Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Photos and Bacon.

I think that's what my life is made of, and that's a pretty good deal!

Last night I did a photo shoot with the Spoiled Rotten band!  You can click here to check out those photos.

I weighed in at 175 this morning.  I have NOT been back on my diet, in fact ate a delicious Qdoba queso burrito last night for dinner.  It's been a game of maintenance for the last few weeks, and I feel pretty good about it.

I'm back on the low carb diet today, and it always feels nice to start with bacon and eggs.  A lot of you have asked what I eat when I'm on the diet, so I thought I'd kind of review that for you.  When you go low carb, the first two weeks should be kept at 20 carbs or under per day.  (Atkins rules.)  Those 20 grams of carbs per day should primarily come from veggies.  There is a list of acceptable foods here.  If you find you have a sugar/sweet tooth, or an addiction to all things bread-related, this is a great way to break the cravings.  (I'm totally a bread-fiend, so that's why this diet is awesome for me.)  After that, you have the option to then increase your carb intake by 5 grams a day each week until your weight loss slows.  From there you find your balance, where you can eat healthy whole grains and incorporate more fruit into your eating, and maintain your weight.

I am stocked up on lettuce and chicken and tuna, string cheese and crystal light.  When I'm eating low carb, those things are the staples of my diet.  When I make dinner for Dan and I, it's usually spaghetti squash with butter and parmesan cheese, or grilled chicken with alfredo sauce or salsa and sour cream.  We also really enjoy doing shish-kababs.  We grill up steaks and veggies (bell peppers, mushrooms, yellow squash and zucchini) - it's delicious!

In other news, Dan and I are heading down to the Hide House to check out two studio spaces.  I should be making my decision on which space I'm renting... this week!  I'm really looking forward to the transition.  I'll definitely keep you posted.

And stay tuned tomorrow... I've got a TMI Thursday for you! :)



Carrie said...

I've been meaning to try out the new Qdoba they put up in town!

Spaghetti squash it the best! I made a mock mac 'n cheese out of it one time. I scraped out all of the pulp, made a low fat cheese sauce, mixed it together and baked it in the oven.

Claire Dawn said...

Books, music and steak is what my life is made of! :D Good luck with the low-carbing!

Chuck said...

No link to the band pics! I love your photography so kinda bummed right now.

Glad to see you're not over-stressed about gaining back a few got a new plan and it looks good.

I did the Atkins hard for 4 months about 10 years ago and dropped about 30 pounds. Maintained for a while and then got married the next year...yep backslid bad! Put about 10 of those pounds back on and seem to be in a holding pattern.

Can't wait to see the new studio!

Crystal said...

Girl you are doing so good maintaining and then jumping right back on that diet wagon. Awesome. :)

Can't wait to see the studio space you pick! said...

LOVE Qdoba. Don't have any around here and I totally miss it. We had one just around the corner in Denver.

And good for you getting right back on that wagon!

BTW- I gave you an award over at my Blog. Love reading you!

The Insatiable Host said...

hey chicky poo! great to see you are jumping back on the bandwagon again!!!

I also like that you posted the Atkins friendly list...and then talked about your staples...its a great variety.

be well my friend.


Anonymous said...

You should post some recipes. Thats my biggest problem is figuring out what to make.

Anne said...

Good luck finding a space you like! A friend of my had a studio at Hide House, 'twas pretty sweet. Those shish-kababs sound yummy!