Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Planning a Binge.

Okee Dokee.

So, I have just got to share this with you all.  I'm not sure if I'll regret it, but I'm planning a little binge.  I've never done it before.  Well, I've never done it with this degree of planning, though I definitely have eaten this way in the past.  And now that I think about it, I don't think it actually will qualify as a binge, but it's at least a planned break in my diet.

You all know that I'm a freak of nature when it comes to my eating plan.  I'll stick to it come hell or high water, and refuse even the greatest holiday temptation or the sweetest offer of non sugar free gum.  I've lost two pounds since being on vacation, and I'm pretty damn proud of that.  I'll be doing a post later on losing weight (or simply maintaining it) while traveling.

Anyhoo.  I should back up and explain WHY I feel the need to do this.

I used to work at the most awesome place ever.  In high school, I worked at TCBY.  If you don't know what that is, I'm really sorry.  It stands for "The Country's Best Yogurt."  And that's the damn truth.  I worked there for a few years, and it was delicious.  I seriously hope some of you know what TCBY is, because I'd hate to be alone in my obsession with their yogurt.  So.  I've been craving and craving and craving it.  I'm not normally a sweets person.  I don't go nuts over ice cream usually (though I do have my favorites:  Mint Chocolate Chip or Coffee Ice Cream... yum!  Oh!  Or Peppermint.  That's the greatest thing ever.)  But because I used to work there, I figure there's also some kind of wiring in my brain that associates it with happy feelings.

So for the past six weeks I can't stop thinking about White Chocolate Mousse.  With mini chocolate chips.  And Golden Vanilla with chopped peanuts.

Here's the trouble:  a) My diet involves no dairy or sugar.  (Well, shit.)  b) There aren't any TCBY's in Denver or Milwaukee.  Except... at the airport.  YAY for the airport!

So I'm actually asking my parents to drop me off at the airport an HOUR early.  This, so I can go to the TCBY, order something fabulous and sit and eat it really slowly and savor the experience.  And then, I still will have time to order another flavor if I want to.  I'm serious about this, people.  I'll be sharing pictures.

Many of you are probably thinking I'm insane, and that's okay.  We all know I'm a lunatic.  But you're probably like, "Umm, Jenn?  A half cup of low fat yogurt is NOT a binge, and it's barely a cheat, mmmkay?"  Yes, I know.  It's simply a huge break from my very specific diet plan.  It's just a big deal to me.

...But you guys?  It doesn't end there.  'Cause I can't stop thinking about Taco Bell.

So, of course, I've decided that I want to go get Taco Bell with Dan when I get home.  I want a bean burrito with no onion, a cheese quesadilla  and a crunch wrap and a super bell grande nacho deluxe or whatever it's called.  Now we'll see if I have the guts to follow through with the Taco Bell idea when I actually get home, or if I'll feel satisfied and guilty enough over the yogurt to not do it.

I know, I know, I shouldn't feel "guilty" over something like that.  But, I will.  I mean, it's been a vacation full of compliments and my head is huge now, especially 'cause you all are so damn sweet and supportive.  But I still am not to my goal.  I'm still overweight.  I just happen to carry my weight fairly well, and I'm blessed with decent proportions.  But I know how I feel and that the beginnings of muscle definition I have in my legs and the smaller waist I'm enjoying are only whispers of what I'm capable of.  I know I have more fat to lose, and I'll be more comfortable at that smaller size.  I still can't fit into those size 8's. :)

But then again, they say it's "okay" to cheat.  And I feel like it's sort of a reward for my hard work, and it's food I miss.  But, on the other hand, they also say you should have NON food rewards.  Well, I shop my face off and totally have no self control when it comes to just buying what I feel like I want to wear or getting a pedicure if I want one.  I'm a spoiled brat.  So, I just get confused and right now I want to stop writing about this because I'm sure you're confused too.

My point is:  I want TCBY and Taco Bell. 

So!  I wanted to update you all with my nuttiness and see if you have ever planned a binge.  Yeah, I guess this is only counting as a pseudo-binge if I do the Taco Bell thing, but dammit, I REALLY want to.

Mmmm, Taco Bell.



Tamzin said...

I totally get it...yumm TCBY... heres a thought. Before you go to either place, make sure you have something to fill you most of hte way up... a big salad or something else... so that once you are there you can enjoy the food AND feel full! :)

The Sassy Orange said...

