Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bodybugg! Bodybugg! Oh, holycrap.

So!  I had mentioned to you guys before that I got a Bodybugg for Xmas.  Pretty sweet.  Well, I knew Jewlia Goulia had one and she's always wearing it and I knew I was jealous and wanted one, but I didn't exactly know why.  Turns out... it's a pretty amazing tool.


It's pretty amazing how it's already starting to reshape my relationship with food.  I can now see precisely how many calories I actually burn every day.  I mean, I don't have to go online and find a calculator that will estimate how many calories someone my age and weight might probably maybe will burn on an average day if just sitting around (BMR = Base Metabolic Rate).  And I then don't have to look up how many calories someone my age and weight might probably maybe will burn doing various activities (ie: walking, dishes, laundry, sex, photographing a 9 hour wedding) and THEN try to add that all together, and THEN try to figure out my food calories and subtract it.

/phew.  I'm exhausted just typing that out.  The point is, I now know precisely what my body is burning.  Therefore, I know precisely how much I can eat.  It puts out little charts about my nutrition (basic ones, but charts nonetheless,) and I even get a breakdown of how many calories I was burning per minute through the day.  Wow.

I'll give you guys some screen shots of what the program looks like.  This is my info from yesterday:

A screenshot of the nutrition breakdown.  I don't like that they don't track the sugar in things, but aside from that it's pretty good.  My fat content is soooo high because I'm used to the low carb diet (high protein, high fat, low carb.)  I drink coffee with creamer, I eat higher fat content salad dressings (ie: ranch to dip veggies in, creamy balsamic or poppyseed, and I eat a lot of nuts.  I'll usually eat about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of mixed nuts a day.  Plus, I dig avocado.  It's got to be why my hair grows so quickly.)  ;)

Also, usually my carbs wouldn't be THIS high, but I ate a crapload of noodles yesterday and I also had a granola bar. :)  Sodium is normally lower too.

And here is the step counter thing.  I'm pretty sure if I hit the 10,000 steps, I'd be wayyyyy over the 2050 calorie burn.  Even more than I already am.  Maybe that's the idea! :)~

SO.  Did I mention that I had a ginormous bowl of Pho yesterday, noodles and all?  It's so awesome.  Yes, high in sodium, but totally worth it, and totally better for me than most other Chinese / etc options.  (Yes, I know Pho is Vietnamese, thankyouverymuch.)  (Photo of Pho below if you don't know what it is.  It's a broth / rice noodle soup with onion - I get it with beef and flank, and then they bring a little plate with fresh herbs, sliced jalapenos, lime and bean sprouts.  It's amazing.

So.  I'm very interested to see where the bodybugg adventures will lead me.  It currently is telling me I need a 750 calorie deficit per day to lose 1.5 pounds per week and hit 153 pounds by February 27th.  I'm starting the process at 165 lbs.  So!  I will keep you guys posted on my progress.  Yes, I'm also keeping track of my measurements.  :)

SO!  I have a few pictures to share with you all:

The huge salad I made for Xmas dinner.  It was AMZBLS.  
Recipe:  Spinach, sliced pear, craisins, fresh pomegranate seeds.  
On the side:  Walnuts and goat cheese.  
Dressing:  Champagne vinaigrette.  
Result:  AWESOME.

Yeah.  Then I came home and ate loads of garbage, including this peppermint ice cream some of you were witness to to the downfall on Facebook.  (What, you're not on my Facebook?  Like me promptly here.  Oh, you can add me as a friend, too.  While you're at it, Like my Photography biz, JBe Photography, too.)

Then, I decided on my last fabulous meal, and Dan and I went to get the "Love Boat" of sushi.  Truly, that's what they call it.  It's awesome, and expensive, but totally worth it.

 Also thought I'd share a few pics of us from New Years!  


Patrick said...

BodyBugg looks pretty cool. Can I get a re-do onsomeofmy gifts still & get one?

The Sushi boat, have had similar; raw fish is so much more fun when served on a boat!

Have a Great weekened!

Unknown said...

That salad looks delicious! Also I love your NYE dress!

-Molly Marie

Unknown said...

Looks very cool, and way better than my Stone Age tracking. Lol. Love the NYE pics! You look amazing.

Lor said...


i wrote a story for a local mag here about the bodybugg. i was really stoked about it, but could never get a computer to read it! since i was borrowing it for the story, i couldn't call customer support or anything since it wasn't mine. i'm glad it's working out so well for you! can't wait to read more about it!

i dig that it tells you exactly what you have to burn to meet your goal in february. much better than just shooting in the dark!

amy said...

Looks like I need a bodybugg! aaaannnd you look fabulous at new years!

Mrs.B said...

...been following your journey. so proud of you! hope it works for me this year!

Esther Crawford said...

Which BodyBugg do you have? The one for your phone or the one for the watch?

Dennis & Jodi said...

I sooooooooo want one of those! I wonder if they are available in Canada!?! Can't remember if I have commented b4 or not... if not I am following you from Power of 1 with the sisterhood!

Claire Dawn said...

Hmm, I'll have to look into that :) I've seen Jewls raving but I've never thought about one of my own.

Cole Walter Mellon said...

Dammit! I duct taped an Altoids box to my arm but it's just not the same....

Kelly said...

I want a BodyBugg!!

Looking hawt!!!

Unknown said...

I totally just got the sushi love boat about three days ago with a friend of mine from this place just north of Milwaukee. super fun, and pretty healthy as well. good choice ;)

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

I have seen the Body Bug but never really knew exactly what it did. I think I might know what I will be asking for my birthday. :)Look forward to hearing about your success.

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

I had never heard of the body bug. It sounds really interesting. BTW, you look fabulous!

Tania said...

I really want a body bugg too! Ah well, in due time. Love the picture of you guys dancing! Very cute. :-)

99ToGo said...

Hey! I got a BB for Christmas too :) Is yours the SP? Do your two status lights blink while it's charging? Just wondering if I have a defective one...Looking forward to your BB updates!

Unknown said...

This is great. I am enjoying my bodybugg and glad to hear all the great things you are posting. Thanks for sharing.