership too. A few weeks have gone by and my gym bag has sat in the corner. I am having trouble making the time. My brother wants me to meet him at 5:00 A.M.

5:00 AM! Way too early for me...

kimert said...

I think different diets work for different people! You just have to find what works for you and stick to it. :)
That being said, I have tried:
-6 week body makeover (lost 80 lbs in 9 months) but my doctor pretty much told me I was starving myself and he wanted me to come off it
-Phentermine (lost 16 lbs one month and none the 2 months following) Oh, I also gained back said 16 lbs and then some when I came off it. Nice.
-LA Weight Loss Centers (tried multiple times losing various amts of weight) I just came off this plan because I was bored and tired of seeing a few ounces here and there. I have lost 25 lbs since May with this plan though.

I am currently a member of Jillian and cannot tell you how pleased I am this week with the results I have seen in just 2 short days!

So, keep up the good work!

Kate said...

Oh Oh Oh - I need to to get fit and skinny. Need to stop with the chocolate in the evening thing I guess. Don't think irregular visits to the gym are going to cut it somehow! Love your blog!

Esther Crawford said...

I've been losing weight again this summer (God, how I wish I didn't have to say AGAIN). At least this time I got a baby out of the weight I gained. Last time all I got were stretchmarks.

I'm using WW & so far so good. I am incredibly biased since I lost 70lbs with it before & now work for them, but seriously, I simply can't cut a specific food out (like carbs). Clearly you're proof it works, but I know in a fit of agony I'd eat my way through a pan of lasagna.

Holly said...

So I just read this first entry and wanted to say congrats, keep up the good work! Weight loss is mostly all about what you put in. My mom went with a buddy and started seeing a nutritionist who designed a weekly meal plan for her and it has worked wonders! I would highly recommend getting the advice of a professional to figure out what works best for you and the lifestyle you live and the goals you want to maintain (i.e. looking thin or just being healthy) but I thought I'd c/p her meal plan so you could see how else this might be done. My mom was around 200lbs when she started as was losing about 8-10lbs per month. She looks fantastic and healthy at a nice 165. Go mom!

1c. cheerios+1/2c. skim milk. add in some cinnamon because it a) adds flavor and b) will jump-start your metabolism

1small fuji apple and a light and fit yogurt

Chicken/Ranch Pita:
3 oz Rotisserie chicken
2 slices tomato
1 cup alfalfa sprouts
1 cup shredded lettuce
1 Tbsp Light Ranch Dressin
½ whole wheat pita
2 dill pickle spears
1 oz baked chips

1 pc. string cheese or unlimited raw veggies

Taco Salad:
3c dark green leafy lettuce
3 oz lean ground beef or turkey
Add kidney beans, cucumber, corn kernels, salsa
Crumble 6 BAKED tortilla chips on top
2 Tbsp light french or Russian dressing

or Chicken Stir Fry:
Buy bag of stir fry veggies from Costco. (or cut your own)
Pour into skillet or wok. Cook with pepper, garlic, and light soy
Or teriyaki sauce. Buy Uncle Bens 90 second brown and wild
Rice mix (microwavable bag). Use3/4c and pour veggies on top.
Buy already cooked and frozen chicken (or bake your own). Dice 4 oz and Mix with veggies.

All said and done you shouldn't really be hungry in between meals and this way you don't have to cut out the things you really like like carbs. This is just one day of a seven day plan and there are like, eight weeks you can rotate in. The calorie total for each day is 1400 calories. Things like string cheese are only 90 calories and full of protein, the small apple and yogurt are around 130 calories, so there are ways to still eat tasty things that will fill you up in between meals (and reduce the likelihood of binging later at night when you're starving!) and what-not. This might not work for you, but if you're already shelling out money for a gym membership, try to cut back on that and go in with a buddy to see a nutritionist.

Unknown said...

im going to adjust my schedule; seems ive got it all backwards.
from now on, im drinking all of my beer-carbs before 9 am.
my liver and i thank you.

