Thursday, October 6, 2011

Juice Fast Extravaganza! Day 4...

Starting weight = 173
Current weight = 170.6

Only a -.2 lb difference from yesterday to today.  At least it's steadily going down.  But, damn I was hoping for at LEAST a half pound a day.  It's slightly discouraging considering I'm only drinking juice, people.

But, I continue on.

The GOOD news is that, despite the weight loss not being QUITE as amazeballs as I'd hoped at this point... my back pain is nearly almost totally gone.  I still am experiencing some detox symptoms (icky feeling in my mouth, coated tongue, etc) - but the headaches aren't happening anymore and I don't feel AS MUCH like crap.  My legs and back are still tight and very slightly sore, but I am continuing to stretch. :)

Yesterday I had a simple green juice (green apple, cucumber) for breakfast, for lunch it was a ton of spinach, one tomato and some carrot, then apple juice for a snack, tomato, cilantro, celery, red pepper juice again for dinner (I really love those...) and a really delicious cantaloupe and mint juice for a late "dessert"!

I had a few questions about the fast:

Q)  Are you following recipes or a program or a website or something?
A)  No - I just was inspired by the documentary and I decided to Google (it really is an amazing resource, ya know...) - there is a ton of information out there.  Seriously, just google search "juicing recipes" and you'll have more than you could try in a month.

Q)  Are you working out?  You should share that too.
A)  Nope.  I walk occasionally, I am a photographer, so I sweat my bootie off when I work, but other than that it's just stretching and I sit at the computer most of the day.

Q)  Is it freakishly expensive to juice?
A)  Well, produce IS more expensive than crap.  But can you really put a price on outstanding health?  I guess it just depends on your priorities.  Did I spend $30 at the farmer's market?  Yes.  Is it cheaper there than a grocery store?  Probably not.  Is the quality and variety better?  Hell yes.  Now, you CAN choose cheaper things to juice, that give you lots of bang for your buck (like romaine, cabbage, etc) - BAGS of apples instead of choosing varieties individually... but like everything it just depends on your approach. :)

Q)  Have you been getting any crazy cravings yet?
A)  I won't lie.  When Dan has a subway sandwich or I see food on TV, I pout.  But I don't really CRAVE anything yet, though the first day I really REALLY wanted walnuts.  (odd...)

Q)  Why didn't you start on October 1st so your fasting days would match?
A)  Uhm... Well, I'd never think of that, first of all.  Secondly, I just started on the day that worked for me, which was Sunday.  Saturday I had a wedding and it's going to be hard enough shooting through the two weddings this weekend without eating at them.

Q)  How's that green juice?  Green juice looks gross.  Green juice scares me.
A)  It really is good.  Seriously, it just depends on what you put in it.  A little apple or carrot goes a long way.

Q)  Can you give me some more information on this?
A)  Well, I can share my journey, (Hey!  That's what I'm already doing!) - And you can search the great wide interwebs for a huge giant plethora of information out there that I won't regurgitate to you.  (google anything along the lines of "juice fast" "how to start a juice fast" "starting a juice fast" - I promise, it's more information than I could give you. :D


Chub-Chub said...

Great Q&A today! And thanks for answering my question even about the day you started ;) I get it now. I'm on day 6 and I'm detox symptom free, but I'm craving whatever my husband eats as if I were a crack head. Hopefully you can keep cravings away though! Looks like you're doing GREAT and you're absolutely right, green juice is tasty if you do it right! Good luck to you and keep it up!

Sarah S said...

Don't get discouraged by that amount of weight loss - you're loosing very quickly!

And even though you're only consuming "juice" there are a lot of sugars and calories in fruits so you have to moderate that.

I've found the best things to help sweeten kale and other leafy greens are pineapple and grapes. So good!!!

Also - I may have missed this - but what is your body detoxing from? Since there is still sugars in the juice it's not like the withdrawals you go through when trying to combat candida. Is it caffeine or something? It seemed to happen really quickly, which is why I'm curious.

Lastly - thank you for documenting this process. I think I am going to try and do a juice fast one day a week to start. I need to kick my health up a level.

@emllewellyn said...

The book "Juice Fasting and Detoxification" is really great too!