Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In, yo

Hola everyone!

VERY quick update, as I'm actually heading out to go storm chasing today with my good friend Tony Laubach.  The severe threat out here in the Midwest was so good that he flew out to be my couch guest and we're going chasing today. :)

Date:        7/7/10         7/14/10
Weight:    164.2          163   (-1.2 lbs)
Arm:        12               12     (-.0)
Bust:        38               37.5  (-.5)
Ribs:        33               33     (-0)
Waist:      29               29     (-0)
Butt:        41               40.5  (-.5)
Hips:       39.5             39.5  (0)
Thigh      24.5              24    (-.5)

So I'll admit I'm disappointed with my weight loss today - I had a feeling I would have weighed in a pound less than this for the week.  BUT, here are my stats overall for the first month:

Date:        6/16/10         7/14/10
Weight:    170.8             163
Arm:        12.5               12     (-.5)
Bust:        40                  37.5     (-2.5)
Ribs:        34.5               33     (-1.5)
Waist:      31.5               29     (-2.5)
Butt:        42                  40.5     (-1)
Hips:       41                  39.5  (-1.5)
Thigh      25                  24   (-1)

-11 inches and 7.8 pounds in four* weeks.  Not so bad! :)  ((*edited:  Sorry, in my hurry and not-quite-awake-ness this morning, I wrote "two" weeks and 17.8 pounds on accident.))  I DID lose 17.8 pounds, but from MAY 21st, not June.  :)  I was 180 on 5/21, and I'm 163 today.  :)

Now, I'm off to chase tornadoes.  I'll come back with some badass photos for you later!

In the mean time, enjoy a video of my face transforming (And my hair, don't judge,) from 215-168. :)

<3 Jenn


Julia said...

We talked about weigh-in. . . we always expect more. Dude you are still rocking it!

And. . . I love the red hair but I REALLY loved the dark hair! What a difference in your face though.

SO JEALOUS of the storm chasing - you know!


I heart you!

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Be safe!

kimert said...

17.8 lbs in 2 weeks!!! Holy smokes. Tell me what you're doing??? Starving? Ugh, I wanna be like you. GREAT JOB!!!!!

Unknown said...

wow..17 lbs in 2 weeks!?!?!?!?
please...tell me what you are doing lol. This is the first time reading your blog!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Love the slideshow! PS: super jealous of your storm chasing!

Salina Lyn said...

Love the slide show! Seriously dude...when the hell did you break 2k followers? Wild!

Have fun chasing storms. How many calories does that burn? :)

Nick and Meg said...

Your face transformation is awesome!!! I love your bangs strait across like you have them now--in the last picture! It's perfect for your face shape! Great job on the weight aren't doing hcg now, right? so how are you losing the weight???
Meg in Utah

Anonymous said...

Dude, your measurements are the Joan Holloway kind of fabulous!

Dani said...

You look so great jen! I love the bangs!! :D

Amanda said...

I love your face.
That is all.

Runnergirl said...

Jenn - I think it's 7.8lb in 4 weeks, but that's still pretty damn great!!

So envious - always wanted to go storm chasing, but we don't really have those sort of storms in the UK!!

S.A. said...

you're doing so well! congrats! :)

and, seriously, you're gorg.

Team Chastain said...

Loving this blog...I am also obsessed with salads, so I was thrilled to see another saladvore!

Michele Chastain
(new follower)