InnerMedley said...

I have to admit that I can't stop looking at your ass in the "after Atkins" pic above. It's amazing and I'm totally jealous! LOL.

I think you're doing awesome and I like your approach to the whole carb thing. Eating them for breakfast gives you time to burn them off throughout the day. Might have to try this.

I could also bathe in carbs. I love, love, love them. Unfortunately, they do not love me. Or they do...I guess...because they stick to me like crazy. LOL. Think of that commercial where the people walk around with a donut around their waist or sticky buns stuck to their butt...yup, that's how I feel. LOL

Midwestgirl said...

I dropped 30 pounds by getting on the treadmill or stair-climber every day for half an hour. I ate what I wanted but rather than all the chicken fingers, I'd cut up a few put it on the salad, and eat only half the fries. I love to eat too much to take it away.

This weight loss also came fairly easy (don't hate) because I was in the middle of North Dakota, with nothing around, doing a show 2 hours a night, and nothing during the day. I was bored. So I worked out.

But I credit most of my body image and being able to stay healthy to the fact that I don't step on a scale unless I'm at the doctor. It's more about how I feel, not a number. I don't own a car which makes me walk more to get to the bus, or many other places for that matter. And I do yoga. Best. Workout. EVER. I've never felt this strong and assured of myself. It's great.

I encourage all to keep doing what works for you. But remember if you don't feel good at least after you've done it, it's not going to be worth it.

Oh and I think Dr. Atkins died of a heart attack, so his diet can't be that great.

Tamara said...

I'm currently wasting my hard-earned money on a gym membership...I think the last time I went was in May...maybe!
The good news, I've been doing my own rendition of South Beach and have managed to drop 12 pounds since the end of August. I love your blog, very funny!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the Cracker/Diet Coke plan. I love both. I hope it involves Wheat Thins or Ritz.

Karen said...

Just found your blog from Blogs of Note. Love it already! I just started using to track my workouts and food. I've always HATED tracking food. But there's this thing on that website that lets you track how many calories you burn each day with how much calories you consume. It's become a bit of a game for me to see if I can come in negative on the calories each day. I've also been surprised at how many calories I actually eat. Depressing but eye opening.

Anyway, I wouldn't get too focused on the scale number. I've been running and trying to watch what I eat for the last four months and I've only lost 10 pounds. I didn't lose anything for the first couple months. HOWEVER, I did take my measurements when I started and even though I hadn't lost any weight, I HAD lost a few inches. Plus it's been fun seeing my muscles get more definition.

Anyway, I think you're doing great, don't beat yourself up so much. This is hard work! I've found it helps me stay motivated when I focus on the little successes in fitness, etc. instead of looking at how far I have to go or the mistakes I've made.

Anonymous said...

A cottage cheese and asparagus lunch will change your life. high protien, low to no fat and under 150 calories. it's the secret to my success.

D. said...

I am impressed with your honesty about the whole process for you and admire how you share yourself like you do!
I recently lost about 40-45lbs in the last year and have kept it off which is huge for me. I did it mostly but cutting all my portions in half and eating slower to feel full in order to shrink my stomach. I am however struggling with some sweets lately, especially soda(a fountain Dr. Pepper will make me drool to just think about). I think the cravings are emotional mostly. I learned so much about my emotional and stress eating habits once I lost the weight because you learn as you lose.
Well keep it up - I enjoy your writing.

rachaelgking said...


Phew. Someone had to say it.

D. said...

I love this post! I admire your honesty with the struggles you have and have had with your weight and how you share yourself like you do.
I recently lost almost 45lbs in the last year. I have kept it off which is huge for me. Secret for me was cutting what I eat in half so I could shrink my stomach to not stop eating things I enjoy. However, lately I have been struggling with sweets especially soda (a foutain Dr. Pepper makes me drool just thinking about it) because it is my weekness. I realize that these cravings are emotional because as I lost I learned about my emotional and stress related food habits. Constant stuggle.
Keep up the good work and I enjoy reading your work.

