Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Farmer's Market and Consignment Shops!

Hey guys!

Well holy comments, Batman!  Thank you for all your input on my birthday outfit. :)  It looks like the top winners are dress #3 and #4.  And for me, that works.  I think it might depend on where we go, so my plan is to wear dress #3 if we go bar hopping or to the clubs.  If we do something like jazz or a wine bar, dress #4 it is!  Thanks again for your help, all. :)

So!  Today I wanted to show you my take from the Farmer's Market today!

Potatoes, jalapenos,eggplant, bell pepper, two cucumbers, a vidalia onion, dill and three types of tomato: yellow, red and pink.  

Here are the salads I made Dan and I for lunch:

His is just lettuce, chicken, tomato, cucumber and feta.  Mine I added avocado (he doesn't like it.)  :)

So, I know some of you are overwhelmed by farmer's markets, so I thought I'd give you a little rundown on how I approach it.  There is inevitably a lot of stuff that you might not know how to use, or that you might not even know what it is.  For me, I mainly buy what I would normally buy at a grocery store:

-Bell Peppers
-Yellow Squash
-Broccoli and Cauliflower
-Potatoes (for Dan)

I will occasionally buy other things, and do so with last-minute intention to make something special.  For this trip, that includes:

- Dill

I saw they had these two things, and immediately thought, "What kind of recipes do I usually hear of with these ingredients?"  The ones that came to mind were:  Eggplant Parmesan and Grilled Eggplant.  I also figured I could use fresh dill for the recipe Wes posted over at Gay Weigh.  And of course I got the jalapeños because I tried the jalapeño popper recipe Beth posted over at the B.E.T.H. approach and HAD to make it again.  /bliss.

So, Dan is going to be grilling steak tonight and I'll be grilling the Eggplant for myself!  I'll post a recipe later for you guys to follow if you want to.

Really, the trick is to not overthink it too much. There's no need to buy beets or endive if you don't usually buy or eat it.  Don't sweat the stuff you don't recognize... just buy the stuff you recognize and enjoy eating.  Just remember you can use fresh veggies in your salads and omelets! :)

On another note, I went to a few Consignment shops in the Third Ward yesterday and tried on a few pieces.  I love that they pretty much have Thrift Store prices but it's way more boutique-ish than a Thrift store.  Here are a few items I got:

A pair of size 6 Banana Republic slacks.  Holy crap, they fit.  Stoked!  
Oh, and they were $7.

I saw this cute blue dress and thought it looked kind of vintage.  It fits me like a glove.  Sort of tight around the bust/ribcage area (usual for me,) but I love it!  Size 10, $9.

This cute blue shirt was only $4.99.  I saw the detail on the sleeves and had to have it!

Last but not least, if you guys would like to take a look at what's been keeping me so busy...

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helderheid said...

I LOVE a good consignment store! When I lived in AZ, I used to frequent My Sister's Closet. That was 14 years ago and I STILL have a skirt from there that I adore. You scored some great finds and you look gorgeous!

Morgan said...

Those are some great finds from the thrift store!

So, it may be that you have posted about this before and I missed it, but what do you do for exercise? You look great! Is it all diet???

S.A. said...

I loveeeeeee farmers markets (: I think the food always tastes better. Plus you get to meet some great people!

And, cute dress!

Unknown said...

great finds at the consignment store! :)

Kelly@MentalGarbage said...

That has got to be the cutest shirt I've ever seen!! Does it have a tag? What brand is it?? LOVE

Crystal said...

That blue dress and shirt are so cute!! And I swear those salads look amazing. Makes me want one right now. :)

Chuck said...

Try those jalapeno poppers on the grill. Once the bacon is crisp and a little burnt...you cannot stop eating them! They are unbelievable.
Another tease of you in dressing room shots...I am sure I now have a fetish :)
Photos are great as usual!