I totally get what you're saying!! And yes, I loved TCBY - we had one right across the street when I was in college. I had a friend who worked there and he loved to poke fun at all of the people who would come in and order a boatload of stuff and then ask for a diet soda to go with it.

I had the biggest craving for a Big Mac today - not even just the Big Mac, but the sauce. No clue why.

Sometimes when I tell myself I can have something, it takes away the need to have it. Know what I mean?

Unknown said...

Enjoy it! It's just food. Once you have one bite, you'll be over it, I promise. And once the dairy and Taco Bell hit your gut, you'll wish you hadn't LOL!

The Fat Chick said...

Hey there, I LOVE LOVE LOVE TCBY - my mom worked there when I was little and I loved getting all the free yogurt I could eat. My fave is the mtn. blackberry and the coffee but love love the white choco mousse too... after all you have accomplished I think you deserve a day of craving quenchers :)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

omg I'm sooo PMSing and both of those sound divine! I'm going to binge off of your pics...because I'd love a tostada and Taco Bell in Canada doesn't sell them. Also, no TCBYs here.

Only One Heidi said...

omg TCBY is the best thing ever - i don't even remember the last time i had it.

and isn't funny that you can just READ about taco bell and want it??? like craving thanks to word.

delurking btw - hi :D

The Insatiable Host said...

TCBY rules the schools...I am a plain Jane when it comes to a lot of treats;however they were the first place to blend the dutch chocolate/vanilla flavours together and make them in a cup of delight!! I hear ya - go on and get your TCBY on!!! PS..Taco Bell was my life...please have a Fries Supreme for me??? (well not unless you want them because I dont want to peer pressure you into eating them)

I think letting yourself be free for a day is what it's all about. Remember the day I gorged on a cheeseburger, who was there telling me it's ok, just pick back up where we left ya sister, that was you! I think you are way cooler for having planned said binge though...then it's not like you are just going on a whim..this way you still have control over the binge!!! AH-HA! You are funny and smart!!

PS love the red jacket the collar makes me smile

Lauren Ashley said...

I live for the Crunch wrap.
I actually never ate fast food growing up..and got into Taco bell my junior year of college and lost weight. There was obviously no relation but my friends joke about my taco bell diet.

I say ENJOY A good splurge. It will keep you happy and you won't go insane! Kudos girl.

Anonymous said...

I say go for it! And report back. Let us all know if it was worth it. PLEASE. YOUR READERS WANT TO KNOW!!!

I actually just blogged about the whole food reward dilemma yesterday. I haven't given myself any food rewards, but like you I get what I want when I want it, so rewards are hard for me! I have found the best thing to do is buy the reward, and the put it somewhere and tell myself I can't have it until I reach the goal. That is usually incentive enough, since I'm used to getting what I want!

But I have wanted a Bleu Ribbon Cheeseburger and Oreo Shake since DAY ONE of starting this thing, particularly when I had my gallbladder go crazy and I could have ZERO fat. Since the then burger craving has diminished (I have had 1/2 of a real beef burger since January of last year, but not a bleu ribbon restaurant burger) and ZERO milkshakes. When all is said and done I want a freaking OREO MILKSHAKE.

But there lies the dilemma!?!?! Is that food reward? In the end will it curb the craving if I satisfy it once and for all?

You'll have to let us know...
And taco bell....yum! If you are going to cheat, I say cheat with Taco Bell!

I hope this isn't causing you to stumble!

Sandy said...

Taco Bell is amazing. Have you ever had the bean burrito, sans onion, but with sour cream added? You'll never go back.

ARJules said...

OMG - I love TCBY! The best is their peanut butter yogurt, especially mixed with chocolate. YUM! But the PB is hit and miss, and always disappointing when it isn't there.

Totally with you on this!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

I say go for it!

Is TCBY inside or outside security in the Milwaukee airport? If it's behind security, you'll have to get past the TSA if you start craving TCBY again. haha

Is the Shred dead?

carla said...

because I love you I shall work NOT to make my comment a whole post and am going to strive fer brevity.

Its all in the wording for me.

BINGE? gives food power.
TREAT? Indulging in planned moderation? Not so much.

we have the power---not the food.

xo xo,


Runnergirl said...

I've been dreaming about a KFC Fillet Tower Burger and Fries. I haven't had one for about 6 years. I am afraid that if I do have one, there will be no going back...