Erin said...

I would love to bathe in pasta, especially pasta with alfredo sauce.

I went vegan (no animal products or by-products) for a time. It was horrible.

They offer Zumba at my gym, but I have never tried it. Is it fun?

Faux Trixie said...

I'm with you on the love of carbs. I, too, have done atkins twice and lost a TON of weight (40 lbs in three months). I've gained 25 of it back and am trying to do a modified atkins/south beach deal. I think it's ridiculous to limit vegetables (they're vegetables!) and fruit. I'm eating a lot (A LOT) of salad, and then, like you, meat and vegetables for dinner.

Since I have a raging sweet tooth, I've also switched to sugar free ice cream and pudding. It does the trick but has nasty side effects.

Good luck. Coming from someone who has battled her weight her entire life, I know how hard it can be. :)

Amy said...

Dude, I have tears pouring out of my eyes from laughing so hard. I swear I said the same thing about carbs to my mom not two days ago. I'd freakin' marry carbs if I could.

And dear sweet baby J, how did you get that perky ass just by doing Atkins?! No squats or anything??! I'm jealous.

Jasmine said...

I came across your blog - and LOVED it! I too am struggling with weight loss right now. I'm trying the South Beach Diet - and it's successful so far, but it's only been a few days! I also LOVE Zumba! I started a work out class once a week - and will be moving up to 2 shortly.

Lemmonex said...

Man, I so feel ya...carbs are my besties. I lost 65 lbs on WW, am back up about 15 over the past few years and have been trying soooo hard. SOOOO HARD. It is the booze.
I cannot quit it.

Misguided Tryer said...

It's funny- I stumbled upon your blog as I was going through a massive change in how I eat, mostly because I was sick of all the weight I put on this summer, and I really really really didn't feel like going up a bra size again.

It's great reading your blog because it helps me to stay motivated and eat food that remind me of stuff you'd feed a horse (I eat lots and lots of fiber).

Keep it up, we can do it :)

Julie, The Wife said...

I too LOVE LOVE LOVE carbs, and sadly, I salivated reading about rubbing the cupcake all over you. Not about you, but about the visual on that damn cupcake. I pictured the Hostess cupcake with the swirly white loops on top. Yum.

I have lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks on MediFast - your typical shake/bar diet, but doesn't have the sugar SlimFast does. All the Diet Coke and black coffee you want! I can have one lean/green meal a day, and eat 6 times a day, so that's helpful. I would have lost more, but I do cheat. My husband has lost about 40 lbs on this, his family have all lost tons of weight on it too, but different things work for different people.

Keep up the good work, I think you look fab now! Plus, you're hilarious, so double bonus for you!

Cole Walter Mellon said...

My diet has been low on exotic (diet coke and crackers?), but high on common sense and effectiveness.

It's simple: eat less, eat healthier and exercise more. Any wrinkles you add to that formula is simply complicating things. A lot of folks I know track and measure religiously, but my thinking is that I want something that is sustainable throughout the rest of my life. I know that I'm not going to weigh food and track what I eat forever, so why not find a lifestyle that I can live with and, well, start living with it.

70 lbs. down so far, so something's working out okay.

When the gym membership expires, why don't you start sending me $80 a month and I'll laugh in your face.

Emotion Flow said...

I like your sexy ass on the right, brings a lot of inspiring sexual thoughts ;)

Get back to your old weight, being attractive does miracles for female self esteem.

Unknown said...

Hey, your diet is pretty good, it's sort of a bad habit I have to analyze food intake as I am reading because I am a personal trainer. The carbs in the morning thingis great and you could, depending on your needs have 1 serving of carbs with lunch as well, just be sure to not ingest anymore after that. Doing so helps to get through the afternoon slump and fuel the rest of your day. When and if you decide to workout out again you may need to add back your supper carbs if you workout later in the day. Okay well before I write you a complete novel....
Great posts btw, I enjoy following them!

