Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So... I think I'm back.

Yo dudes.

So, a real update for once.  Woo-hoo.  I actually think I'm sort of back.  Back to the weight loss thing.  I'm getting married in 5.5 weeks, and even that hadn't been enough to keep me on top of my game to get into a teeny tiny dress, for some reason.

I joined a local photographer's weight loss competition called "Photographers who Lose it."  (clever name, eh?)  My official weigh-in from July 15th is:

The competition involves weighing in on the 15th of every month (on the board / sheet thing), and it goes through February.  For me, I'm just trying to use it for motivation to drop these last extra pounds before the wedding.  5.5 weeks = 10 pounds?  (hopeful, wishful thinking.)

On that note, I'm looking to buy a bike this week so I can start exercising.

So!  I'm sort of on a low carb diet but with fruit included.  That's pretty similar to, what... South Beach?  All I know is I'm doing salads with tons of veggies, tuna fish, that kind of thing.  :)

I've been perusing some positive affirmation tumblr sites recently.  There are a ton of self-love / body-love websites out there, and I just LOVE it.  I have spent a few days just clicking through pages and saving the things I like the most (when I have time or am eating or something.)

Here are a few of my favorites right now:

They also have images of women / bodies to encourage / show how beautiful everyone is.  I saved a few of the bodies that just made me go, "WOW."  I'm kind of in love with this woman:

And... then it happened.  I clicked through some more pages, and came upon... my own body.  Myself.  My body self from 2009, from the Exposed Movement.

It has 178 hearts below it.  That's comments and re-blogs.  I found it re-blogged all through Tumblr, with positive things to say, and even more re-blogging.  Wow, just wow.  What an amazing feeling that this image with my body and my thoughts could help promote positive body image.  It's just wonderful.  So, I should start with my own self, eh?

In other news, I did a tiny bit of shopping today.  I've been really working on my self image, and wearing skirts / dresses / feeling cute more often.  Ironically, I'm getting compliments and getting hit on more, which always is a boost for my self esteem.

I got this skirt today on clearance from Anthropologie (size 10).  Friggin' HAD to have it.  The detail is ridiculously cute!

 And I got this cute dress.  I think these two pieces will be nice for our 2nd engagement session coming up  on August 1st.  They are both just the slightest bit tight (the dress around my rib cage,) and the skirt slightly around my bootie, but it's not the worst.  I may even lose another pound or two by the time 8/1 rolls around.


Anonymous said...

First off, AWESOME that you are back on this! You were the first blog I came across that inspired me to start doing my weight loss blogging.

Second, I think I would be creeped out if I came across my own body randomly online, but also AWESOME that it has been used to inspire so many people.

Thirdly, ummm ADORABLE clothes.

Welcome Back <3

Hannah said...


I just started The 17 Day Diet a week ago. I don't know if you've heard of it, but it is similar to South Beach, and it sounds like it's similar to what you're doing now.

I weighed in at 170.4 last Wednesday, and today at 166.4! (I did break the diet though a bit and had dessert on Sat. and half a burger patty on Sun.) Since we're around the same weight (I'm shorter, at 5'5") I thought I'd share.

Best of luck!

Fat Girl vs. World said...

It's so hard to start with ourselves, isn't it?

I hosted a challenge in February for people to write one thing they loved about themselves each day -- and so many people had trouble with it.

I had to scale back and start with "don't bully yourself" this month. It's so much easier to look at another person and think that the other person is beautiful because we don't look at them with the same scrutinizing eyes that we look at ourselves.

But it's truly a gift to look in a mirror, or a photo, or even just directly at ourselves with kind eyes and see something beautiful, redeeming, worthy.

BTW, I love the skirt as well! Maybe not the color on me, but the detail is fab. The dress -- I'd hike that bad boy up a few inches so it hits right above your knees. It will make you look a little longer/leaner.

Cindy said...

You look amazing! That dress is beautiful!

Nicole said...

I second The 17 Day Diet and I only did the first leg of it. I felt amazing and it helped with those last stubborn pounds.

FatGirl said...

I do the same thing on tumblr! How awesome that you came across your own picture!!

LOVVVE the dress and skirt! You are adorable as always.

Rachel Schofield - Virtual Interior Decorator & Home Stager said...

I love, love, love those inspirational quotes.

And I love, love your dress. P.S. I know it's not where you want to be, but 170 looks great on you.

Amy @ said...

Jen there's nothing EX-hot about you, girl. ALL HOT. That dress looks super cute on you. And if I haven't told you before, I love the hell out of your tattoo. Also, I'm superglad you're back.

Congrats on the impending nuptials! You're going to be one striking bride!

g said...

I have been dealing with weight issues my whole life! I'm belemic, and seeing how your trying so hard to be healthier really makes me think im going in the right path! Thanks! <3

Cole Walter Mellon said...

Welcome back to the trenches. :)

10 lbs in 5.5 weeks. I think you can do it.

On a down note, it looks like I've got a conflict so I'm not going to be able to come do a medley of cowboy yodeling hits at your wedding like I planned to. Sorry about that...