Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Raw Food extravaganza - Day 17

I've been a bad EHG and not updating you all.  Sorry!  Things have been so crazy with work, packing the house for our move, getting ready to go to Denver for a week... sorry about that.

So, I did NOT complete 15 days of the juice fast.  I ended up incorporating fruit and veggies on Friday last week, and I've decided to just eat raw until my body decides it needs something else.  For now I'm still drinking juice every day, and eating raw foods.  I am learning SO much about the raw lifestyle, it's been really an amazing experience so far.  (raw = fruits, veggies (including raw juicing and raw smoothies) only peppered with SOME raw nuts and seeds.  Selective additional things like EVOO or balsamic or cider apple vinegars and lots of seasonings like garlic, cinnamon, chili powder, etc.)

Me on the way to the grocery store:

What I bought.  (yeah, boyyyyy):

Breaking my juice fast with a kiwi.  YUM!  It was the BEST kiwi ever.

We still love the juices, and even Dan gets into it.  This was one of his own concoctions:

Sunday football snack - "chips" and fresh homemade salsa.  (chopped tomato, cilantro, chive, red bell pepper and avocado.  HOLY delicious.)  ((chips are slices of zucchini!))

"pasta" made from spiralized zucchini and yellow squash - mixed with lots of black pepper and some chopped red bell pepper - tossed in a little EVOO.  Delicious.

Skin continues to get better.  Weighed in at 164.8 today (-8.2 lbs in sixteen days.  So, I'm continuing the loss of about 1/2 pound a day, which is great.)  Seventeen day difference in my face:

I DID throw out my back somehow yesterday.  Big bummer there.  Not enjoying the sore back, and advil is my friend for the moment.  Lower back... pulled it while I was cleaning my studio yesterday.  But I will say it's sparkly clean now!  

I'm hosting a florist event on the 30th, and then it's time for MAJOR studio overhaul - I'm taking November to work on the studio and completely redesign it.  Yay for staying busy!

Well, that's about it for now.  Dan and I are going to go shopping for a new couch for our new place.  Yay!


Celia Houck said...

If ONLY I liked Veggies! This all looks so delicious! :) Great job on your weight loss!

Losing Weight After 45 is a Bitch said...

All the food looks great. I always feel marvelous when I due raw food detoxes, so good luck on yours.

Dan Brindley said...

You look great sis! I recommend Lazy Boy couch btw. We just got one - really great.

Dan Brindley said...

Skin looks great sis!!! I recommend Lazy boy for your couch. Awesome quaity and protection plan.

Mom in training said...

Your face looks so clean!

Trooper Thorn said...

I keep hoping someone (other than the Inuit) will develop a raw meat diet.

mzkynd said...

One hot mama!! and all them yummy veggies looked delish! I finally put in a request for a juicer to my lovely MIL who spoils me, so I see some juicing in my future! Was dreaming about it and eating raw last night, lookie there your blog is having healthy repercussions all through the blogosphere! :P

Dorian5 said...

You are so beautiful, you look like Ariel from The Little Mermaid with you hair all beachy in the first picture. Your skin looks great! Keep up the great work -- I can't wait to use you "chips" idea!

AngryPorkchop said...

I don't know anyone personally who has made it past a few days juicing. Hats off to you!

Those veggies look amazing!