Friday, July 8, 2011

Same old crap.

Yep.  Same old crap.

Working non-stop.
Storm chasing.  (you can see my adventures at the blog here:
Wedding planning.
Weight around 170-173.

I have gone back to low carb, but I think I'm eating too many nuts.  And, the last two nights in a row I have eaten way too much.  Even though it was healthy (sauce free veggie stir-fry with grilled chicken and low sodium soy sauce) - I ate a whole bag of the veggies, probably intended to serve a family.  I'm definitely over eating.  Definitely have a problem with portion control, and I definitely am eating out of boredom or oral fixation, or something.  I'll say to myself "not really hungry" and eat.  And eat a MEAL.

I'll never drop this last 10 before the wedding if I keep going like this.



Chubby McGee said...

I know it's a're so worth the healthier eating. And I know you can do it. You inspired me to lose 50 lbs. I'm pretty certain you can drop a meager 10. Come on, Jennifer! Do it, girl!

Cole Walter Mellon said...

Eating for all the wrong reasons (entertainment, boredom, stress, because it's there) is my bugaboo, too. But give yourself a little credit... overeating on a bag of veggies is a far cry from overeating on a bag of chips. Sounds like you're getting plenty of exercise... wait, you ARE chasing the storms on foot, aren't you?

Couture Carrie said...

I swear by low carb.

Good luck, darling!


Teamarcia said...

I'm with jack on this. A total boredom eater. Nuts get me every time.

Dan Brindley said...

Nice work on eating healthy foods though! I think you look awesome at your current weight!! You're my hero dude...