Michelle Wells Grant said...

Hey, I am so with you, girl ... and so glad I found your blog! I launched a blog in August which chronicles our weight loss (hubby and me). I think we represent a pretty broad range of people who pack on just a few each year, quite gradually, and then you turn around one day and find you're sporting quite the beer belly ... or in my case, a cheeseburger belly. It's a slippery slope and we are hoping to encourage people to catch it early before sliding all the way down to 50, 100 or more lbs. gained. Cuz I gotta lot to do with this crazy life still, and I don't want to do it lugging that blubberiness around. I hope you'll check us out at
You are awesome! Keep doing what you're doing! Looks like you don't have a whole lot more to go!
Carbs forever,

Unknown said...

The thing about exercise is that it's not only going to help you burn calories, but it will raise your metabolism and mean that you'll live longer because your heart will be all "yay! i'm strong!"

However... Even with that in mind, it's still just my vanity that gets me to the gym. I will have to try this "Zumba" craze!

Oh and I use the Daily Plate on to count calories. Free and easy.

Sorys said...

Good luck with your weight loss!!! Im a skinny bitch! not cause I do anything to be skinny! Im not being snotty about it either.i wish i could gain 10 lbs... i swear id be happy...maybe. anyway... yeah...ummm good luck!! love your blogs you make me laugh like no one else can! love ou for that.

danaceau said...

Can't bother to read the comments. Forget any "marketed" or "fad" diet. Don't fear the carbs, but DO try out a personal trainer for at least a few weeks. I'd be looking to add some weight training to the cardo (Zumba or whatever) to build muscle mass (which burns more calories than fat even sitting around watching Biggest Loser).

Not a personal trainer, just a skinny cyclist turned cancer patient.

Michelle Tressa said...

OMG, I can NOT live without carbs. Well, I could... but.. *shrugs* Love the carbs in the morning idea. Why didn't I think of that? It was like a "duuuuh" moment. I've tried Atkins and lost a nice 12 lbs. in one month... but that was back in '03 the month before my wedding. Now, I just don't have the determination, although you're really helping to bring that determination back. Thank you! Seriously, can we say inspiration? That, you are, my dear.

Trooper Thorn said...

Don't change the diet; that is just fine. be a little more frequent and regular with the activities and gradually it will come off.

It is all about consistency. No secret.

(not like you were asking me or anything).

Melissa said...

I worked out (with a paid trainer) for a year and lost about 5 pounds. I gained strength and balance though. I was so upset.

I didn't eat dinner for 6 weeks (because of stress-- not on purpose). I lost 15 pounds.

Like you, that's when I realized that food is where all my fat lies.

I could LIVE in a carb-only world, if possible. I TOOOOOTALLy get you on that!!

Anonymous said...

Alright, this post had me cracking up!

For me, my diet is loosely based on the South Beach Diet. Meats, preferably lean, chicken, fish, most all veggies, but I avoid the starchy ones such as corn and potatoes, and fruits accompanied by a protein. I look at it as permanent lifestyle change though, not a diet.

Daniel said...

I've been looking for a source of protein (to complement a high-carb breakfast) that isn't too high in fat. But tuna? I don't think so; at least not for breakfast.

Surfer Earning Free said...

Wow. Congrats on your progress. Keep going. :)

Victoria Beckham said...

wow thats really cool !
how many pounds shuld i weigh?
i'm 5'9 .

Reality Asylum said...

OMG! I watched a show today called "True Life: I'm Fat and I'm Happy"

There was a 470 pound guy on there TOTALLY surrounded by people who wanted to be with him - he started a chubs and chubby chasers club.

Pretty crazy. I couldn't avert my eyes.

Doug said...

Hi Jenn,

Great blog: content, layout and so you!

