Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What 10 Pounds Looks Like on Me.

Last week when I weighed in, I knew it'd be better this week.  And it was!  And now I'm SOMOTHERFLOCKINGCLOSE to the 150's that I want to freak out!

Drum Roll Please...


(teeny dance of joy inserted here.)  (Oh, and you guys keep commenting on my hideous toenails... I know.  Seriously, I know.  I'm  booked for a spa day on the 10th.  Until then, I can't be bothered.)

So!  Here's a sum-up of all my numbers:

Weight:  160.4 (-2.2lbs)
Arm:  11.5 (-5.)
Bust:  37  (-0)
Ribcage: 33 (I swear this is never changing)
Waist: 28.5  (What! -.5)
Butt:  40  (-0)
Hips:  38 (-1)
Thigh:  24  (-0)

This means my BMI as of today is 25.1.  ARGH!  I am SO close to "normal" it's not even funny!  Plus, I'm .4 pounds away from that 65 pounds lost button, so I'm waiting anxiously. ;)

So, I'm updating my little ticker thinggie:

This ticker will take me to 145 pounds.  That's my goal weight.  Ultimately I'd like to see 140 so I might end up readjusting the ticker when I get down so I can be working on those last five pounds, but for now I'm keeping it how it is.

And, now it's just a wait!  I definitely feel confident I can break the 160 mark by next weigh in.  I also think I'm totally on track to hitting my goal for going back to Denver.  In my head I am thinking that I want to lose another 5 pounds before then (August 15th).  I have 18 days until then (2.5 weeks) - and so technically it wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibilities to hit that 155 number by my birthday.  Back when I started this I wanted to lose 15 pounds by my birthday.  Oh, wait.  It was actually to lose 13 pounds from 172.5 which actually means I wanted to be 160 or 159.whatever.  And somehow I upped the ante to being 155.

Why do we do that!?


Also I wanted to share with you guys what 10 pounds looks like on me.  I took the before photo on June 16th when I was at 170.8, and today I'm at 160.4.

Anyhoodle!  I wanted to share with you the most DELICIOUS eggplant I made last night!

Cut up the bastard.  I chose 1/2 inch-ish slices.  Nice and thick.

Then I whisked up the delicious marinade:
4 tbs extra virgin olive oil
2 tbs balsamic vinegar (I was out so I used balsamic vinaigrette dressing)
2 cloves garlic chopped finely
salt and pepper to taste

Then I brushed both sides of the eggplant slices with the marinade.  I also cut some groove slices into the meat of the eggplant (on one side only, criss crossed, not going all the way through) so the marinade would soak in.  I let it sit for about 15 minutes.

And voila!  This is after putting them on the grill for about 12-15 minutes total, flipping once.  DELICIOUS!  The flavor was so good you guys, I can't wait to make more. <3



kimert said...

So happy for you!! Way to go on the weight loss!!! :)
Come cook some of that yumminess for me how 'bout it??? lol

Fat Fox said...

I'm not gonna lie...I've always been a bit scurred of eggplant. However...your recipe makes me kinda want to try it.

MB said...

WOOOHOOO! Congrats on your progress. You'll be at your goal in no time. You look so adorable posing in your undies ;)

Kimberly said...

You look fabulous! Me in my undies... nnnnot so cute! But I have a few years on you and a couple of kids too!
I am, however, thrilled that I'm now 4lbs below my lifetime weight weith WW! So I'm doing a little happy dance of my own here!
Take care, Kimberly

Allan said...

A little chef hint:
Cut the eggplant, brush on a little lemon juice so it doesn't brown. Leave the cut slices on a drying rack with some paper towels underneath. This will rid the eggplant of any funky water in it. Takes away the acrid taste. About 20 minutes will do. Then do the voodoo that you do and yumm.

Michelle said...

wow! Who knew ten pounds would make such a difference! And you aren't short either!

PS. I can't believe you aren't already in the "normal" range! You look freaking skinny to me!

Melanie said...

Wow, what a difference 10 pounds makes! I really notice it in your thighs and the lack of muffin top :)

Keep at it! Hopefully I can use your blog as motivation to get myself back in the gym and/or diet. Oh why does weight have to be such a struggle!

Vodka Logic said...

Well done.. and how brave to post actual numbers ... and pictures.

I have lost 35# so thanks for the inspiration. :)

Leah said...

Doing an even bigger and awesomer happy dance for you!! You look incredible!! The eggplant looks delish, I even have an eggplant in my drawer right now... looks like I'm making eggplant tonight!! :D

Unknown said...

I love your blog, and I'm finding myself more and more intent on keeping up with your posts. I was just wondering if you're including exercise into your diet regimen. You've done so well to lose weight. I'm impressed, and you are my inspiration.

Julie, The Wife said...

Look at you, Hottie McHottenstein! The 150's are calling your name! Way to go, Idaho!

Anonymous said...

That egg plant looks sooo good. You think you coul bake it? I don't have any kind of grill. :(
And you are soo inspiring! Congrats on losing the pounds! Everytime I read your blog I wanna get out and run! But its raining right now. Thank you sooo much!

The Insatiable Host said...

What's up hot-ass!!! Nice undies too..I detect a pair of panty pyramid undies!! WOOT WOOT!!!!

Honestly Jen I can't believe how well you carry weight...I am totally jealous...but I too know it's possible. All the best, luv and support and a few shots of tequila!!!


Ali said...

You are looking amazing. I agree with Danon. You can see massive differences with 10pounds!

Traveliztera said...

Oh wow! You look greattt!!! Congrats!!! :D You'll be goin down to 150 soon! :D

Runnergirl said...

Great recipe idea - I shall use that one, although maybe with less oil...

Looking great though - and I think it's female human nature to keep moving our own goalposts - just hope that when you get there you can be happy, but not complacent (if you see what I mean?!)

Am thinking I might have to start doing what you're doing as I have yet again seen a weight gain this week...

carla said...

**stands and cheers**

Missy said...

You look great! Your before and after pictures are amazing. I mean you were thin before but the change in your shape is impressive. Great job!!

Sarah Bishop said...

Mmm, the eggplant looks awesome... but you look even better!! Ten pounds made a big difference. And you're so close to your goal!! Congrats, girl! :D
I've given you an award on my blog, so come by and get it. (:

Melanie Nicole said...

You can really see the difference. I just stumbled upon your blog and you are definitely an inspiration!

Lara said...

Wow Awesome job!!!

Crystal said...

My gosh woman! That 10lbs is REALLY noticable! I wish I had started taking pictures at the beginning of my weight loss so maybe I could see it that way...I guess it's not too late though. I have at LEAST 40 more lbs to go. :) You look amazing.

Wesley said...

Dude... if I liked eggplant, I'd totally make this.

Also, congrats on the weight loss!! Get with it girl... I wanna see you at 150 when you get to D town!

And... do something with those toenails, would ja? ;-)


Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Big difference, great job!

Dani said...

congrats!! you look amazing jen! The eggplant looks pretty good too :D

Dani said...

oh and you need to come to myyy salon for a pedicure not this other spa you are speaking of! :P lol hehe

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss - AND i love you for being so open and honest about this!

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

How exciting for you!!!

Sarah B said...

Good for you! You look amazing, and really carry weight well--I'm on a similar path and wish my body held weight the way you did. You're doing amazing!