Thursday, January 21, 2010

All Things Delicious.

Yes.  That includes:  TCBY, and Chris Thile.  And yes, I also need to apologize for how few and far between my updates have been.  I'm safely home in Milwaukee now, so I'll be doing closer to daily updates. :)

So, yeah.  Let me start at the beginning.

My Brother and I are huge Chris Thile (and Nickel Creek) fans.  We have been to roughly 20 of his shows, and we drive all over to see him play.  This past weekend we saw the Punch Brothers show in Boulder,  and ran into our old choir teacher!  It was really fun to see the show and hang out with her and her family:

Then two days later drove up to Beaver Creek, in the mountains, to see another one.  The drive typically should take around 2 hours, but on the other side of the Eisenhower Tunnel, the weather was crap snow and the drive ended up taking 3 hours.  We missed most of the show and only saw five songs.

BUT.  The guys came out into the lobby, and we got to meet them all.  Oh, holy, crap.

You guys, seriously.  I met Chris Thile before his solo albums and all his genius was on display for the world.  It was cool then, but this time around, for some reason, I totally fell under the spell of his amazingness.  I was shaking so hard... when he put his arm around me, I thought my knees were going to give out.


He's number 2 on my top 5 for a reason, y'all.  Now I have met the guy, and seeing as though he Tweeted me last month, and (at least pretended to) remember who I was when I met him, I figure I have half a chance to seduce the guy at some point.  I'm not kidding.  Seriously.

SO!  If you don't know his music or the Punch Brothers (his current band) - check out "Deceiver" and "How To Grow a Woman From The Ground."  Phenomenal albums.

Moving on.

The binge!  Okay, I don't mean the "binge," 'cause it wasn't a "binge."  I mean, the "planned, controlled cheat.  Well, I have to report that I haven't done the Taco Bell yet.  I still want to, but just wasn't hungry when I got home from the airport and today I also wasn't hungry.  But, I'll tell you that I DID have TCBY.  In fact, it was sort of ridiculous.  I got two small sizes... one White Chocolate Mousse and one Peanut Butter.  The White Chocolate Mousse, I got chocolate chips on.  Oh, yummmmm.  It was just awesome.

A little over halfway through:

And then, the end (3rd cup is my Mom's):

I was so....

But also so....

So yeah!

At this point I don't feel mad at myself or like I did anything "bad."  I did feel a little uncomfortably full after I ate them, but they were frickin' delicious.  I did find myself questioning whether I'd be still wanting to eat the Taco Bell, and as of right now, I still do.  I have been eating low carb other than the TCBY, and sneaking two of Dan's curly fries from Arby's.  

I had the opportunity to eat bad when I had Denny's with my Mother on Tuesday before my flight.  I actually said to her, "Well, I'm already cheating later today so shouldn't I just say to hell with it today?"  She was supportive, but I ended up ordering a veggie omelet.  She just said, "You can't help but to be good!"  Well, I guess not.  I just feel like I'll be I'd rather be in control.  I mean, yes, when you decide what you want to eat, you technically control that... but sometimes we feel OUT of control when we make those excuses.  You know:  "Well I've already eaten bad today, why not go all out?"  or, "I'll start my diet Monday morning." 

I did take a picture of the omelet.  The thing was incredible, it looked just like the menu.

My Mom got the yumtastic Slamwich with fries.  Mmmmm....

I'll have more updates and photos of other stuff tomorrow. Don't despair! I just don't want to put everything all on one post. :) <3



carla said...

love the pics.
You and your brother look so much alike (and who knew how UNhip Id become in the realm of music. sad. Husband works in house at a music company in Austin too).

and PLANNED CHEAT. love that phrasing and so much less of a mindf*ck (mess? :)) than adding in the B-word.

glad youre back!


Vodka Logic said...

I'll have to check out the band thanks.

Looks like you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

YAY! She's home. Can't wait to hear the rest.

Lianne said...

i know how you feel! i've been eating healthy for 2 weeks and today i couldn't help it... i had pasta for lunch! but it was soooo goood :D

Claire Dawn said...

Glad to have you back! YAY!

Since I'm John Mayer's second biggest fan (you're no 1!), I'm going to have to go check out this Chris Thile guy!

Good job on staying so superfocused with what you eat! You're fantastic!

Julia said...

I glad you had a great time, but I'm also glad you are back in WI. Also, I'm pretty jealous about the Chris Thile stuff. ;)

BTW, I want to eat that omelet!!!!!

Welcome back!


Gabi said...

I'm so jealous! Chris Thile is the awesomeness.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Oh you look sooooooo happy holding up those yogurts! lol

Ms Amanda said...

Want to cure yourself of any and all desire to eat Taco Bell foods? Watch Food Inc. You'll not want any of their subsidized corn and ammonia filled beef after that.

Unknown said...

Ha! That picture of you holding both cups of yogurt is great. Love it! I wish I had it in me to cheat. I'm just scared that I'll have sugar cravings for a week if I do.

Previously Plump... in progress said...

I always do that!!!!
"I'll start my diet on Monday" And then the day before I am to "start my diet" I binge and eat anything and everything I can get my chubby little hands on! And the whole "my day si already ruined, what difference does it make" - I really think that those used to be my two most common phrases.

It's so easy to make excuses, but it feels SO good when you make the right decision to start on Thursday or not eat a burger because "you've already ruined your day".

It was really nice to read something that I can relate to so much. Thanks :)

RespiroAmor said...

I LOVE your blog...and I also LOOOVVVEE Nickel Creek!! :) I'm so jealous that you've met Chris twice!

Anonymous said...

I keep wanting to tell you (which I'm sure you know already)that John Mayer is going to be at the Pepsi Center in Denver in either February or March...can't remember but every time I hear about it I think of you.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Funny pic of you after the yogurt (with eyes closed)...said a thousand words!

I found it funny, too, when I'd check your blog and day after day it kept saying "I'm planning a binge". After a while, I began to wonder if the "binge" had gotten the best of you!

Glad to have your update and to know you "survived" your binge, er, controlled cheat.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yum! Your face really says it all!

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

congrats on executing a controlled binge! during my "planned bnges," i totally lose my mind! i'd like to have part of your brain! =)

Tammy Green said...

I approve of any and all things called the "Slamwich".

Kendra said...

I had some delicious White Chocolate Mousse on Tuesday for my birthday!! :) YUMMMMM!!

The Insatiable Host said...

welcome home. great to hear about the great times you had. I am thinking that Chris Thile is dreamy also...holy!
anyhow, so yay on the "planned" likes how you think. can't wait to hear it all.