Friday, August 27, 2010

It's just busy.

Hey guys!

So... I know it's time for a post.  Actually something in me feels like it's time for a Vlog.  But, it's 2:09am and I'm exhausted.  I have to go to bed, but I had to stop by and say hi.

I will be posting next week.  I have three weddings this weekend, and then I'm back off to Denver for three days.  I'm flying in to see John Mayer at Red Rocks.  (4th row, baby!)  Then, back to Milwaukee to truck through the busiest month of the year.  I have 9 weddings between now and October.  :)  Good, but insane.  Crazy, crazy busy.

I'll leave you all with a fun engagement shoot I did on Tuesday.  I'll be back real soon. <3



Anonymous said...

LOVED hearing from you! I sent you an email back.

You're doing great. So happy for all your success. Can't wait to connect soon.

Ruralmama said...

That is a super cute pic there. I love your engagement pics, people are so funny and cute!

Emily said...

That is a GREAT photo. Well done. :)

Mackey said...

When I happened upon ur blog i thought "what the hell is this skinny bitch talking about weight loss ahhhhh" anyway i kept looking b/c ur a photographer as i am and i wanted to see ur work...As i went back and saw ur progress I felt the need to tell you how wonderful you look..not only in the body, but the hair and the face and your smile:) So WAY 2 GO!!!! WOOT!!

Erika Jean said...

what a cute picture!

Sarah said...

Ahh! Super jealous you saw JM at RR. Hope you had a great time!