....but you are a lot more controlled than me! So, I think you should have both treats, and then just get back on track. You'll probably find it won't actually make that much difference when it's just a one off.

Finally - we're flying in to Denver in September - is there a TBY in the Arrivals area?!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you know what? We are 2 halves of the same person. That would totally be what I'd deviate for, too. And I don't know, but it seems to me that planning it is the way to go. It's not just a standingoverthesink thing when you're emotionally needy. It's a calculated decision. Seems that the food is still your bitch in this scenario, not the one doling out the smacks. I get it. I get you. I MISS YOU. Even though we've never met.

Karla said...

I amk a totaly frozen yogurt JUNKY!!! need my fix every so often, go for it. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

That is OK! I love TCBYd...i cried when they closed one on my neighborhood and I had some in Vegas at the was a special moment. You enjoy it!

I'm behind you 100%, I do that too with one thing I love! For it's bagels, when I starte on Jenny Craig I craved a bagel with cream cheese and I thought and planned for this bagel for 2 & 1/2 months...until I lost my first 20 lbs and it tasted so DAMN DELICIOUS! I had not guilt because I planned for it.


JP said...

I'm totally have memories of the Seinfeld episode about the frozen yogurt...

Amanda said...

Go for it! If anyone deserves a good food break, its you! You've been working so hard and looking fabulous. Everybody needs a good splurge every now and then. Enjoy the yogurt and taco bell!

Jenn said...

Ohhh how I miss TCBY! I'd totally go for that but Taco Bell... not so much.

I say go for it!

Claire Dawn said...

I know what you mean about weight and vacations. I gained 5 kilos at Christmas in Australia. And I didn't even overeat! It's just that Australians are meat people, and Japanese are starch people. I don't think my body adjusted well.

Taco Bell is awesome!

Way to go on sticking to the rules!

Emily said...


good thing you don't work where i work. because taco bell is pretty much thisclose to the tcby and both are within a short drive/sorta walking distance from my office.

and, you should have a cheesy gordita crunch. have you ever had one of those? cheesy, so good.

no harm in a splurge, girl. go get 'em.

Julia said...

This post scares me.

First, I'm scared that you will lose control, gain weight, or worse yet. . . get sick.

Second, I am terrified that this "binge" idea will happen to me someday and I wouldn't have the planning or control that you do. :(

I totally support your decision. Please keep us updated on how it goes.


Cole Walter Mellon said...

Well, you've certainly thought it through... so in my mind, that disqualifies this from truly being a "binge".

For me, binging requires turning the rational part of your brain off and just eating as though the act had no consequences. You know better, and it sounds like you're planning accordingly. So... it's not a binge, just a bad idea.

I expect you to come back here and tell us that the first bite was divine, but that the entire experience wasn't quite what you hoped it would be. That you sat there eating and thinking about everything you've managed to accomplish over the past few months, and it just wasn't really worth it. And I expect the Taco Bell will play havoc with your guts.

But then... I've been wrong before. ;)

Eat up!

Fat Fox said...

I make deals with myself - on a regular basis. Because if I don't have treats now and then, I get really, I mean REALLY, pissy. So I'll tell myself - you can have TCBY but you have to run an extra day this week or do your abs video an extra day. Something to counteract the damage I'll do with the treat. Then I'll drink lots of water after I eat the treat because even though it isn't true, I like to think that the water dilutes it, which makes it not so bad! Ha, ha!

C.C. said...

Def have the TCBY...two even. But don't do the Taco Bell. It will make you so sick, believe me I know from experience. My downfall is Long John Silvers....gawd I love those hushpuppies...but everytime I cave in and get it, I'm sick for two not worth it!

Crystal said...

I've been craving yogurt too! Like mad! I found some last night at the store Cherry Granola Non-Fat Yogurt. I will try it today. I used to love TCBY (I always thought it stood for That Cant Be Yogurt....haha) but they dont have them here in Texas anymore. :) Enjoy your "binge" sometimes you just need a break. :)

Kendra said...

Weird there aren't any TCBY in Denver...we have one up here in Greeley!!! I love that place...white chocolate mousse with cookie dough...mmm!!! (now I'm craving...)

I had Taco Bell today...and why I usually feel like a bloated mess afterwards...I've learned to limit myself to 2 burritos (one smaller one) and I'm golden!! I feel satisfied..but not gorged and it kills the craving!!! :)

So, reward yourself!!! Just expect a virtual slap in the face if you ever decide to indulge several times a month because you are an inspiration! :)

MegFordice said...

