Monday, October 10, 2011

Juice Fast Extravaganza! Day 8 - update / results

Stats:  10/2 vs. 10/10
Weight = 173.0 / 168.6 (-4.4 lbs)
Bust = 39.5 / 38.5
Waist = 31.5 / 30.5
Lower belly = 38.5 / 38
Butt = 43.5 / 42
Hips = 42 / 41

So, after 8 days I've lost 4.4 pounds and an average of 1 inch off of most of my measurements.  

I've gotten into juicing sweet potatoes.  With carrots, spinach - they're simply creamy and yummy.

Raw juice does separate a bit...

But, it just takes a quick stir.  Yum, yum!

So.  Can you guess which is the orange strawberry, and which is the tomato red pepper?

Delicious cantaloupe and mint!

This weekend I had two weddings, and let me tell you... I did come prepared with a cooler, with tons of bottled water and a juice, but... it was really, really hard.  The smell of the food, and it was GOOD food (wedding food,) both the dinners and the cocktail hour food... not being able to eat it was really difficult.  Just when I was feeling pretty comfortable with juicing, the idea of eating super healthy afterward and having gotten rid of my cravings for "bad" foods... all of a sudden I was constantly thinking about food yesterday.  The groom was served taco bell (as a silly joke) at the wedding yesterday, and then all I wanted was taco bell.  (yes, it's nasty but I LOVE IT.)  Then I came home, and what the hell... Dan got Taco Bell for his dinner.  The smell filled the house... it was so difficult, and I almost felt like CRYING, I was so frustrated.

I put up the blog post, and made myself a cantaloupe and mint juice.  The mint was so powerful it overcame the residual taco bell smell in the house, and the juice was delicious.  After that I felt better, and I feel better this morning.

I freaking hate food addiction.

On the positive side... my skin is doing AMAZING.

I don't know if you guys really know about all the struggles I've had with my skin... Acne has been a major part of my life, (my brother has dealt with it just as I have,) - and it's the thing I'd always said I'd change about myself, even before weight issues.  I've tried every cream, ointment, toner, homeopathic method, weird ass crazy things to get my skin to clear.  Nothing has ever worked beyond temporary measures.  

Here are my results after 8 days:

Last night I found myself saying "I feel like this whole thing is pointless."

Well.. after writing this post... I am pretty sure I don't feel that way anymore.  I do miss food though.  I am looking forward to eating.  :)



rach said...

I am such a blog stalker and terrible commenter- ive been following you for a long time now! I have to say go you for this juice fast! i've been thinking about it since youve started it! I can see such a difference in even the shape of your face after 8 days! your doing an awesome job and you've got me thinking about if I would be able to do a juice fast!

Sweet Carolina Grace said...

Your skin looks great!

mzkynd said...

I have been avidly reading your juice fast posts!! juicer has been on my wish list for a while know!!!
Your skin is looking so much more radiant!!

Unknown said...

Gosh, I may have to get back on the juice bandwagon. My skin improved somewhat during my three days, but I'm having a heck of a time getting this current breakout to clear up. I know we've had such similar acne journeys. If I had to just drink juice for the rest of my life to have clear skin I'd do it. Acne SUCKS.

I'm so proud of you, sweet pea! I mean, sweet potato!

Diana Cohen said...

You're doing amazing!! I found the cleaner my diet got the more I craved clean food. I started to feel like I was polluting my blood if I ate junk. I know my system's extra sensitive but perhaps you'll start noticing the same.
You look so beautiful!

Chub-Chub said...

Days 6-9 were terrible for me, exactly how you described - everything smells amazing and the cravings hit hard. But I'm here on Day 11 and it's a lot easier to control. I think that was the hump you just crossed over =) Great job!

Dorian5 said...

Not only does your skin look clearer, but can you tell your face is a lot slimmer in the second picture, too? You look great! I'm inspired. :)

Cherie said...

WOWZERS!! I'VE been following your blog for quite some time now, haven't checked it in a while and am certainly glad I did today! This is a cool post, totally amazing and I'm going to do it! Thank you for sharing, it takes a lot of strength for what you are doing, and being so OUT THERE with it all, love it, appreciate it! Best to you,

Jody said...

You are a lot stronger than most of us :) Kudos to you, I don't think I could have done it.

Looking good girl.

Like a few others, I visit often, comment little. But love all that you do over here (and on your photography site).