Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wow, I Suck.

Clearly, being on vacation is BAD for blogging.  I'm sorry guys!

I wanted to share some fun stuff with you all.  I've been doing some mad shopping lately, and I have two new pieces I LOVE.

First, this coat was my Christmas gift from my parents.  They have crazy good taste, and I'm obsessed with it!!

See the detail on it?  The shoulders!  The buttons!  The belt!!!

PLUS, it's got the best collar ever for Milwaukee cold:

Okay.  So, the other thing I wanted to share is about clothes and losing weight.  I talk about it all the time, but one of the reasons I wanted so badly to lose the weight was so that I could feel comfortable wearing cute clothes.  ie:  dresses and skirts.  This is the first dress I've worn above the knee in, like, four years or something.  It's awesome!  I found it at Target.  It's a "juniors" dress, size "Large," which I think is like a 9 or 10-ish.  :)

SO cute.

So yeah, needless to say I'm thrilled that I'm pretty comfy to be wearing the little number, and though I'm not at my goal weight yet, I'm still doing just fine! :)

I hope you all are doing well, and be sure to visit these other fabulous blogs while I suck and forget to update mine. :)


Claire said...

Coat: Fantastic.
Dress: Absolutely DARLING!

You certainly do not look like you need to lose weight, though I know how it feels to look good, but not as good as you want to (though I haven't seen those days for quite some time). :) Good to see you!

Julie said...

love, love, love your new coat! You look great.


Christine said...

love the coat and dress...
But what I want to say is
I am constantly trying to get my stupid stylist to cut my hair the way yours is and kaput...
I end up looking all club edged.
Would it be okay if I saved your picture...blacked out your face and took your hair to my stylist?
I will check back for reply.

Stef Howerton said...

First things first, you are positively adorable.

Second things, you look absolutely fantastic!!! Way to stick with it, chica!

Unknown said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the coat... can't even imagine being able to wear a belt on my coat... OK... I am off to go walk... (thinking coat with belt...) : )

usernamessuckfully said...

not too fussed on the coat but the dress is great try to remember too blog lol

carla said...

you arent gonna like this but :)

Id not change a hair on yer salonstyled head.

Not that im not encouraging you along yer merry little way---just saying some of us long for the pizazz you already possess.

thanks for the link luve.

NJ said...

I love the coat and dress. When my daughter went to Los Angeles in October she discovered Target. We don't have it here in Canada. She loved it. Maybe someday the chain will move here.

I bought the 30 day shred thinking while my exercise classes were on hiatus I would do that everyday which was certainly wishful thinking. Now I'm back into the classes. Last we joined a new class called Pilates Gliding. I was stiff from Tuesday night after the class until Saturday. Last night was more of a good stiff.

Dee said...

first - you do NOT suck! a blog holiday is not a one-way ticket to sucksville.
second - you ARE hot and so is your cute red jacket.
have a great 2010.

Runnergirl said...

You are looking great (and hopefully not complacent enough to keep going to your goal!).

My reasons for wanting to lose weight are the same as yours. There are clothes I want to wear that simply do not look good on someone my size.

I think my previous problems have been where people have started noticing the weight loss, and I've started feeling better and looking better... and then my motivation goes and I stop losing weight. I'm going to try not to do that this time!!

Anonymous said...

wow Jenn. The clothes. The hair. The confident look in your eyes.

Hot Girl.

(ps: Thanks for making me Fabulous)

nic said...

Love them both. Seriously.

I mean your parents, not the coat and skirt, though I really like those too.

Unknown said...

Ok, I have to ask but I did check all your previous posts with pictures and did not see this.... A ring on the left hand ring finger....Has your status changed? Are you now engaged? If so, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I bet that is the best weight gain evah!!!

Sarahf said...

You look great!!! I love the skirt and coat. You've motivated me to get to the gym again tomorrow.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Did you shred The Shred? (No pressure...just a question.)

I'm starting the 30 DS tonight-I've already stocked up on Advil Liqui-Gels.

GREAT coat, and your New Year's dress was so much nicer than the one that didn't quite fit. Fate, I'm telling you!

Anna said...

I love that coat (the dress is adorable also)! And you look

Rachel said...

I was curious the other day and I had a lot of time on my hands so I went back to some of your earlier posts and came across the raw detox that you did. I went to the website, and I am totally going to do it next week. I'm VERY excited about it. I eat vegetarian anyway, and try to be healthy most of the time, but there are still about 15-20 extra pounds and this constant uncomfortable bloated feeling. I hope it does something about that, and thanks so much for posting it way-back-when :)

Julia said...


I am so jealous that you are still lookin SO cute!!!!!

LOVE! the jacket - that red color IS you! But the dress, hot damn! ;)

I wish I could pull off wearing leggings.

I hope you are coming back soon so we can do some hardcore shopping here.

Thanks for the shout-out btw.

Missing you dearly!


Unknown said...

Love the coat- love the dress! I am the worst shopper ever! I wish we lived closer so we could go together- I just stare at the stuff on the racks and think it wont look good- I just don't see the new me yet. :(

Claire Dawn said...

Yay for being comfy in dresses. I love forward to the day I like myself in a swimwear!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Love the new items!!!

Glad to see you're back :)

'Drea said...

You know what they say? Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

Just kidding.

You look cute in your coat and dress.

Andrea said...

You look amazing! Love the coat and the dress! So cute!

Gabi said...

Very cute! I love the coat. The details are great. I can't wait until I can fit into something that stylish again. And be able to work it like you do!

MMM said...

So cute! Love IT!!! I think I was in highs chool the last time I was able to wear a jr. size!

Oh, and ya...Jerk! LOL! Just kidding! I have missed reading your blog. But, hey, you have to have a vacation!

Have fun!

Kendra said...

GREAT new clothes! :)

Shan said...

First of all, you look great! I've been following your blog for a while, and have loved every post. I had a quick question...how have you been liking the 30 day shred? I've thought about buying it, but wanted to get your take on it. Did you finish? Did it have as good results as it says it will?

Thanks a TON!

Anonymous said...

The coat is so great!!!! And I LOVE Target dresses, I've never tried one on that I didn't end up buying. You look very cute ;)

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

OMG that coat is great! And, the dress is cute too!! You look fab ... keep up the good work!

Rockin' Robin said...

can't wait to get there... congrats on arriving.

Lindsay said...

I just bought the same dress! It is so cute!

GirlBoyGirl said...

That coat is amazing! I want it. The dress is also adorable.

I am looking forward to being a skirt and heels girl but have shied away from both due to weight.

I just started the 30 day Shred on Monday and hoping that will help me along so I can buy myself some cute outfits in time for summer.

Congratulations on all your success so far! You're awesome :)

Shari@Tales from the Sippy Cup said...

You are awesome! I love reading your blog. I have tagged you in "My Seven". Come by and take a look if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

You look great! And your parents do have great taste!!

Losinthisdangfat said...

You look beautiful!

Unknown said...

O-my-gosh! Those outfits are SO cute! That's one of the main reasons I want to lose my weight too. I LOVE cute clothes but they don't exactly make them for fatties... unless you have major GREEN to invest! Ugh! Anyway, thanks for the motivation... you rock!!!