Here is what I have experienced.

The binge will taste good going down. But it will feel horrible after. Physically. Since I have changed my diet, when I do cheat and eat crap, I feel horrible afterwards. Naseous, sweaty, headache.

My advice would be to eat one serving of the TCBY. Savor it, enjoy it (we had TCBY in Illinois, it is delicious). Skip the bell. You will regret later, probably in the bathroom.

Unknown said...

omg. white chocolate mousse plus mini chocolate chips = love in a cup

Kari said...

This could be out of the question, but I thought I'd suggest it anyway. With your dedication to healthy eating, I think you'd be a candidate. Have you ever talked to your doctor about a drug called adipex? It works miracles on the days you are tempted to binge. You start to eat and quickly hit a brick wall and think, "If I have another bite, I'm going to gag." It helped me take off my last 20 lbs and is okay if you're healthy with no heart conditions. I only took a half a tablet every day until I had gotten to my goal. The only thing is, you can't take it for too long. However, I'd highly recommend taking it just for maintenance (on the binge days). Good luck on the journey. You're adorable!

Claire said...

TCBY, I'd totally do. Taco Bell? It has crack in it, and I would never stop. But, you know what you can handle. I have faith in you. :)

usernamessuckfully said...

i think your gonna be okay with the binge if youd call it that lol and if your realy worried you could always go for a jog afterwards :-)

Mary said...

I binged on taco bell bean burritos so much when I was pregnant, I was expecting my son to come out wearing a sombrero! LOL
So, strangely enough, my new binge since then is.....WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE from TCBY! YUM!!! Go for it and enjoy every last drop of it. Lick the container, if necessary!

Ainslee Kardisco Kroenke said...

Love love looooveee TCBY's white chocolate mousse. It is absolutely to die for!! Enjoy!!

Nick said...

My heart goes out to anyone sitting near you on the plane with a functioning nose.

Unknown said...

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Marilee said...

Jeez Louise I'm starving now...awesome! =( Don't feel bad...I feel the same exact way about coldstone

Rockin' Robin said...

Have it... and get right back on track.

Stephanie said...

I think it's less about whether it's BAD or GOOD than about why you want to do it.
If you want to do it because you're like "hey, I like these foods, and I don't want to be rigid all the time", cool, go for it.
If you want to do it for another you're actually really upset about something that you're not dealing with...then it's better to look at your emotions first.
You can always eat whatever you want. It's about the reasons you choose to do so, or not to do know?
BODA weight loss

Tatulah said...

I tried TCBY this summer and honestly... not my favorite (ducks). BUT that being said, I would probably go for the yogurt and ditch the Taco Bell. Gives me shudders just thinking about it. Greasy greasy greasy.

BTW: you look great!

Laura said...

The other day JMac & I were out running errands & he wanted to stop by Burger King. Seriously I wanted to die. I came *this close* to ordering a Jr Whopper.

Baking with Melissa™ said...

Oh how I have missed you lately...come back and make me laugh! I look for you everyday! First of all, if my binges looked anything like yours I would be losing weight too!!! I think a little treat like that is just fine when you are doing great! You look amazing and as the months go by and the weight comes off, it becomes more apparent to me that you know this too! LOVE LOVE LOVE the red coat! LOVE IT!

Greta from said..., you planned a binge 4 days hoping it did not last 4 days! Because then it would be too much like my long weekend. :) Here's hoping all is well!

substitutionqueen said...

It's OK. When I was dieting, I planned a little cheat into each day. TCBY is a good choice, I love it too but haven't had it for ages, mainly because therre isn't one within 50 miles of here.

I admire you greatly for what you've accomplished and for how you communicate it to the rest of us. I would like you to be my Julia Child in that I will follow along and diet with you, but I don't know if I'm strong enough to post pictures like you do. Maybe? Last night after the auction we went to a Mexican restaurant for supper and amidst the burritos and tamales, I ordered a grilled chicken salad (patting herself on the back). You are my heroine.

Julie, The Wife said...

I'm sure you've seen this, but just in case, your boy is in RS:


Anonymous said...

TCBY!!! Oh my gosh...I haven't thought about that place in years. I went there all the time when I was in high school. Yum!!