You got me with the rum and diet coke. It's the one indulgence (okay, maybe more) I allow myself. Make mine a Morgan's!

For a different perspective on weight loss checkout the 19 July post on

All the best!


MB said...

HAHAHAHA...I almost snorted tea out of my nose when I read this. I should learn not to drink when reading your blog ;).

I'm a carb lover too. I lost over 60 pounds on a modified version of Atkins and then gained it all back plus some as soon as I ate a crouton. I don't know how I resisted bread, pasta, pizza, etc. for over a year and then gained it all back. UGGHH!

The Insatiable Host said...

websites to grope..

this site is amazing, you enter in whats in your cupboards, then they tell you what is crap and what is not. they create online a shopping list that is manageable for you and you can edit in or substite what you need and it breaks it all down for you. No more sitting in a room with a bunch of other cheer leaders salivating off of every word you use to discribe your craving for a friggen BIG MAC, no, you are in control, you can monitor your loss /success etc. There are great I MEAN GREAT recipies and also you are able to get different tips on how to boost yourself when you plateau!

FYI -bagels in pants, pasta in tub, gravy on self...and you wonder where the SMBD twit stalkers come in??? I think that more so roams in the fetish world than anything but none the less, you will now be haunted by the carb craving skinny porn star Poutine eating stalkers of Twitterland....

Summer Daize said...

Wow, that's amazing, I love how devoted you are. You have inspired me. I should try that...

julie said...

I can really start eating the starchy carbs if I'm not being mindful of it. Not so much for the cake, but baguette, fries, pretzels, chips, etc. I use those with caution.

I love exercise, even the gym. Or I should say I love the way it makes me feel.

Girl said...

This past year I gained around 20 lbs from "love weight". you know when you go out to eat after having sex with your lover. did that three times a day and my favorite food was animal fries from in n out (they are french fries with melted cheese, thousand island dressing and chopped onions). I am not a work out person but this summer I started by just walking for about an hour a day. SOOOOOOO easy to do and you can walk as slow as you want, but it melts away the lbs soooo fast and soon you will be walking faster and faster which equals more weight loss. good luck and i hope my tip will help... cause i know what its like when you try to work out and your just like "um... fuck it" :)

Kimberly said...

Hey! I started following your post because I'm on the journey to lose my last 20lbs after having gone from a size 18 to 4 in my life and I just wanted to share some products with you that I found extremely helpful because they are balanced meals and contain

Leucine which is a key amino acid that helps retain muscle when burning fat.

if you have any questions or if anyone reading this has any this isn't a marketing scheme but a real tool that I used in losing and keeping off my weight and I know that it has amazing science behind it with a company that's been around for 50+ years of integrity and living in harmony with nature.

good luck on your journey!

The Foodie Nutritionist said...

I read your entry and it is very amusing. Your weightloss journey is interesting, but I have a question: Is there any reason why you haven't gone to see a dietitian so you can get evidence based professional and safe weightloss advice? You would only see the dietitian about 4 times and you would get all the info you need, and also get to eat CARBS!

The Foodie Nutritionist said...

I read your post and it is very funny and amusing! I ahve a question though: What haven't you gone to see a dietitian for some evidenced based, professional, non fad diet advice? You would only need to see the dietitian a few times to get all the info you need and dispell any food queries you have. ..... And you would get to eat CARBS!
Lots of Luck!!

Unknown said...

Fun reading your blog...I only have a moment here...(little kiddos need to go to bed - baby screaming..)
I gained about 30 pounds because I was in love with hostess do-nuts and Pepsi every day....ANYWAY...
Read 'Eat To Live' by Joel Furhamn.....changed my life. Has reversed my migraines, night sweats and arthritis. It is High nutrition - low calorie. Dont be afraid - cause its basically vegan. BUT he knows everyone is not hardcore into it is about feeding your body the right high nutrient foods so it can cleanse and repair and detox (fat) The blood type diet thing is total junk. Dr Furhamn addresses this in his book. No mixing no counting and such...Just eat real food (cooked and raw) as close to its natural state as possible.
Veggies - as much as you want
Fruit - as much as you want
Whole grains

Anyway...True stuff...good luck
And hay...lay off the diet coke! Bad stuff man! Just google aspertame - you will be scared to death in about....5 min!

