Saturday, October 29, 2011

Raw Food extravaganza - Day 28

Okay, a REAL update now!

Thanks for your patience.  We moved, and you know how that goes... major chaos everywhere and a few days without a solid internet connection (via computer) to, you know, blog and stuff.

So I'm back with some info for you.  I have measurements... but no weight.  Because... I can't find my scale. Dan packed it, and it's in a box SOMEWHERE.  So, we'll just do measurements for now, weight later. :)

Weight = 173.0 / 163.0 (last known weight in Denver four days ago.)
Bust = 39.5 / 37.5 (-2)
Waist = 31.5 / 29.5 (-2)
Lower belly = 38.5 / 37 (-1.5)
Butt = 43.5 / 42 (-1.5)
Hips = 42 / 40 (-2)

I fit back into smaller clothes, and I'm feeling wonderful!  So... you might ask, "What have you been eating?"  Well, LOTS of salads.  Like these:

Oh yeah, and veggie Nori rolls.  Freaking yummy.  (That's riced cauliflower, not rice.) :)

More salads...

"Pasta" made out of zucchini, with baby bella mushrooms, red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, italian seasonings, black pepper and evoo with fresh lemon juice.  Freaking delicious!

Oh yeah, more salads.  (key ingredients for me are sun dried tomatoes, red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds and walnuts.  Usually I add half an avocado as well.)  Dressing = balsamic vinegar and a little evoo.

When I was in Denver, there was a unique set of challenges.  Like, eating RAW for every meal while traveling, not having my own kitchen, holy crap it was difficult.  I did a huge bunch of grocery shopping when I got there and bought a ton of fresh produce, fruit, etc.  I also bought my brother a juicer like mine with the stipulation that I get to use it when I'm in town. ;)

So, I had the juicer and a huge cooler of fresh fruits and veggies with me for the two and a half days I stayed at the hotel.  Here is the juicer in the room with me.

I did go off "raw" for one meal:  a celebratory sushi dinner with my brother and his new wife!  I had eight pieces of various rolls, and my own "riceless" roll, which was delicious.  I also tried the seaweed salad, which I HAVE to start making at home.  It was ridiculously delicious.

SO.  What has it done for me in these 28 days?

My skin has come upon a DRAMATIC difference.  My apologies for wearing the big baggy t-shirt in the last photo, but for that, I'll show you what it's done for my body.

I've had to switch to my smaller bra, (sorry, Dan.) -- And I can fit into this halloween costume, the one I could NOT get into (the corset especially,) even three weeks ago.

I love RAW.


megan marie said...

would you mind sharing the kind of juicer you have? i like that it has a wide mouth to put the veggies in... i have to pre-chop all of my produce to get it in my current juicer which is annoying!

Unknown said...

You look fantastic! I just need to take the plunge and do this for real. I haven't been juicing at all and my skin is so horrible right now. ARGH.

Diandra said...

Wow, seems to work great for you! I cannot eat just raw food, my body doesn't do that, but I've started cutting out most junk (mostly salty and greasy stuff, some carbs), and my skin and body are better, too. Maybe I just transition slowly, and can try raw foods only next spring/summer.

Amanda said...

You are such an inspiration! And wow, do you look incredible! And your skin looks amazing as well. I would love to try this. I've been trying so hard to get back on the wagon here. Kind of fell off awhile ago when I met my boyfriend, kind of like what you describe when you first met your hubby. He can eat whatever he wants and just get away with it. I can't do that and I have to stop eating out so much and thinking I can eat like that. These results of yours are really making me want to try eating like this. And your salads look to-die-for yum! Thanks for sharing, I always look forward to reading your posts!

Robbie said...

Those salads look awesome! Care to post the recipes?

Miss B said...

Gosh I can't believe how much better your skin looks in such a small period of time! Might have to try this out...!