Monday, July 19, 2010

Shopping: Part 1

Hellooooo lovelies!

Well, today Dan and I went to see Inception.  AMAZING.  I won't talk about it here, but I'm telling you, GO see it.  And if you get the chance to see it on IMAX, that's even better.

Moving on.  While we were at the mall, I wanted to go shopping for a birthday dress.  Dan was with me and we went to a few places.  I ended up trying on a few things but came away with a few other pieces (not dresses,) and still need to go back to the mall.  That's something I'm pretty confident Jewlia Goulia can help me with this week. :)

Here are a few of the things I tried on at Express!

I saw this outfit on a mannequin on the wall and I HAD to try it on:

Close-up of the shirt:

I bought that shirt in red and black.  I might go back for a few other colors... they're buy one get one 50% off.  The size is Medium.  I did a little happy dance that I bought a medium at Express!  I used to not be able to shop there at all.  I gave Dan a high-five, and then he said, "Hey, wait.  I'm not gonna give you a gay-shopping-buddy high five!"  I laughed and told him to be supportive. :)

I tried on this pencil skirt.  They had size 8 or size 12.  The 12 was just too big, and I knew the 8 would be too small, so I bought the first skirt in a size Large (what I tried on.)  However, after looking at the website today I see they have this pencil skirt which I'd greatly prefer, so I'm going to go back and see if I can exchange them.

In the search for a birthday dress, I tried these two on:

I liked this one a lot but it was too droopy at the bottom, and just a little large.

This was GORGEOUS but I felt it was too short, and I didn't love it enough to spend $130 on it.  BUT, it's a size 10.  A size 10 at Express makes me feel awesome!

Also I ended up getting this cardigan.  I didn't try it on but here's a photo from the website:


I also wanted to tell you guys a story about what happened at Express.  I was rummaging through one of the racks of dresses and I overheard a girl say, "Yeah, they have really cute stuff here but I just can't fit into any of it."  I glanced up and saw her.  She was a larger girl, I would guess her to be around 5'4" and at least 300 pounds.  I gave her a soft smile and a look of empathy, but then realized that the look I gave her might not have come across how I meant it.  If my look to her could have actually said, "I get it.  I used to not be able to shop here either, I understand," that would have been awesome.  Instead, I realized she probably saw me, a size 10 person, and thought, "Why is she giving me that look!?"  So, I quickly lowered my head and watched her leave out of the corner of my eye.

I think I'll always feel like a fat girl inside.  It's really interesting this happened to me today considering the recent post my friend Beth did over at the B.E.T.H. Approach.

So what happens when you lose weight to make it so difficult to relate openly and honestly to your heavier friends?  I know this woman wasn't my friend, but I wanted to hug her.  I wanted to say it out loud that it was crap there weren't sizes she could wear at Express.

Well, shit.  Maybe I should have just said that, huh?



Unknown said...

FUN!!! I shopped at Express a couple of months ago for the first time EVER and it was great. Even ended up with a couple of smalls. Couldn't believe it.

I think we should do a fun photo shoot when you're here - we'll go on a "Look at Us, We Can Shop in Your Store Now!" shopping spree and take fun photos. Heehee.

Michelle said...

duuude! You are lookin' skin-nay!!!

Love that shirt on you!

gahh I should *probably* go on a diet.... but I hate them!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrat on the beautiful clothes and the size 10 at express! I have yet to brave start store even though I fit comfortably into size 14 now. I know they run small.

As for the girl in the store you meant to give her understanding with the smile. You can't help how she took it. I once got a smiliarb look cause I was talking to my sis. I said when I needed a size 16 there weren't any, now that I need a 14 there are 18 & 20. I was smiling at my sis at the irony and off to the side this girl (probably looking for a bigger size) gave me a dirty look & walked out. I felt bad but I was a private conversation she overheard. :/

Unknown said...

Jen, you look amazing! I love that red top!!!
I think it's hard to say stuff like that because you remember how you felt when you were heavy. If some skinny girl had said something to you back then, maybe you would have been offended, you know??
I'm not sure how I would take it if a thin woman remarked on my inability to wear clothes in a certain store, so I can understand your hesitation. But, having empathy is a good thing. I think that's one positive that I will always take away from being overweight - I always have a place in my heart for the underdogs.

notasecretagent said...

Great finds! Best of luck finding a dress. :D

I lost around 55 pounds a few years ago and the mental image I still have of myself is someone who is heavier. It is odd, because sometimes I catch myself making comments to people who don't know I was ever overweight that could imply I think I'm currently chubby. Which I DON'T, I just still relate very easily to the mindset of people who feel like they can't wear cute things because they're too heavy. :/ It's weird how our brains can get suck.

L said...

I love reading/looking at your shopping trip posts. It keeps me motivated because I would love to shop in non-plus sized stores!

Congratulations on all your success and hard work! You rock!


Esther Crawford said...

So funny - Express is one of my favorite stores, except I'm so short that a lot of their clothes don't fit me right. Anyways, you are gorgeous and I enjoy seeing you enjoy your shopping expeditions!

Runnergirl said...

Man, you are looking skinny! No tummy at all!!

I have bought some stuff at Express in the past - and I love it, but there is so much more I would have loved to buy there, but just didn't suit me. So well done, you are looking hot!

If I head someone say stuff like that, I always go over and say "you know what, I used to be 42lb heavier than I am now..."

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Ah, you, fabulous, you. Express medium. I hope to be close to that again someday. I mean, I'm not just hoping, I'm working my ass off over here and I'm starving, so I better be freakin able to get close to that again some day. Ok, I'll stop ranting. Must go eat something.

@emllewellyn said...


I'm struggling with sensitivity right now too. And also figuring out how to identify with my skinnypants instead of not-skinnypants. Keep blogging. I enjoy you.

Jae said...

Next time you see me, I'll take the hug. Tell me you used to be big and you understand.

Everybody else ignores me.

Keep writing...keep being real.

Emily said...

CUUUUTE! Love the red top. Congrats on an Express medium. No small feat. :)

Anonymous said...

You look so freakin' cute.

Also I dropped by to say that I left you an award over at my blog!!!

Dan Brindley said...

Looking good Jenn! You remind me of Lady Gaga for some reason, it's a good thing, trust me. :)

Dani said...

I LOVE how kind and sweet you are jen! Seriously you are one beautiful person inside and out! <3 You look amazing in all those clothes. Good luck finding that perfect dress!!!

Anonymous said...

You are looking totally awesome!!

And I still can't wear Express now, even after 50ish pounds lost. Eh.