Runnergirl said...

There are a lot of rumours around about Diet Coke and Aspartame - but as long as you're not drinking 6 litres of the stuff a day, you'll have no worries. Diet drinks get a bad press..

Amanda said...

Hey, I just wanted to say that I love your honesty, your blogs, and your goal of weight loss! I love the way you find humor in not so humorous situations (like being over-weight) and you have somehow made me feel like I can do it too :)

Unknown said...

You are hilarious... and I just want to tell you that since you were blog of note, I have been inspired to start running again because I no longer want to be the 'Ex Hot Girl'!

THE OTHER said...

I once did the "Fit For Life" diet, but as that was many many moons ago, I don't remember much about it. It had to do with how you combine foods.. one thing i do remember was you were not supposed to mix carbs with protiens. It worked back then, but I think that was maybe because I fell in love with one of the meal suggestions, and ate it almost exclusively for weeks. (It was simply fresh steamed veggies *carrots, brocolli, cauliflower etc* stuffed inside a pita with a smear of light mayo and some salt and pepper.) maybe you could google it and see what it is all about. I wish I remembered more.

Erin said...

Did someone say Olive Garden breadsticks? Those things must be made by the devil himself. I could easily polish off an entire basket of them by myself without blinking.

Carbs are definitely my downfall -- since I don't eat meat, I end up filling up on bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes. So yummy, but so bad! I'm also incredibly lazy and hate sweating, so exercise is a bit of a struggle for me.

I am SO in on the Diet Coke and crackers diet.

Nomad said...

i have those same shorts...

i cant wait to see how this works out for you... a salad a day... andddd no pizza... i personally would rather cut off a leg to lose weight. but thats just me. i know you can do it.

P said...

YUM, Pasta and potatoes are my downfall. I wish I had your willpower, Jenn! I wish you all the best with your weightloss - you look amazing!

A said...

I recently found your blog and I love it. I write a weight loss blog myself but it is mostly written for myself to get all of my frustrations out rather than towards others. I love what you've done here, and I must say, your diet seems VERY similar to mine. I think my body hates carbs too. :( Granola bars, water, oatmeal, tuna, yogurt, cheese sticks, veggies.. the staple of my diet.. and used back when I was actually doing it. I lost 20 lbs in a month before I just stopped out of laziness. Coming across your blog is starting to give me the motivation to want to clean all the stuff off of my elliptical machine and start again. Thanks!

Benia Zouras said...

Mmm, "I want to take a cupcake and rub it all over my body." I agree. I love chocolate cake, ice cream, even toast. I love carbs.

Anyway, my plan is based on calorie restriction. I'm not very active. (I'm dealing with Fibromyalgia and have not been able to stick to a gradually increasing regimen for exercise, but I'm still working on that.) I did some research and found that, for my height (5'5") and desired weight (120 lb.) My daily caloric needs should be 1600. I, nerd that I am, created a spreadsheet to help me track my calories and the values for favorite foods.

There are some fast foods (for lunch) that are around 400 calories and I drink water, plain tea, or black coffee, so no additional calories there. I allow for treats, like dark chocolate or hard candies or fruit popsicles - stuff that goes a long way for a few calories and don't worry too much about the weekends or social events (so I can stay fun).

I decided I should be "good" most of the time, and can be "bad" sometimes, when I want to enjoy life a bit more. Nothing is strictly forbidden - just limited. (I love pizza and craft beers!) Getting to know how many calories stuff costs me has trained me to select smarter foods. I actually enjoy lots of veggies - it's just a pain to prepare (I'm no chef).

Good luck!